After Limbo

Summary: This is a continuation of substitutingrealitywithmyown's one shot, Limbo. During the search for the Horcruxes, Harry and Hermione are betrayed by Ron and Harry is killed. He winds up in Limbo, but instead of Dumbledore, he meets his parents and Sirius. He considers staying, but they tell him he has a chance to change things. Harry returns to his fourth year, the first year in which he was unable to save two important people, Cedric and Sirius. Harry has knowledge of what the future holds, and with Hermione by his side, He will change the world.

Chapter One

"Harry!" Harry awoke with a start to see Hermione staring over him. He blinked and his mind trailed back to what had just happened.


"I decide..." Harry paused and then nodded firmly. "I have to go back. I have to make things right" He said. Lily smiled at her son.

"When would you like to return?" James asked. Harry turned to look at Sirius.

"If I return to my fourth year, Can I save you?" He asked. Sirius was shocked.

"Yes" It was James that answered. "I know you think Cedric and Sirius's deaths are your fault. If you wish to change it, you may. However, Sirius will not remember this if you choose to go back to before he is killed" Harry was firm in this decision.

"Send me back to fourth year" He replied.

~End of Flashback~

"Are you alright?" Hermione asked, worriedly.

"I'm fine" Harry said quickly. "I'm more than fine" Hermione went over to Ron's bed but Harry stopped her.

"Leave him" He said coldly.

"Harry?" Hermione said uncertainly. Harry tried to change his tone, so as not to scare her.

"I'll wake him" He said. "You go get ready" Hermione nodded slowly and left them room. Harry stood slowly and walked over to Ron's bed. He held his wand in his hand, but he couldn't murder the red head. It wasn't his way. Instead he cast a very powerful sleeping spell on Ron. by the time he woke up, they would be gone. He got dressed and rushed downstairs.

"Where's Ron?" Ginny asked.

"He won't wake up" Harry said. "I tried" Molly clucked her tongue.

"You guys have to go, or you'll be late. I'll send Ron by portkey once he wakes up" She said.

The group followed Arthur out the door. As they climbed a slope, Harry turned to Ginny.

"Where are we actually going?" He asked.

"Don't know" She replied. "Hey Dad! Where are we going?" She called.

"Haven't the foggiest, keep up!" Arthur shouted back. As they reached the top, They ran into another man.

"Arthur! It's about time son" The man said.

"Sorry Amos. Some of us had a bit of a sleepy start. This is Amos Diggory everyone, he works with me at the ministry. And this strapping young lad must be Cedric, am I right?" He said, peering at the other teenager.

"Yes sir" Cedric said. Harry turned to Cedric to avoid Amos staring at him.

"How was your summer, Cedric?" He asked. Cedric smiled, a bit surprised, since he had never really had a conversation with Harry.

"It was good" He said. "I'll be glad to get back to school though" They continued walking.

"That's it sir, just over there" Arthur said pointing. They circled around the portkey and everyone placed their hands on it. There was a white flash and suddenly they were all flying through the air.

"Let go kids!" Arthur instructed.

"What?" Hermione exclaimed.

"Let! Go!" Arthur replied. Harry, Hermione and the Weasleys crashed to the ground with a thump. Arthur, Amos and Cedric come down more gracefully. Cedric helped Harry to his feet.

"Thanks" Harry said. He wished he was more graceful with a portkey, but realized that he rarely ever used one. They walked across the field and there was a massive crowd gathered and cheering, tents were set up all over.

"Well kids, welcome to the Quidditch World Cup!" Arthur announced. They walked into the crowd, taking in the sights. Music was playing and people flew about overhead on brooms. They approached a small tent.

"Parting of the waves I think old chap, see you at the match" Amos and Cedric separated and walked off.

"See ya later Cedric" Harry said. The blonde waved at him.

"Home sweet home" Arthur said, as they entered the tent. Harry felt a clench in his stomach at being in the same tent where Ron had betrayed him and Hermione.

"Girls. Choose a bunk and unpack." Arthur said. As they were settling in, Ron appeared, looking disgruntled.

"Why did no one wake me?" He grumbled.

"I tried" Harry said, unapologetic. Hermione glanced at Harry and could see that he was very uncomfortable around Ron. She made a mental note to ask him why, later.

It was soon time for the game. They made their way to the seats.

"Blimey Dad, how far up ARE we?" Ron asked. Lucius Malfoy and Draco were walking below them.

"Well put it this way, if it rains... you'll be the first to know" Lucius told them. Harry watched Ron carefully and noticed that he and Draco seemed to be communicating with their eyes. Ron had already betrayed him, as he feared.

"Father and I are in the minister's box, by personal invitation of Cornelius Fudge himself" Draco bragged.

"Don't boast Draco" Lucius reprimanded. "There's no need with these people. Do enjoy yourself won't you. While you can" A small smirk curled on Ron's lips and Harry clenched his fists, trying to avoid hitting the bastard. The ceremonies began. Balloons flew and fireworks went off.

"Come on up, take your seats. I told you these seats would be worth waiting for" Arthur said.

"Come on!" George said excitedly.

"It's the Irish!" Fred exclaimed. Five green and white figures flew through the air on their brooms leaving a colored trail behind them. A glittering leprechaun appeared in the sky and started dancing. Everyone was excited.

"Here come the Bulgarians!" George chanted. Five red figures this time, one of them performed a stunt on his broom. One of them appeared on the large screen. The crowd began to chant 'Krum, Krum, Krum'.

"Krum!" Ron shouted. Viktor Krum waves to the crowd.

"Good evening! It gives me great pleasure to welcome each and every one of you to the final of the 422nd Quidditch World Cup. Let the match begin!" The announcer said. After the game, Harry went to sit on his bed while Ron was going on about Krum. Hermione sat beside him.

"Harry, what's going on?" She asked. Harry sighed, knowing he'd have to tell her. If she didn't believe him, He didn't know what he'd do.

"It's Ron" He whispered, though none of the Weasley's were paying attention.

"What about him?" Hermione asked. Harry explained to Hermione everything. How they had been in seventh year, but had not gone to school. How Ron had betrayed them, how Voldemort would never be truly dead until all of his horcruxes were destroyed, how he was afraid of messing up though he had been given a second chance. Hermione was silent for a moment. Before she could respond, they heard strange noises from outside.

"Sounds like the irish have got their pride on" Fred said.

"Stop!" Arthur said suddenly. The Weasley's stopped their antics. "Stop it. It's not the irish. We've gotta get out of here. Now"