Chapter XVI: Reborn

The water rushes by

And the melting of my body

Seeps into the pours of the ocean

The scars I thought would last

Fade into the past

Oh light of my new dawn

Stay with me awhile

Erase the life I once knew

Show me a beginning that I will be

With the one I love

In which I will smile

-Written by Ashley Byrns/TheBurntWaffle

"Athanasia!" Legolas yelled as she fell to her knees. The Uruk hai commander approached her slowly, and he drew an arrow. The horde had already started to advance once more into the gap in the wall. In the corner of his eye he saw a boy struggling to fight off an Uruk hai twice his size, and fate gave him a cruel choice. The Elf Prince fired his arrow at the Uruk hai sparring the boy for now, and as he re-drew another he turned just in time to see the Uruk Hai cut off her head in one clean brutal motion. An elated roar ran through there ranks as the vile creature held up her head. Legolas fired his arrow and it sang right into the commanders head. Athanasia's head rolled and disappeared into there ranks. A terrible grief and rage over took him with brutal vengeance. He drew another arrow, and without pause began his massacre.


Darkness rich and pure enfolded around the immortal maiden. Threads of light thin as silk touched her skin cradling her. Where the light came from was not found, as it came from nowhere and went nowhere. The unblemished perfect light pulsed colors of the world into the fiber of her body. A light descended from the darkness and swarmed into her soul merging with her body. The scars covering her body faded into nothing, and her hair turned whiter than snow.

The time is coming Immortal Soul. To protect the last of the light remaining in the Ring Bearer. As we are not of Darkness so shall no darkness hover over you.

The hand print upon the maidens pale face melted away dripping back into the darkness from which it came.

You are a new creation. Born from the light of Meredith, Annabelle, and I. Born of our substance we are one with you. Never will we part you. Never will you part us. Together till the new worlds are created, and till the rise and fall of the universe. You will forever carry the light of the world within you.

The light lifted up her in the clear blue ocean that now replaced the darkness. Air bubbles escaped her mouth as her eyes flew open. Swimming for the surface she reached out for the sun. Breaking the surface she gasped out her first breath. A hand grabbed hers, and pulled her coughing out of the water. A hand ran down her head, and she looked up to see Old Man Willow. Allowing her a breather she coughed up the rest of the water that had invaded her lungs.

"My sapling you have awakened," Old Man Willow spoke softly brushing a stray soaking wet white piece of hair out of her face. Picking up a defiant curl her eyes widened. Looking at her hands and legs she saw nothing but clean skin. Turning over to the pool by his roots she gazed into the mirror water.

The hand print was gone. She was free. Truly free. Free from the weight of Sauron crushing her soul. Free from all the scars that had haunted her. Her body was no longer disfigured. She was free.

A familiar hand touched her shoulder, and a few tears dropped into the mirror water. She turned to Old Man Willow and smiled brightly. Light radiated from her skin as he stared at her.

"The Light of the Two Trees is within you. The Silmarils have merged themselves within your very soul."

The Immortal maiden said nothing and allowed the last of the summer breeze blow through her dripping hair.


"Soon I shall leave, and go to the city of Minas Tirith where the battle that will determine this world will take place."

"That is still awhile away, and the time not yet upon us."

"My companions need me as there moral fades and the darkness of the final battle approaches. The battle for the third age is near, and I have much to do."

"My child do not leave me as you once did. Stay here with me, and be protected within my borders. Sauron will not dare take you here. Let the world solve its own troubles and its own darkness." Athanasia rose looking down at the one person that had taken her in, taught her, and loved her after Sauron had brutalized her. She bent over and cupped his face in her hands.

"I am the light of the world, and will not watch Sauron take everything I love away. I will protect the light within mankind." She said softly wiping the stray tears from his unearthly bright green eye. The other eye was hollow, and empty. He ran a finger down her green eye. He embraced her suddenly, and the two held each other until the mighty wings of the Eagle Lord gave her single to his arrival. Athanasia let go of her father, and climbed upon the mighty Gwaihir.


