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Maddie stared around the large ball room with wide eyes; her body was as tense as a bowstring as more and more ghosts filed in. Her son had just recently sat the group down at a large table off to the side of the room, secluded from the bigger bundle of tables. He had nimbly stormed up to Frostbite and began whispering feverishly to the yeti-ghost. The only external indication that something was bothering her son was his left hand unconsciously rubbing the back of his neck. It was something Maddie could remember her brother doing whenever they were younger. Whenever Dan—Neil—had been nervous or stressed over something he would have rubbed the back of his neck until it was bare of any lose strands of hair.

It was just another attribute Danny picked up from his uncle.

The skipping class, the staying out late past curfew, the secretive behavior; none of it was new to Maddie. She had seen all the same traits from her younger brother Dan 'Party-boy' Fitzgerald; the disgrace to the Fitzgerald and yet the only willing heir to the fortune. Maddie had had no interest in dropping her dreams of being the leading female paranormal scientist just to become the main trustee of a family fortune founded on the creation of cardboard boxes.

She had feared drugs and alcohol had a large factor in Danny's behavior, they had with Dan. But the way he reacted to a simple glass of wine made Maddie second guess her assumption. That could have all been a show, of course, but the amount of anger and disgust Danny had shown made it hard for Maddie to believe it was all feigned. Especially since it was not only directed at the alcoholic beverage itself, but at the one and only Sam Manson, Danny's not-so-secret secret crush since the two met back in elementary school. It was rather difficult to think that Danny would act like he was angry at Sam for no apparent reason. He must have truly been upset at Sam to show that kind of emotion towards her.

That could always leave drugs, of course. As sad as it was to say, Danny and Sam had been prime witnesses to Dan's horrid alcoholic idiosyncrasy, but Maddie did not know if the two had ever walked in on him doing harder drugs. The day Maddie had waltzed into the house to see Dan in the middle of trying to shoot up heroin with his prostitute girlfriend had been the day Maddie had begun seeing Dan as something else besides the innocent ten year old brother she deluded herself into only seeing and fearing for Danny's future. He had already acted so much like Dan by that time Maddie had begun having nightmares about Danny turning into his uncle.

She knew that a large quantity of Danny's similarities with her brother had been attributed to the amount of times she and Jack had exposed him and Sam to Dan's less than redeeming qualities by leaving them when the two had to leave and needed a babysitter.

Even with the knowledge that Dan was hooked with some hard-core drugs, Maddie had foolishly allowed him to continue living with her and her family. She did, however, refuse to allow him to have his girlfriend, Candice (Candy), over anymore after she, Danny, Sam, and Jazz had walked in on the two having sex in Danny's room. That had been a rather scarring moment for everyone involved. After that she had refused to let Candy step foot in the house, positive that if Dan didn't have as readily an access to the prostitute and her drugs and body, then he'll begin straightening himself up. She never knew how much she would regret it until that day she had turned a frantic Candy away late into one evening.

Danny had only been six or seven when it happened and had grown very attached to the two as individuals and as a couple and had been heartbroken when Candy couldn't come over anymore. That night, the night Maddie refused to let her in even though Sam, Danny, and Candy were all begging her to was the night Maddie still thought about anytime Sam comes over distraught in the middle of the night. A flashback of sorts, because Sam never enters the house on those nights, though she rarely did as it was. It reminded her so much of how Candy had turned away with tears in her eyes and her whole body shaking; it reminded her of how Danny had chased after Candy when it was so late in the evening, so dark outside, and had witnessed the slaughtering of the woman he had grown so close to .

If Maddie really dug deep into all the traumatic events in Danny's rather short life, she would have to say that that had been when the two had begun their distancing. Danny had begun to crawl into his shell deeper after that incident, only increasing when Dan had had a minor break down on him and Sam and Maddie finally kicking him out per Jack's orders. By the time Danny was in middle school with solid bonds to Sam and Tuck, Maddie barely knew her baby boy.

