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Chapter 4

She closed her hand around the plug, jolts of anticipation shooting through her as she laid it back on the dresser, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

She hadn't even realized how much she already trusted him until she went back to the sex shop and bought the plug, contemplating on her way home what they could do with it and she wasn't sure anymore what she would like most, for him to insert it into her ass or if it wouldn't be even more arousing if she would insert it into his.

Sometimes she wondered when they had crossed the line, when they had stopped to have any boundaries. There was almost nothing left she wouldn't try with him, even felt giddy to imagine what they could do in bed together, how far they could push each other. She had even eyed the short whip, imagining how his mouth would fall open, his low growl when she would swirl it over his hard cock.

Her stomach tightened painfully and she felt the wetness pooling between her legs, throwing an impatient look towards the clock. She was aroused and just wanted to feel him pushing into her. But at first he needed to actually show up. She had left him a note at the Jolly Roger last night, telling him to come to her apartment today at eight. But it was almost nine and he still wasn't here.

She let out an annoyed groan and reached for her jacket. She needed him and if he was just playing a game with her she would make him pay for it. She slipped into her boots, pulled the scarf around her neck before she opened the door and walked out.

She didn't even attempt to be silent as she stepped onto the Jolly Roger, stomping over the deck, extremely angry now that she had to freeze off her ass in the cold outside because his highness couldn't come to her apartment at the agreed time.

She yanked the door of his cabin open, a sharp remark already on her lips as she noticed how awfully cold the room was, she could see her breath and her eyes flickered to his bunk, sudden worry slamming into her as she saw him lying under the sheets, his hair plastered against his skin, his whole body shaking.

"Shit, Hook." She stumbled forward, crouching down beside him, her fingers reaching for his forehead.

"Hey, beautiful." His voice was barely recognizable, his lips chapped, his eyes clouded with fever.

He was burning up and she brushed his hair away, her mouth tilting up into a shaky smile as she scolded him. "It is freezing cold here. You should have kept the fire going."

"I kn … kno...www!" His teeth were clattering against each other as the shivers shook his whole body. "Couuu … ldddd … n't doo … oo … it!"

"Can you get up with my help?"

"Dooo … n't knnnooo .. www!"

"We have to get you out of here! We need to get you to my apartment!"

It took some effort to get him out of the bed and into his coat and boots but she couldn't help him here. He needed to get into a warm bed and she needed to give him something to get the fever down.

They stumbled onto deck, his arm wrapped around her shoulders and somehow they managed to get to her apartment though at one point she had feared they would both topple into the snow at the side of the road as he lost his footing and stumbled hard into her but she could manage to keep them in balance but she was sweating profusely as they finally reached her door and it took her another awfully long twenty minutes to get him out of his clothes, leaving only his leather pants on and pack him up in her bed.

She rushed into her bathroom and grabbed her thermometer, waiting impatiently for it to beep after she had slipped it between his lips and she winced as she saw his temperature. Almost 104 degree and her worry increased. If she wasn't able to get his temperature down she would have to call Dr. Whale.

One hour later she reached for the phone and ten minutes later Dr. Whale showed up, examining Killian thoroughly before he gave her some antibiotics and antiviral medicament, telling her his body probably wasn't able to fight the bacteria or virus because it didn't know the intruder since he was from a different realm hence his immune system couldn't react properly but the meds should help. She only needed to make sure that she got as much fluid into him as possible.

It was a long night. Killian was slipping into a restless sleep, apparently haunted by nightmares. One time he shot up in bed, his eyes wide as he stared aimlessly ahead, obviously not seeing anything, his arm outstretched as he called out her name. The name of the love he had lost a long time ago. He was dreaming of her death again. His hand even reaching for his stump at one point, letting out a heart-wrenching scream as he pressed his stump against his chest as if he had just lost his hand.

She was changing his sheets two times that night, brushing a cold cloth over his face and chest over and over again, trying to calm him down with soothing words until at dawn he stopped trashing around, the shaking subsided and as she checked his temperature she was relieved that it had finally gone down.

She was exhausted and didn't even think about it as she laid down beside him, slipping almost instantly into sleep. It felt as if she had just closed her eyes as she suddenly woke up, automatically reaching for him but he wasn't there.

She shot up, stumbling out of bed and into the living room, seeing him walking on unsteady feet towards the door.

"Killian Jones!" She said, her voice hoarse from sleep but still firm and he turned around slowly. "What do you think you are doing?"

"Going home!" He croaked out, leaning against the wall for support. "Didn't want to bother you any longer."

"Don't be silly!" Emma huffed out, pointing with her finger towards the bedroom. "Come back to bed!"

He threw her a crooked smile and stumbled back towards her and she helped him back to bed, shoving some pajama pants David had left behind into his hands before she reached for her pajama top and slipped out of her clothes without giving it another thought. They were both too tired to think about anything else than sleep and she snuggled under the blanket, scooting over until she could lay her head on his chest and before sleep pulled her under she realized that they had actually never slept in one bed together but it felt good. Very good.


