Second Chances - Chapter Thirty Two –

(A.N – This is the final chapter...)

A few weeks later...

"Hey Loki, can you get me a coffee please?" Tony whined, cocking his head questioning lay at Loki who was sitting on the adjacent sofa.

"No. You're not pregnant anymore, and you need to lose your pregnancy weight. Go get it yourself." Loki smirked as Tony rose from his chair begrudgingly and ambled towards the kitchen whilst grumbling to himself.

It had been a few weeks since Tony gave birth, and so much had been happening. The Avengers had all been introduced to Harley, as had Pepper and Rhodey, and of course, Loki's adoptive family had visited from Asgard. Even his uncle, Frigga's brother who was on the throne of Alfheim: *Freyr had visited, saying that Frigga had told his about his new nephew. Well, step-nephew. He knew about Loki's true heritage, but he was like Frigga in terms of acceptance.

Aside from all these family and friend meetings, the two had started to settle into a good routine of looking after their child.

They could tell that he was definitely part Jötun, as they had found him completely blue one morning. Although, probably because Loki was a great Mage, and Tony was human (Midgardian) he could control the switching between a Jötun appearance and a Midgardian one. They found it strange that he could do this at such a young age, but seeing as it was spontaneous, they figured that although he could control the change, he obviously wasn't aware of it yet. It didn't mean they loved him any less, but they still worried about this being a probable issue for him in the future.

Everyone who was close to Tony and Loki had already met Harley except for Matt. He had apparently been working a lot, covering for Loki, while he was on paternity leave and had even been on holiday when Tony had given birth, so he hadn't had the time beforehand. That is until yesterday, when he called Loki and asked after all three of them. Between them, they arranged for him to pop by the tower and visit this afternoon.

They had been expecting him half an hour earlier, although he hadn't arrived yet, so the two were just lounging around the living room while Harley napped.

Tony re-emerged from the kitchen holding two mugs, one of which he passed to Loki who thanked him as he sat next to him. Their mugs barely brushed their lips before a high pitched cry sounded from the bedroom. They looked at each other for a second questioningly but it was Loki who put him mug down and jogged in to check up on him. Tony smiled his thanks and took a big sip of his drink.

As much as he loved Harley, he couldn't say that he wasn't tiring. Especially at night. This was one of the reasons why he'd never wanted children before, but now it had happened, he saw it all as part of the roles of being a father... or technically mother, whatever.

Tony looked up when he heard the elevator ding open, and was surprised to see Matt and Pepper walk through the open doors deep in conversation. Wait- was Pepper blushing and giggling? Tony put his mug down and raised an eyebrow as he twisted around on the sofa to watch them with interest.

"-and then, he totally fell right over it. It was hilarious." Matt said which made Pepper widen her eyes with disbelief and giggle again.

"No way, I can't believe Loki did that."

If Tony guessed correctly, and he always did, he would've said the two were flirting. He might've let them continue it, oblivious to his presence so he could tease Pepper later on, for a moment longer if not for the mention of his lover.

"What was that about Lokes?" He said as he stood up and began to walk over to the two.

Matt raised a hand and waved when he saw Tony and smiled. "Hey Tony, I was just telling Pepper here about that time when Loki fell over that huge pile of books he was nonchalantly stacking while daydreaming over you and then falling over it."

Tony laughed as he extended his hand to the blonde man, who extended his out too. "Well, it's not completely implausible Pep, he was day dreaming about /me/ after all. I mean, you've done worse things than trip over book stacks after-"

"Tony!" Pepper interrupted him and gave him a look which told him to shut up. Tony smirked at her to which she rolled her eyes at him. Matt was about to question what they were talking about but was distracted as Loki walked back into the room with Harley gurgling happily to himself in his arms. He wasn't in one of his 'blue moods' as Tony had jokingly taken to calling them, and was wearing a green onesie.

"Hey little man!" Tony said, walking over and bending slightly so his face was level with the height Loki was holding their son. Harley looked up at Tony with his huge green curiously for a second before grinning and extending out his little arms to grab Tony's beard fondly. Tony chuckled as the little infant stroked his face for a second before smiling at him then yawning and snuggling down in Loki's arms.

"Aw man, he's so cute!" Matt said as he and Pepper walked slowly forwards. "What's his name again?"

"Harley. Harley Yinsen Stark." Loki said proudly as Tony moved to stand next to him, so that Matt and Pepper could see him better.

"He's so cute." Matt said, bending slightly as Tony had done before.

"You wanna hold him?" Tony asked him, to which Matt smiled nervously and nodded.

"As long as you trust me not to drop him or anything."

Loki and Tony laughed. "It's alright." Loki said with a smile, then gently passed Harley over to Matt, who held him very securely to be sure he wouldn't drop him. Although they wouldn't admit it, Loki and Tony both stood rigid and poised for action just in case, though they did trust Matt. It was just over protectiveness.

He held and talked to him for a minutes before Harley yawned again and Matt handed him over to Tony, who gently took him back.

"He still needs sleep, he only woke up because he needed a change" Loki pulled a face which made Matt and Pepper laugh and Tony smirk.