It was heartbreaking. She just couldn't believe that she wasn't seeing this all until now. How much pain Danny had gone through? She didn't know if she could answer that. She didn't know if she wanted to know that answer in all honesty.

"You okay Mads?" Maddie jumped at her husband's question. She hadn't realized she had been that absorbed in her own thoughts.

"Hmm?" She asked absentmindedly, her eyes refocusing on her son. Sam had joined him in arguing with the furry ghost—Frostbite. How peculiar.

"I asked if you were okay. You just seem so distracted Babe." Maddie nodded absentmindedly, her eyes narrowing in on Frostbite when the ghostly yeti gripped onto Danny's shoulder.

'If it was hurting him she was going to blast him.'

"It just seems like Danny and that ghost are—"

"Frostbite, Maddie." Maddie turned to her husband, eyebrows up to her hairline.

"Excuse me?" She asked at Jack's clipped voice. Did he seem a bit tense with her?

"The ghost's name is Frostbite." Maddie narrowed her eyes warily. Was he actually defending a ghost? They were ghosts that were far too beneath them that they didn't deserve their real names, so why was he acting like they were their equals? Actually, ever since they stepped off the carriage Jack had been acting like he'd seen a ghost—err, had been traumatized. She had been too—seeing her baby boy tortured like that, it had been horrifying—but Danny had recovered nicely so he should have relaxed more. Maybe he was upset with himself for not being able to save Danny. Maddie had been amazed that Danny had saved not only himself, but everyone else so cleanly, but she too was ashamed that she hadn't been able to protect her only son. But she had seen him heel before her very eyes and finally realized that Danny seemed more than capable of taking care of himself—and Sam and Tuck and everyone else—if the situation required it and had finally relaxed. She understood Danny was okay physically even if the way he trusted these putrid ghosts left her question his mental stability and if he was actually, biologically a Fenton.

Maybe he took after the Fitzgerald's more than she thought.

It was a worthy theory, after all. He obviously inherited his attributes from her side of the family, being practically identical to his uncle in almost every way. Dan had never been interested in the paranormal outwardly, but Maddie had caught him on several different occasions reading one of her articles or actually listening when she and Jack had given lectures. She always knew he wasn't a dumb kid, he just lacked the motivation to do much else besides drink, do drugs, and have sex with anything with legs.

When Danny had begun puberty, Maddie had feared his sexual prowess would be as fluid as Dan's had been, boys, girls, and, on more than one occasion, both. It wasn't that him being gay, bi, pan, or whatever had ever really bothered Maddie—she was a scientist through and through and refused to believe that God hated any homosexuals— it was how careless Dan had been in his teenage years following into early adulthood. The fears of so many different STD's had run through her mind while her parents' worries had only been on how much their reputation would be damaged if anyone ever found out about Dan's reckless and fluid sexual life.

But after seeing how clueless Danny seemed to be when someone liked him when Michelle and Natalia had invited him to do yoga with them reassure the middle-aged mother greatly. In fact, she was pretty confident her son was still a virgin—and wasn't that a relief. She could only hope she wasn't deluding herself into believing that Danny—and Jazz come to think of it—weren't as Fitzgerald as she feared. It wasn't that she didn't love her family—she did, no matter how aggravating and unsupportive they were—but for how uptight and snooty they were, the Fitzgerald's had quite a bit of dirty laundry hidden deep in the confines of the Fitzgerald Family Estate. Drug/alcohol abuse and reckless hetero/homosexual sexual prowess and studying in paranormal science instead of taking over the family business were only the very tip of the iceberg. But then again, didn't everyone have a few skeletons in their closets?

She just wondered how many Danny had in his...

Lancer was at his wit's end with this disastrous field trip. And he definitely was using the term 'field trip' very loosely. In hindsight, he could see how stupid this had been. Bringing a large group of adolescent sophomores to another dimension with two paranormal 'experts' who had never stepped foot in said interdimensional realm was not one of Edward Lancer's finer moments. Actually, Lancer was definitely putting this number one on his list of dumbest decisions ever. This really did top the cake. There was no way he would have been able to get the kids home, and the eldest Fenton's would have more than likely gotten them killed before he got them killed from starvation.