She woke up to a searching hand slipping under her top, his fingers grazing the underside of one breast and she blinked one eye open, shooting him an incredulous look.

"You are kidding, right?"

He looked at her, his eyes free of fever, his mouth tilted up into a lopsided grin as he replied huskily. "Why? You not up for the task?"

"I would have thought you wouldn't be ..." The rest of the sentence got lost in a moan as his fingers closed around her nipple and tugged lightly.

"You apparently recovered nicely." Emma breathed, not complaining as he threw the blanket away and reached for the buttons of her top, opening one after the other slowly until he could pull it apart and lowering his head, he let his tongue twirl around one erected nipple before he drew it into his mouth.

She could feel him tremble as he tried to support his weight on one arm and she pushed him back, slipping over him, pressing against his arousal, a soft smile grazing her lips.

"Recovered very nicely indeed!"

She got up on her knees and scooted backwards, reaching for his pants and pulling them down before she got rid of her top and panties, lowering herself on him, slipping her hand between their bodies to take him in her hand and positioning him, letting out a soft moan as she pushed her hips down, taking him in.

God! She loved feeling him inside of her.

She pressed her hands against his chest, lifting her hips up and letting him almost completely slip out of her before she rocked her hips back down on him. Arching her back, she jutted her breasts out between her arms, feeling his hand reaching for her nipple and she quickened her pace as he tugged at it, twirling it between his thumb and forefinger. Her movements became erratic as she got closer and closer, feeling his hand suddenly between her legs, finding her clit and it only needed a few brushes of his thumb to push her over the edge and her walls clenched around him, pulling him with her.


Somehow he had stayed after that night. They hadn't talked about it. He had just stayed and practically moved in without further discussion. It felt good, it felt right and they actually settled into a comfortable relationship.

She had completely forgot about her purchase until he mentioned it one night. Henry was with Neal and they had enjoyed a romantic candlelight dinner and just got ready for bed as he reached for the drawer beside the bed and pulled out the item she had bought a few weeks ago at the sex shop.

"I found that today, love." His eyes twinkled as his fingers caressed the plug. "I do actually know for what these are for."

"You do?" Emma felt suddenly breathless, her stomach cramping with anticipation as she saw the desire flickering over his eyes.

"Do you wanna try?" His husky voice distracted her as he stepped closer, only wearing his boxer briefs while she was completely naked, her eyes dropping down to the obvious bulge, her heart starting to race in her chest.


His finger slipped under her panties and down her ass, hovering over her entrance and she stiffened slightly as he rubbed his finger back and forth without pushing in.

"I actually played with the thought from time to time." His lips brushed over her ear, his tongue trailing along the shell as he continued. "But I imagined myself pushing into you, slowly, carefully. Imagined how your tight ass would engulf me."

Her breath hitched in her throat, a ball of hot desire shooting straight down to her core.

"Do you wanna try, love?" He repeated the question, raising one eyebrow questioningly as he waited for her answer.

"Okay!" She said softly after only hesitating for a few seconds.

She scrambled up on her knees and reached for the tube with lube that was sitting on her night stand, opening it and holding it towards him for him to take it before she turned around again.

"Relax, love. I'm not gonna hurt you."

She felt his hand caressing her ass before he was gone for a few seconds, probably applying the lube and then his finger was back pushing slowly into her and she cramped around it, wondering how it should be possible for him to thrust his cock into her ass when one of his fingers already felt too much.

"Turn around."

He pulled his finger out of her and she felt relieved as the pressure ceased immediately and turned around, lying back against the pillow, staring at him, waiting for his next move. He slipped down her body, settling himself between her legs, pushing them up so that she was completely exposed to him and his mouth closed over her, his tongue pushing into her and then licking over her clit, repeating the motions over and over again until she writhed under him with hardly concealed hunger and then his finger was suddenly back, pressing against her entrance and she forced herself to relax, concentrating on his tongue against her clit as he slipped it back into her.

It felt good. His finger massaging her ass while his tongue pushed into her but then he added a second finger and the uncomfortable feeling was back but he eased both fingers into her very slowly, pulling them in and out until she relaxed around them.

He didn't say anything as he slipped them out of her again and closed his fingers around her waist, telling her silently to turn around again. She got up on her knees, setting her elbows firmly on the sheets, trying to mash down her nervousness.

His cock was brushing against her ass and a moment later she felt him pressing against her entrance, easing slowly into her and she gritted her teeth as he pushed gently forward, sliding into her. She wanted him to fuck her like this. The pain would subside eventually. It had to.

"No, I … stop."

She just needed a moment to adjust to him being completely buried in her ass, her breath came out in harsh bursts and she squeezed her eyes shut, trying to decide if she liked the feeling or hated it.

