Sunstorm: Child of Naruto and Celestia


Naruto x ?


Story Start


Within Canterlot castle something wondrous was happening. In a bedroom of the castle a display of magic was being performed. Despite it being a small by the scope of magic the youth of its user was what made it amazing. A little filly, with a coat as pink as Sakura petals and blonde highlights was levitating a little sun. The child's horn glowed as it levitated the little make shift sun.

"Oh my, raising the Sun are we?" the child turned to face the voice of her mother, Princess Celestia.

"Mama." The Sun was forgotten, dropping to the ground as the child rushed over and greeted her mother. "Are you done with your meetings?"

Celestia laughed lightly. "Indeed I am. That means I get to spend the rest of the day with you my little Sunstorm." She said, watching the smile grow wide on Sunstorm's face.

"Can we go flying to Ponyville and visit Auntie Twilight and the others? Can we? Please mama."

Celestia mulled over the answer. Sunstorm was still so young and she feared the possibility of an incident. There was a reason why Celestia always had guards stationed nearby at all times. She wanted her to be safe more than anything. As she looked down at her daughter's hopeful eyes she gave in. If anything going where Twilight and the others were would only add an extra line of protection.

After all if an enemy who could fight on par with her decided to attack the town they wouldn't last long against the elements. "Very well my little Sunshine."

Meanwhile far within the depths of the planet at the gates of Tartarus stood a massive canid with black fur and three spiked colors fitted around the three heads of the demonic guard of the void itself. This creature was known as Cerberus. One after another the creature's heads began to speak.

"Little foal the deal is set…"

"...defeat and retrieve our siblings…"

"…and your life is yours."


"…and your soul will be…"

"…sent to the underworld."

"I never thought I have to fight death itself to keep a promise, but then again I suppose this is just another day in my life." The speaker was none other than an intangible Naruto. He wasn't fully dead yet he wasn't fully alive either. 'Wait for me Celestia. I'll be home soon.' Naruto thought as he was developed in a red mist and transported where he would find the first of Cerberus's siblings.'

That following night Celestia began to dream. Dreaming of the day the filly was brought into the world.

A scream echoed around the regal halls of Canterlot Castle. Moments later, the crying of a filly was heard. Princess Celestia leaned back against the fluffy pillows of the medical hall bed, tired but happy. Her smile was as bright as the sun she raised every morning as Dr. Steadyhoof set the newborn by her mother.

"She's beautiful." He said. "Have you any idea of a name, my lady?"

Celestia looked at her daughter. She had a pink coat along with a dark strawberry pink mane with hints of blond hair. The child let out a rather loud bleat and fluttered her wings happily. She was a happy and energetic smile. She nuzzled her filly. "Welcome to the world my little Sunshine." If only you could be here to see her. Celestia thought as she looked at their child this little precious gift. The Princess and the warrior, it was out of a fairy tale. An older one, the ones where there wasn't always a happy ending. "Sunstorm." The princess finally decided as the medical staff looked at her expectantly.

"What was that, my lady?" Nurse Redheart asked, leaning in.

"Sustorm." Celestia announced, loud enough for all to hear. "Princess Sunstorm of daughter."

"Quite fitting."


"A very strong name."

There was a chorus of agreements from the nurses.

A short time afterwards Luna and the others visited. A few hours passed and Sunstorm was already taking her first steps. "She has her father's energy." Luna commented as Sunstorm poked her nose in everything. Nearly everyone was filled with excitement at the fact that one of the princesses' conceived an heir and now the entire land was wrought with news and plans for celebrations. Celestia said nothing, as long as her filly stayed safe that's all that mattered.

Celestia woke up, the memory stirring up old feelings. Leaving her bedroom she went to Sunstorm's room. The opening of the door seemed to stir Sunstorm awake. When she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was her mother, staring down at her with those kind, gentle lavender eyes. She blinked drowsily. "...M-Mommy...?"

Celestia's reassuring smile had a slight tinge of sadness, one that was both noticeable to her filly yet at the same time a mystery. "...Did you sleep well, dear?"

There was only one question on Sunstorm's mind. "Where's my daddy?"

The smile on Celestia's face lowered, taken completely over by the overwhelming guilt and sadness surging through her very soul. Celestia did her best to keep the topic away from Sunstorm. Sheltering her daughter from what happened to her father, but she knew that eventually she would be forced to tell her about him, no matter how much it hurt.

"Where did daddy go? How come he's never around? Weren't you happy with him?"

That did it. Celestia's throat tightened as tears stung her eyes, threatening to spill over. "Of course we did. Your father was a wonderful and loyal stallion. He always put protecting those he cared about before him. Your…your aunt Luna and I were in trouble and he made a choice a long time ago.

Sun Storm blinked, not quite grasping what her mother meant.

"Your daddy is..." Celestia searched her brain for the right word that a filly could understand. She…just saying the word tore at her heart, but she didn't want to lie to her daughter either"...gone..."


Being a filly the word meant that someone left. But they could come back right?

Celestia saw that her daughter was looking for hope in the statement and it tore at her heart.

"I'm sorry sweetie, daddy isn't coming back."

It finally occurred to Sunstorm just what her mother meant. Her daddy wasn't going to come home? She was never going to meet him? Tears built up in her eyes and began to spill over as a small whimper followed by a sob escaped her throat. She collapsed back against her bed, curling up into a ball as she wept softly.

Celestia leaned forward, nuzzling the crying filly with her head in a comforting manner. It didn't take long for Celestia to start crying too.

At the edge of Equestria Naruto found himself at the mouth of the cave. At it exited a giant two-headed dog and doublet. The creature let out a snarl and exhumed a rank breath. "Undead soul, walker of plains. None is permitted to enter the domain of Orthrus without a sacrifice."

"Orthrus, son of Echidna and Typhon. I am Uzumaki Naruto, I challenge you to combat."

"Foolish soul. If the walking one is eager to be crushed this one shall obliged." The goblet sneered and bared its fangs. Only one thing was sure, the surrounding area would be forever changed.