It had all been thanks to the most mysterious, enigmatic, strange, secretive, and interesting Trio that they were alive. Danny, being the ringleader of the Trio, had really stepped up to the plate in order to save his classmates. To imagine that the quite, mousy kid in the back of the classroom was something so different honestly astounded Lancer. Sure, he had decided to stop trying to figure out the young, raven-hair teen, but even with that ultimatum he could admit that he hadn't opened his mind enough and was absolutely shocked. He had at least thought he had some sort of understanding on the boy, but to think that all that had happened to the boy was something out of this realm…

Or maybe it was in this realm, in the Ghost Zone. There was some type of connection between Danny and the Ghost Zone that Lancer just couldn't figure out. Danny was so much more alive in this terrifying land of the dead. Lancer had never seen this side of Danny and had more than just a feeling that he'd never see this facet again once they were in their own realm again. This was the real Danny. He was not the weak, ghost-fearing, trouble-making, easily bullied, dim-witted, goofy adolescent Lancer had known before this trip. This was the real, honest to god, Danny who was a natural-born leader that would take whatever risk it took on himself to make sure everyone—even those like Dash and Gillian who had been his enemies—were safe and out of harm's way. This Danny was someone only Sam and Tucker—and maybe Jazz—had ever gotten to see. Lancer could say he was proud of his students, but that would be an understatement. And even though he had gotten to learn so much from his young pupil, he knew he had only scrapped the tip of the iceberg.

During this trip, he'd learned that Danny had been the first to step into the Ghost Zone, that the he and his friends knew more about the place—and it's residents— than anyone, even two 'experts', and that he knew how to fight and fight well. The thought of the sweet, shy, innocent kid that Lancer had known since he substituted for Danny's teacher back in seventh grade was so different from the fierce, merciless, warrior he had gotten to know during this 'adventure'. Who would have ever thought that Danny could kick ghost butt and spout off some rather witty one-liners. In fact he reminded Lancer of how Ph— of how Phantom fought. Danny Phantom always seemed so familiar to Lancer… could it be?

Lancer turned over to where Frostbite and Danny were talking to one another in interest. There had to be some sort of connection between the ghostly teen and his favorite pupil, but Lancer wasn't for sure what that could be. Maybe Phantom based his psych off of Danny? They did have a similar build and Phantom's hair style is practically an exact copy of Danny's. It would explain why Danny knew so much about the Ghosts and why everyone seemingly mixed Danny and Phantom up when speaking with Danny. Danny had probably been kidnapped several different times when the ghosts mistook him for Phantom. Even Lancer had gotten the two mixed up a few times in the past. After all, if Phantom would just change his hair and eye color, they'd be exact matches!

Lancer bit his lip, worried for his young pupil. It wasn't that he didn't think that Phantom was evil—he was a firm believer that the young ghost tried to be good, even if some of his actions were a bit questionable—but what if Danny was being placed in danger because of Phantom's numerous enemies? Did Maddie and Jack know? Maybe that was one of the reasons they went after Phantom, perhaps they thought that if they got rid of Phantom, the rest of the ghosts would leave Danny alone.

But still, Lancer felt as if something was still of with his theory. But what other explanation could there be? It's not as if Danny and Phantom could be the same person, right?

Danny sighed as he watched Frostbite storm off, shoulders slumped and tail swinging viciously. He knew Frostbite had wanted to make some sort of announcement about their findings on Polaris' computer, but he had hoped—and oh, how it had been wishful thinking on his part—that he would want to keep Vlad, Danny, and Danielle's parts out of it. Frostbite had other ideas; however, and wanted to expose Vlad for who and what he was. It wasn't that any of the ghosts actually thought that Vlad was a good guy or anything, but there were lines that ghosts didn't cross. Molestation, corrupting someone's death, and wiping innocent ghosts out of existence were some of the biggest restrictions the Ghost Zone had. Not even the barrens were evil or dumb enough to break those three. And when someone did, they ended up in Walker's prison and on the execution list.