But then he pulled her up and she felt him hard and thick inside of her, the feeling still uncomfortable but also so arousing that she could hardly breathe. His fingers slipped down her stomach, between her legs and he started to push two fingers in and out of her in a frantic rhythm and she was so close that her whole body already vibrated but then his fingers were suddenly gone and he pushed her down pressing his hand hard against her back and slipped out of her, pushing back in and she was still so close and it hurt but she didn't want him to stop and he was too big but it also felt wonderful and she didn't know anymore what to feel but he kept thrusting into her and he even quickened the pace, making her gasp for breath because it felt so fucking good and at the same time so wrong and there was pain, almost too much pain, but the lust just drowned it out and she felt it burn but his fingers were back at her clit and his hips rocked forward and she jerked back, letting out a guttural groan as he thrusted hard into her.

She was coming, she could feel it and some part of her brain told her she shouldn't be when he shoved his cock into her ass over and over again but his fingers slipped through her wet folds, pushing into her one second and the next they were back rubbing over her clit and it was just too much. All the feelings were just too much and then he started talking.

"Fuck, Emma! You are so tight. Your ass is just so fucking tight."

He was talking dirty while he was slipping in and out of her, very slowly, very carefully, making her feel every inch of him, making her feel so utterly slutty that her head was spinning.

"And you are so wet!" His fingers pushed into her and he was right. She was almost dripping, the new sensations she wasn't familiar with nearly drowning her. "You like it when I fuck your ass. Don't you?"

She bit her lip, wanting to deny it but couldn't. Her head almost nodding at it own accord and he suddenly stilled in her, leaning forward, wrapping his fingers around her hair and pulling her back until his mouth was directly beside her ear.

"Do you want me to fuck you harder?" His hot breath brushed over her and she could feel his stump against her hip, his cock buried deep in her. "Tell me, love. Can you take more?"

He was filling her completely, stretching her to her absolute limit but she wanted more, a part of her was screaming at her that she was insane but she trembled with need and she just wanted more.

"Yes." She groaned out, barely above a whisper. "Oh my God, yes."

He pulled out of her, waiting there, barely inside of her and shivers ran through her whole body as she waited for him to push back in and he did, only a second later. A little harder as before, not really hurting her, but then he thrusted deeper into her and the pain was almost too much.

He was pressing his stump against her hip, changing the angle, his hand reaching around her for her clit and she wanted to scream, fumbling for the safe word, the word almost tumbling over her lips but then his finger brushed her clit and every thought of stopping it vanished in a heartbeat as he rubbed over the bundle of nerves while his cock thrusted faster into her ass.

She felt the burn, felt too full but his fingers pushed her closer and closer until she reached the peak, tumbling over, clenching around him, the feeling of him in her ass making the orgasm somehow more intense and she buried her face into the sheets, letting out a strangled moan as the ripples of her orgasm just kept coming and he still rocked his hips against her, pushing in and out of her until she felt him stiffen, spurting his release into her.

His cum was running down her thighs as he pulled out of her, her ass cramping slightly, even more of his semen dripping out but she couldn't find it in her to even care a little. It had been rough, it had been painful, it had been a completely foreign experience and it had been so amazing that she could only slump on the pillow, not even able to pull the sheet over her body.

She could hear him moving into the bathroom, could hear the water as he was probably cleaning himself up but she couldn't muster up the strength to even lift a finger and a moment later he slipped beside her, throwing the sheet over both their bodies, drawing her against his chest.

"You okay, love?"

His lips brushed over her forehead and she could only nod against his neck, splaying her fingers out over his chest.

The room smelled of sex, her whole body felt exhausted and she snuggled deeper into his embrace, a silly smile spreading out on her face and she opened her eyes slowly, watching her fingers drawing patterns on his skin, her voice hoarse as she said softly.

"I love you."

She felt his chest vibrate under her ear as he chuckled and she drew back, throwing him an annoyed glance. "What's so funny about that?"

"The moment you chose to say it, love."

"It just felt ..."

He pressed one finger over her mouth, stopping her from saying anything else, his fingers skimming over her cheek as he leaned forward and brushed his lips over hers.

"I love you too." He whispered. "I fell in love with you the moment I met you."

"Don't be silly!" Emma huffed out. "I held a knife to your throat only minutes later."

"Exactly!" Killian replied, his mouth curling up into a huge grin.

"I don't need to understand that, do I?" Emma asked confused.

"No, you don't." Killian pulled her back against his chest, his hand trailing up and down her spine. "As long as you love me as much as I love you."

"I do." Emma whispered against his skin. "I do."

Their relationship had probably started completely unconventional. No dates, no wooing. Just rough and kinky sex. But probably they would have never found their way to each other otherwise and she was grateful she had found him.

He was her perfect match.

And as she drifted off to sleep in his arms she heard her father's voice in her head.

True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

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