"I'll take him. See you later Matt." He said and carried Harley off, leaving Loki, Matt and Pepper alone. As he walked off, they heard him say in a cutesy tone 'come on, Daddy number one will take you to bed, yes he will'.

Sensing that Loki and Matt wanted to catch up, Pepper excused herself as they sat on the sofa, and followed Tony down the hall and towards the bedroom. When she reached it, she hovered by the doorway and smiled as she watched Tony with Harley.

"Come on little man." Tony said as he gently placed him down in the cot that sat at the end of his and Loki's bed. He sat down and smiled as his son yawned again and curled up under his blanket. The cot was one that Tony built himself, so it was, to him, obviously better than any normal one.

"It's funny how my advice to you turned out." Pepper said quietly as she came to sit next to him.

"Hm?" Tony hummed, not taking his eyes of the sleeping baby for a second. "What do you mean?"

Pepper chuckled and bent down to stroke Harley's cheek gently. "I said you should get out of your playboy habits and settle down. I pictured you finding a girl, settling down and having a family with her as you focused more on your company."

Tony snorted. "But instead, it was me who got impregnated by none other than an old arch enemy." He turned and shrugged. "Putting it like that sounds bad but... I'm glad it turned out like this."

"Same." Pepper smiled. "I'm happy for you Tony."

Tony smiled back at her and pulled her into a friendly hug. "Thanks Pep."

-page break-

Later on in the evening, when Matt and Pepper were long gone and Harley was fast asleep, Tony and Loki sat together on the sofa and watched a movie quietly. They were watching the second Sherlock Holmes movie; seeing as it was Tony who had suggested it to Thor over a year ago when Loki was living alone on Midgard.

As the end credits rolled Tony, who had been lying between Loki's legs with his head rested on his chest, sat up and stretched before twisting around on the spot and smiling sleepily at Loki. "So, you liked it?"

Loki smiled back and leaned forward to kiss him softly. "I loved it." He lay back and gazed up at Tony, who shifted so he say with one leg bent up and the other touching the floor. "And I figured out who that actor, Robert Downey Jr looks like." Loki added smugly.


"Bruce." He laughed when Tony crinkled his face up in thought then shook his head.

"Really?" he asked disbelievingly. "'Coz I don't see it."

Loki shook his head. "No, I was joking. I think he looks a little like you, but way less attractive." He purred. Tony grinned smugly then crawled forward until their noses touched.

"Is that so?" He whispered against his lips, teasingly hovering there for a moment before he closed the space between them and claimed his lips.

Loki hummed as he kissed back, lazily at first before he quickened the pace. Tony moaned as he felt Loki's tongue push past his lips and exploring his mouth. As Loki slipped a hand between them and rubbed Tony's member through his pants, Tony gasped and pulled back, raising an eyebrow.

"Are you sure you want to go down this road again? Remember what happened the last time?"

Loki smirked and shut his eyes. Tony was about to ask him what he was doing until he noticed the slight drop in room temperature, then saw Loki's Aesir appearance change until his skin turned blue and rigged.

"I believe that only happened because I was in this form." He quirked an eyebrow then leant up to tug gently on Tony's ear lobe, smirking further when Tony shivered with pleasure. "But from recent performances, I'd say you prefer when I take you in this form?" He whispered huskily.

Tony's mouth hung open as he nodded, momentarily in a daze. Enforce snapped out of it and pulled back. "Wait, no." He said firmly, holding Loki at arms lengths as he gaze him a confused look.

"What's wrong love?" Loki asked, cocking his head questioningly.

"Nothing it's just... It's too soon. I don't want to... You know... Again, after the last one. No."

Loki looked a little hurt, moving to sit upright and shifting back to his Aesir form. "But what if Harley wants a brother or sister?"

Tony paused and shook his head. "No, just, hold on a second." He took Loki's hands in his own and looked up into his eyes. "Im not saying never again, just not now. I've just given birth and we've got to look after Harls while we start working and figuring out how where going to live and stuff. I'll definitely let you take me though." He grinned seductively at Loki who smiled back. "Gladly."

He yelped slightly as Loki pounced on him, grabbing his wrists and pinning his arms above him on the sofa with one hand. He grinned seductively down at Tony then leaned down to kiss him passionately.

When he ground his hips against Tony's leg so that Tony felt his semi erect cock, Tony moaned then leaned up a little in order to capture his lips again. Loki trailed kisses down from Tony's mouth, over his jaw and down his neck, where he sucked hard on. Tony gasped loudly and moaned as he felt Loki's free hand slip between them again to rub against his clothed dick.

"Jarvis... Soundproof this room so that we don't disturb Harley but let us know if he wakes or if anything a wrong..." Tony gasped a little louder as Loki's hand slipped under his clothing and took ahold of his semi erection.

"Of course sir." Jarvis' voice replied which made Tony and Loki smirk at each other in pleasure.


*I'm not 100% sure that Freyr and Frigga are brother and sister... It's been said in a few fics but if I research it, it says that Freyr's sister Freyjr is identical to Frigga so... I put it here. If it's not correct in mythology then I'll just keep it here anyway as I like this character being uncle to Thor and Loki.

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