Well, Vlad had technically broken two out of three of those big laws. 'Killed' Polaris—an innocent, and widely liked—and exploited Danny's half-death numerous amount of times. Frostbite, who had been privy to the knowledge of Danny's actual death prior to this little expedition, wanted to tell everyone the truth of Danny's half-death. Danny didn't want to do that though. If more ghosts knew about his actual death, the less of an effect it would have if he chose to hold that over one of their head much like he was doing with Walker.

The two had already decided that Danny would say a little speech at the remembrance banquet but it hadn't included anything on Vlad at the time. Now Danny had to give the people some sort of information about Vlad, Polaris, Danielle, and him or Frostbite would expose the entire plot. He was so lock in on war at the moment, Danny knew the yeti ghost would not have many hesitations about going headfirst into a long and fatal war. But war was not inevitable, and Danny prayed he chose the right words to keep fighting to a minimum, if none at all. He knew, however, if Vlad was dumb enough to show his face at the banquet tonight, Danny would not be accountable for Frostbite's actions.

Fortunately, Danny and Sam were able to convince Frostbite that during the banquet would not be a good time to inform the other ghosts everything that had happened.

"You okay Danny?" Sam whispered, eyes glued to his clenched jaw. It was obvious he wasn't, but she had not a clue what else to ask or say to him. He was angry—reasonably so—but trying to control his temper around everyone. It wasn't always the greatest combination. Danny was more of a bottle it up until it explodes kind of man and Sam was worried it he would blow up at the wrong time.

Danny took a quick glance through the link to feel Sam and closed his eyes. After taking a deep, calming breath Danny opened his crystal blue hues and faced Sam. Clearing his throat, he locked eyes with a set of startling amethyst orbs, showering him in strength and confidence.

"I will be, Sammy." He whispered quietly eyes glued on the goddess in front of him. Oh, how he loved her strength and courage. How he loved her honesty and empowerment and how she protected what she loved the most. He knew without a doubt that it was her that kept him around, the made him move forward. She was the sole reason he was there today, going strong even if not completely unscathed. He knew, she knew, Tuck, Jazz, and Dan knew. Hell, anyone who had known Danny long enough and with half a brain knew Danny wouldn't be there about ready to give another speech if it weren't for her.

He loved her with all his being. Nothing could capture his heart the way she had. He loved Tuck as a brother, Jazz his sister, Danielle his daughter, and Dan his uncle, but the love he held for her was nothing he could explain properly. Words couldn't fully grasp what he felt, no matter how many times he tried. He would do anything and everything for his creature of the darkness, even if she never told him she loved him back. It stung to know she didn't believe in love even though she should be able to know it was true from the his emotions that poured down their link, but she refused to listen to anything other than 'long-term attraction' and 'extreme fondness'. But he loved her enough that he would push past the inconvenience and would stay forever by her side, as a lover, husband, boyfriend, or just friend. No matter what, she was stuck with him, and he with her. But, honestly, he wouldn't have it any other way.

Sam couldn't help the blush that rose to her cheeks as she got the gist of what Danny was thinking about through their link. She honestly was embarrassed by the amount of devotion and feelings Danny held for her and her only and while most people would more than likely be put off by the shear emotion Danny had, she welcomed it with welcomed arms. These were the moments that she could delude herself into believing in love just by the look Danny gave her. He had eyes that were totally devoted and focused on her, only for her.

Reaching forward she placed her hands flat on his chest, smoothing out the lapels on his jacket. Leaving her hands there, she smiled up at him.

"Good, I would hate to have to go out and find a new best friend." She whispered, a small smirk forming from the once warm smile. Danny scrunched his nose in amusement and gently encircled Sam's thin wrists in his hands.

