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"What is this James?" Kendall asked his boyfriend, who was having a photoshoot in their apartment. "Oh this my breakout idea." James said when the lady with the camera walked away. "What but you don't want to break out right?" Kendall said, a little nervously, he didn't really have a plan. Aside from joining the LA Kings, so James could stay in LA and do his singing career.

"Of course I want to break out!" James exclaimed. "B-But what about our dream of moving to Minnesota again and starting a family?" Kendall asked, almost scared. James chuckled and put his arm around the blonde's waist. "We can still have that dream when we're older! But right now, I need to do this so we can buy a house and you can be my trophy husband!" "But what about my hockey play-" "Don't worry about that! You won't have to lift a finger, as my baby. Aren't you exicted?" James asked with a charming smile. Kendall wanted to be with James for the rest of his life but, he wanted to work too. Not sit at home all day and be a "trophy wife" as James calls him.

Kendall Diamond was in his house, making some tea. He had to be at the door with the tea before James walked in. James never liked an unorganized house. Kendall rushes to the door as it opens, reveling a tall, dark and handsome brunette. "Hey baby, thanks for the tea." James said wrapping both arms around the blonde's tiny waist, kissing him. "Your welcome, dinner's on the table and the landruy is done." Kendall says with a smile. "Thank you my housewife." James points out, making Kendall freeze.

"AHHHHAHAHAHAH!" Kendall jolts up with a shirk, sweat coming down his forehead and back. That was the most scariest dream he ever had. No it wasn't dream, it was a nightmare. He was a housewife, just the thought of that made his skin crawl. "Hey, Kenny? What's wrong?" The tall boy in the bed next to him questioned. "Nothing. Just a nightmare." Kendall says. "Well do you want to talk about it?" "Well it's just that when you have your breakout thing, I'm not going to be able to get into the LA Kings and then I will be a housewife forever! And do nothing!" Kendall yells, nuzzling into James shoulder. "Oh baby. You can still try out! Just because I'm breaking out doesn't mean you have to not work!" "Really?" Kendall asks.

"Yes, now please let's sleep." And Kendall smiles before laying his head on James' chest, closing his eyes. As the sands slowly lull him to sleep, he hears, "I love you so much, don't think for a second that I would want you to do something you don't want to. Goodnight my sweet baby boy." And feels a kiss to the head.

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