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"That's the thing, James. Parseltongue isn't something you can learn, it's genetic…"

"And since it's not my family, it must be yours, Lily."

The couple pondered that for a moment, their kids running back into the woods.

All of a sudden, James snapped his fingers. "That's it! Lily, do you know what this means? If Parseltongue runs through your side of the family, then you're not the first magical person in your family. In fact, if what I'm thinking is true…"

He trailed off, thinking intently. Lily could see that he wasn't going to move anytime soon, so she walked off to find the children. They were playing with some sticks Harry had found, waving them around and shouting nonsense words, trying to simulate a duel. Lily found herself trying not to laugh as Sophie prodded Harry with her stick, and he made a dramatic fall, rolling and clasping at his chest. Even at this young age, he cared a lot about his sister. After a short while, James came to find her.

They stood watching the two children for a little while, then James spoke. "Do you think we could go to Diagon Alley today? There's something I'd like to check on with the goblins."

"Sure. I still need to pick up that book for Albus, and it would be good to get out of the house for a bit," Lily replied.

James stepped into the clearing to retrieve his son and daughter, still preoccupied with his earlier revelations. He wouldn't say anything to his wife, in case it didn't hold any ground, but if it did… damn. What was a bloke to do when his little boy could possibly be the most powerful person in the world? Actually, now that he thought about it, that would explain the unprecedented amount of accidental magic his kids had shown in the early years of their lives.

"But Daddy, I don't want to go to Diagon Alley! Can't me and Sophie go to Nev's house instead?" James looked down at the little voice who had interrupted his train of thought. It was Harry, tugging on his hand. Bending down, he picked up Sophie before responding.

"I don't know, Harry. Why don't you run ahead and ask your mother?"

Harry enthusiastically agreed and started to try and catch up to Lily, who was already halfway out to the house.

When James finally reached his wife, he looked questioningly at her.

"I Flooed Alice. She said they'd be delighted to take the kids for the afternoon," Lily replied affirmatively.

"All right. Let's drop them off, then I'd like to go to Gringotts, if that's alright," he asked.

She agreed, and they were on their way.

After leaving the children at Longbottom Manor, James and Lily were at last in Diagon Alley. Reaching the large white building that housed Gringotts Bank, Lily couldn't help but wonder what James needed to do there. Her questions were soon answered, however, when they stepped up to a teller.

"I need a line check," James said to the teller.

Lily looked at him with wide eyes. A line check? That was only used in cases where there was an inheritance in question. Whose line did he think…?

The goblin hopped off his seat and led them through the big gold doors at the end of the hall. After a left turn, two rights, and another set of big gold doors, Lily followed her husband into an office. She didn't know whose office it was, but judging from the elaborate designs and extravagant furniture, it belonged to someone important, probably the Director of Gringotts, which made sense, as he performed all line checks. When the goblin who had led them there turned around and left, she and James took their seats in the rather smallish chairs before the desk. The Director entered the room. Lily and James rose and acknowledged the goblin with a short bow.

"Lord and Lady Potter, I hear you have come for a line check?" The goblin asked, most likely concerned about what they thought they would need a line check for.

"For my wife, Director Ragnok, and we're only free of the children for the afternoon, so…" James responded.

Lily looked at him funnily. Why would he want to see her history? Unless he thought... But she didn't get the chance to finish her thought, as Ragnok was talking.

"Very well," the Director produced a large piece of parchment and a small silver dagger. "Lady Potter, please hold your left hand over this piece of paper." He pricked her ring finger, letting a drop of deep red blood drip out onto the parchment. Almost immediately, smooth script began travelling up the scroll, which grew longer to accommodate all of it. Once it finally slowed to a stop, Lily gasped.

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