"Oh yeah?" He questioned as he pulled her closer, leaning down to rest his forehead against hers. Her smirk turned soft as she stared into his half-lidded eyes, sparkling with mischief and affection. She sighed softly and pressed against his forehead, absorbed in their own little world.

"Yeah, I don't think I would be able to find anyone quite like you, my halfa." Danny could have melted at her words. Closing his eyes, he focused in on his other senses. The feeling of having her so close to him, the faint scent of her favorite body wash—strawberries and cream—, her feel of her pulse beneath his fingers, the sounds of her breath rushing in and out of her lungs at a faster pace as she became entranced with him. Just as he was to her.

"Call me that again." Danny murmured as he slipped one hand from her wrist to entangle with her fingers. Sam could feel her heart speed up as Danny lifted their entwined hands to his lips and gently brushed a kiss to her knuckles.

"My halfa, Danny." She spoke quietly, suppressing a small giggle as one of his ears literally twitched at her words.

He's so much like a puppy.

"You are my halfa Danny and don't you ever forget that." Danny opened his eyes and stared at Sam, drowning as her amethyst eyes looked into his very soul, saw everything and still found a way to care for him. He just wished one day he could say she loved him.

"Sam I—"

"Where is my wonderful son and granddaughter?!" Danny and Sam jumped apart in shock as Pandora's boisterous voice resonated through the entire banquet hall. Danny sighed as he turned to see his blue-skinned, four-armed spiritual mother floating high above everyone else in search of him and Danielle, who was sitting… at the same table as his biological mother. Groaning, Danny buried his face into his hand. Well, this was going to go over as well as a lead balloon. Sam patted her best friend empathetically on the back as Pandora laid eyes on the youngest male halfa. It seemed Danny's soul attracted some of the strongest female personalities out there. Her, Pandora, Maddie, Jazz, Dora, and Valerie all had rather extreme traits that turned a lot of guys off to them. Only people like Danny seemed to be able to handle their craziness with ease. Sure, you could say there was Tuck and Jack, but they matched the girls' craziness. Sans the wicked ghost powers and crazy ghost-hunting parents, Danny could have been a perfectly normal kid with a high tolerance for the people of the peanut gallery.

"Danny!" She screeched excitedly, gliding down and embracing her son in a tight hug. Danny returned the hug with just as much enthusiasm. After having a rather emotionally detached mother most of his life, he had clung to Pandora's loving and nurturing love with everything he had, always wishing it had been Pandora to raise him when he had been younger.

"Ma." He breathed into her ear, relishing in the surprising warmth her hugs filled him with. Pulling apart, Pandora kept one of her arms around his waist, reluctant to let go of her son.

"I haven't seen you in over three months, love. If it wasn't for the gossip around the Ghost Zone about you fighting with others, then I would have sent out an army search and rescue!" Danny blushed as several ghosts around started to chuckle at Pandora's exclamations.

Sam chuckled as Danny was pulled back into another hug. He sighed and kissed her cheek before pulling away.

"I know, and I'm sorry about not coming around more often, but there's something I need to tell you Ma…" Danny started, his hand rubbing the back of his neck. He gave Sam one more longing look before focusing back on Pandora's appearance. Gone was her helmet, allowing her fiery pink hair to flow down her back. Her yellow battle-ready dress had been exchanged with a floor length, red empire dress with lace capped sleeves with an open back showing off a dragon tattoo Danny was kind of afraid to ask about.

"What is it my sweet son?" Pandora asked as she took names and faces around the hall.

"Ma, my—" Before Danny was able to blurt anymore of his announcement, Pandora squealed loudly and floated above Danny's head, eyes alight with excitement.

"Is that my sweet, sweet Granddaughter?!" Pandora exclaimed, eyes aimed right at the table. The table where Danielle was hiding behind Tucker and Maddie was glaring at Pandora. Uh oh.

