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Chapter 21

"So, Helga, do you recognize where we're going yet?"

"No, Arnold, but I wish you'd just tell me already! All this waiting is going to drive me mental!"

"Don't worry, Helga, we're almost there."

Indeed, the longer they were in the car, the more Helga tried to get Arnold to tell her what the big secret was, but he was firm; she had to wait.

When they were about five minutes away Arnold pulled something out of his pocket.

"Helga, could I put this blindfold on you?"

"Geeze, Football Head, you really like this surprise thing, huh? Oh well, what the heck? Go ahead!" she chuckled as Arnold tied the blindfold over her eyes, then took her hand again.

"Just don't let me walk off a cliff or anything, okay Hair Boy?" she joked.

"Of course not, Helga. You're safe with me."

Phil stopped the car and Arnold helped Helga out.

"You kids have fun," Phil called, "Take all the time you want!"

Arnold led Helga to the edge of the parking lot where they had stopped.

"Okay, Helga, you can take off the blindfold now."

Helga carefully untied the blindfold and looked at the scene before her.

" didn't...but you did! Arnold...the beach?"

"Happy Anniversary, Helga," he kissed her gently.

"Arnold, this is amazing. This is perfect!"

"I'm glad you like it, Helga," Arnold said. Taking her hand, he led her down the sand to a beautiful picnic set out for two.

After their picnic they walked along the beach, admiring the sunset.

"Oh, Arnold," Helga exclaimed suddenly, "I almost forgot to give your present!" she handed him a small box she had brought.

"And here's yours, Helga," Arnold replied, producing his own box, "You first."

Helga gently unwrapped the gift and lifted the lid on the box. Inside was a charm bracelet with charms that each meant something to both of them, with space to add more. There was a pen for Helga's poetry, a sea shell for the beach, an Eiffel Tower for their Chez Paris Valentine's Day, a set of comedy/tragedy masks for their school play, and an umbrella for the first day of preschool. And right in the middle was heart engraved with this simple inscription: To Helga with love from Arnold. That day in the rain was fate. I love you.

"Arnold, this is so perfect," she breathed, "I'll never take it off. Never."

"I'm glad you like it, Helga. Here, let me help," Arnold smiled. Helga had been trying to put the bracelet on, but couldn't get it to fasten. He gently took her hand and clipped the bracelet on.

"Thanks, Arnold. Now you open yours!"

Arnold lifted the lid of his own box and found a pink paper heart with a picture of him when he was three, and a book. He opened the book and found an envelope filled with pictures.

"You told me your dad kept a journal with pictures and drawings and stuff in it, so I thought you might like one of your own. Oh, and the heart...well, that's the first "Arnold Locket" I ever had. I just thought, since you've seen my current one, you might like to see where it all started", Helga explained.

"Helga...thank you. Thank you so much. A journal like my dad's? It's perfect! And I know just what to put in it first..." he carefully placed the paper heart on the first page.

"Arnold, you don't have to do that..."

"I know, but I want to. Preschool is one of my first clear memories, and it's also the place where I met you. I can't think of a better place to start my journal."

"Well I'm glad you like it, Football Head."

"And I'm glad you like your bracelet."

They stood there for a while, looking at the sunset over the water, turning everything shades of orange and gold. Then, just as the sun was almost gone and the sky looked like it was on fire, Arnold turned to Helga. They both smiled happily, then shared a kiss that most people only dream of. It was the perfect ending to a perfect anniversary.

The End.

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