"It isn't your fault elf," Gimli said as Legolas set his bow down. "It's been three months, and I'm sure she will find us. Perhaps she had beaten us to Gondor and awaits us on the other side. She's immortal lad." He said nervously. Legolas knew what he feared, and it was eating away at them all even though Aragon and Gandalf didn't show it. She was in Sauron's hands by now being tortured in unnamable ways. They had looked for weeks through the decay for her, and nothing had turned up. It wasn't until Aragon had ripped him away sobbing that he had finally considered the possibility. He was helpless. He couldn't save her.

"My Lord Théoden! A ghost! A ghost walks through our mists! We can not slay it nor come close to it!" A solider yelled. Gimli bolted from the tent and in a hoarse tearful voice called to Legolas.

"Hello my friend," her voice said as Legolas came out of the tent. Legolas looked at the two different colored eyes that belonged to the woman he had come to love. Her hair was now white, and no scar or disfigurement lavished her naked body. Her skin was glowing like the moon in the sky, and he could see the faint reflection of starlight in her hair.

"Athanasia," he breathed out as emotion over took his eyes. He ran to her and held her tightly. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

"I'm not dead, so stop saying you're sorry!" She laughed breaking from his grasp. He looked up to see soldiers looking at her, and looked down at her naked body. The Elf Prince threw his cloak around her, and placed the hood over her head. The light radiating from her skin ceased, and her skin resumed its pale color.

"I reflect any light that touches me," she whispered to him as if to explain everything. He pulled her into his tent and she explained her story to the wide eyed dwarf and silent elf.

"You carry the light of my people, and of the gem my father lost," Legolas said as his eyebrows knit together.

"It was never a just a gem. They are alive, and grew a conscience. Now they are apart of me and I apart of them." As she finished she looked to the tent door to see that Aragorn had snuck in without her sensing it. By his side the size of a child, stood a hobbit. Athanasia cocked her head to the side in unmatched curiosity.

"Hi," she smiled as he looked up at her. He looked down at his feet in a sudden shyness. "My name is Athanasia, and yours?"

"Merry," he replied quietly. "Are you really a ghost?" Without queue everyone cried out in pure laughter. The Immortal maiden rose and patted his head.

"No my friend," she smiled as a bitter wind blew into the tent. Athanasia's eyebrows suddenly drew together. A heavy darkness fell on her, and a shiver ran down her spine. "But the dead do linger near," she said walking out of the tent to were the darkness had come from. A crack in the mountain with a pathway leading into secret places was vivid to her in the dark as it would be in the light. Only one man could fit and walk at a time, and in the distance she could see the shadow of a long forgotten man. The mountain blew a mighty wind that threw back the hood of her cloak. Her hair began to glow with moonlight fiercely but her face only retained a soft glow. She rested a hand on side of the mountain pass and searched it for the substance of the bitterness. The dead within roared a defiant growl in the form of a sweeping wind, and Athanasia removed her hand.

"The mountain is angered! What dark god rests there?" Gimli shuttered feeling a crushing weight on his chest. She saw that her companions felt the same dread, and clapped her hands together. The malevolent spell left them, and she redrew her hood.

"What matter of being are you?" A powerful aged voice asked. She looked up to see King Théoden looking at her from a short distance.

"A woman," she replied smiling in the darkness.

"No woman has hair that reflects the light of the moon, nor skin which melts steel and burns hands, tell me now spirit! Are you a Goddess or Demon?" A stiff air took them both as he awaited an answer. Against better judgment the immortal maiden laughed.

"Oh King Théoden, I am neither. Just a woman born anew from the essence of the light," she grinned as his face scrunched up in confusion.

"She is no evil being or spirit," a fluid voice said as an older elf with dark brown hair and eyes approached. "But rather an old woman with a terrible sense of humor," the immortal maiden laughed as her companions shook there heads.

So as I am a sucker for not draggggggging things out and doing three or four chapters over recovery, and traveling I have left you in the mid part of the story as I start the next chapter. It was hard for me to choose over Athanasia staying the same or doing this new transformation, but as every person has a transformation in their life time it was time for hers. It was time for her to become anew, and ready for the final battles coming. I will be doing longer chapters from here on out! So look for new updates soon!