"Ma I—" Danny was ignored as Pandora raced over to Danielle, knocking Tuck out of the way, and picking the wary girl up.

"Pictures just do not do you justice youngling!" Pandora cooed happily, hugging the youngest halfa tightly.

"Y-you must be Pandora." Danielle muttered, trying to lean away from the ghostly Greek woman. This was a little more overwhelming than she had anticipated. Even meeting Maddie and Jack wasn't as weird or uncomfortable as this seemed to be shaping up to be.

"Oh, yes deary, but you can call me Nana, or Mammy, or Grandma, or whatever you like! Oh, goodness it's so hard to think that I'm a grandmother already. I'm so young!" Tucker snickered at Pandora's over-dramatic actions.

"Um Ma, you're like twelve-thousand years old. I don't think that's too young to have a grandchild." Sam stated to the ghost, her statue tense as Maddie and Jack both got up from their seats. She could already see a confrontation in the making, one that Pandora seemed oblivious to.

'Thank all that is allegedly holy that Walker took away their weapons.'

Pandora chucked and pulled Danielle away at arm's length.

"Of course, of course but after having only one child in my lifetime, it's such a wonderful feeling to be able to see his offspring." Pandora turned from her pseudo daughter-in-law (because even she knew that they'd figure some way out to be together) and to her granddaughter. Her granddaughter, after almost thirteen thousand years of looking for her son, she finally finds him and gains a wonderful daughter-in-law, son, and granddaughter out of it! And maybe another daughter-in-law once Tucker finally lands a lady.

"It is such a wondrous occasion to have my lovely son and all his family here today!" She exclaimed again, eyes glossing over the table that held several stunned humans sat before landing on the irate forms of Jack and Maddie Fenton.

"Excuse you?" Maddie hissed, eyes narrowed into almost slits as she glared at the ancient Grecian woman. Pandora, slightly taken aback by Maddie's sudden attitude, shifted Danielle into two of her arms, more than ready to take out the human woman if she so chose to be a threat to her or her family.

"Excuse you." Pandora shot back, eyes flicking over to where Danny was racing over to them, Sam and a Latino ghost right behind him.

"Why are you calling my son your son?" Maddie growled, hands tightened into fists as Pandora stood strong, not intimidated a bit by Maddie's behavior.

"Oh." Pandora murmured, an easy grin sprawling across her face. "I get it; you're Daniel's human mother." She sneered, nose scrunched as she stared down at Maddie. Maddie's eyes widened to the size of saucers, offended by the putrid ghost's obvious sneer at humans. Why would she call Danny her son if she seemed to have hatred for humans?

"Yes, and I'm his only mother!" She growled. Pandora snorted haughtily, entertained by her wild accusations. It wasn't even true! If this pathetic human actually understood how the paranormal worked, she would understand that Danny had had several more mothers than her, and each and every one of them much more competent than her!

"Mom!" Danny exclaimed, coming to a halt in front of the two women. They both snapped their head over to Danny.

"What?" Maddie snapped fiercely, her anger exuding from each angle.

"Yes love?" Pandora asked kindly. After being the queen of ancient Greece for several millennia, the woman had long since learned how to control her anger to the point she seemed calm and serene; even if she was anything but calm and serene.

"Uh…" Danny floundered around for words to say, unsure as how to go about this. Thankfully, Sam had been around, otherwise Danny was sure he would have made an ass out of himself.

"Pandora please meet Danny's human mother Maddie Fenton. Maddie meet Danny's spirit's mother Pandora." Pandora nodded curtly, not willing to extend a warm welcome to someone she had heard several stories about. Maddie just stood there, eyes going between Sam and Pandora each getting an equal glare from the redhead.

"What bull are you trying to spew now, Manson." She growled at the young heiress. She took back ever thinking that she could like any Manson. Sam was just as bad as her mother, if not worse! At least Pamela and Maddie were on equal playing grounds, poor Danny was so head over heels in love with Sam, and he'd never seen Sam stab him in the back until she was already wiping the blood off her hands.

Sam narrowed her eyes, tired of Maddie's attitude towards her. Hopefully one day, and one day soon, Danny would just let Sam take a crack at the Fenton matriarch and beat her to a bloody pulp. Maybe then she'd get it through Maddie's thick skull that she didn't like the woman.

"What I'm telling you is not bull, Mrs. Fenton." Sam growled stalking in front of Danny. Even in a formal gown, heels, hair done, and make-up done she looked as vicious as a lioness protecting her pride. Danielle clung tight to her grandmother as Tucker joined on Danny's right, waiting to see if he was needed. Looking around, she saw that they had garnered a rather large crowd. From what she could hear, no one was too surprised that it was Danny in the middle of the spectacle, most were used to Danny being the unwilling center of attention, but they were interested to see what would happen amongst all the women Danny seemed to have orbiting him. Whether they be maternal, sibling, friend, daughter, or love interest, the ghosts all knew that Danny always had a harem of girls willing to fight for and with him.

"Just like we were saying on the carriage Mrs. Fenton reincarnated souls are real." Sam continued, arms crossed in front of her. She knew Maddie could be dense at times, but this was really making her mad. Couldn't the woman just accept what it was? She didn't know everything in all the worlds! And here Sam thought Danny had really gotten through to her on the carriage ride over to the Far Frozen, apparently not.

"Danny is a very old soul, Mrs. Fenton." Pandora broke in. She hoped if she was civil with the woman she wouldn't have to fight with her son's other mother. Things could get really messy when Pandora was very irate and she didn't want to upset her Daniel by killing his human mother. "He has had many mothers after me and before you, but that doesn't mean that his spirit loves any of them any less." She lied. Danny bit the inside of his lip from spouting out the truth of the matter. Honestly, most mothers that he could remember from his spirit were alright, but the only soul his spirit really reacted to was Pandora's. His spirit knew Pandora was his mother, even if his body shared Maddie's genetics.

Maddie turned to Danny, her rigid form almost vibrating.

"Now sweetie, I don't know what they have told you, but reincarnation is not real. She's probably trying to get to me through you. You will stop talking to her this instant." Maddie cringed as several ghosts around her laughed at her command, assuring her that they were in fact out to get her.

"Does she really believe she is the center of every ghost's attention?" The Latino ghost asked, his voice laden with a heavy Hispanic accent. Valerie, who had joined the Trio earlier, snorted.

"I seems to me that she does." Danny stated, his voice as harsh as steel as he glared at Maddie.

"She also seems to believe she knows everything." Pandora's voice was as cold as Danny's, identical glare and rigid form reminding Jack of each other. It was almost eerie how much they looked alike.

Now that he knew that his son was Danny Phantom—even though he still didn't know how as the two haven't yet spoken about it—he was much more open to new ideas. It really wouldn't surprise him if Pandora was somehow, magically, Danny's spirit's mother. He had always speculated there was more to ghosts than just being remnants of a deceased human's consciousness. And perhaps he was right after all.

"Now you listen here sc—"

"Bubby, bubby where are you?" A high pitched Hispanic voice broke through the silent crowd, interrupting Maddie mid-sentence. Everyone turned as the voice grew louder along with the pitter-patter sound of little feet padding across the floor.

"Bubby?" The voice called again as ghosts slowly parted for the little girl. Everyone stayed silent as a small girl around the age of five or six appeared from behind several sets of legs. Long, curly, chestnut hair shimmied around her caramel-skinned face as she looked amongst the group, in search of her brother. Her wide, chocolate brown eyes grew to enormous size as they landed on Maddie.

Even though she was wearing a long black dress that hugged her curves and high black heels that gave her enough height that she was as tall as Danny again. But she could easily replace the dress with a teal jumpsuit and some goggles and she knew this woman, this monster.

At that exact moment, Carmen Martinez screamed a blood curdling scream.

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