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This is an addition to my line of (probably most if not all unrelated) stories based on lyrics from every Matchbox Twenty song.

"All I Need"

Sometimes You Can Still Lose Even If You Really Try

Buffy wasn't sure what happened, but she knew she didn't like it. She and Angel had gotten into another fight last night and he'd stormed off after saying they were over. She'd been keeping her cool, making sure to with all the arguing they had been having lately, but it didn't seem to really change much. And now she had no idea what to do.

Her boyfriend was pulling away, and she didn't know how to make him stop.

She wondered if it was better to just give up, to let it be. Trying when you're the only one doesn't do any good, and she was getting rather sick of it.


Angel had tried being the perfect guy for her, hell, he had been for so long. But then he made a mistake. One she didn't know about but he did, and he couldn't forgive himself for. He was sure if, and when, she found out... she wouldn't be able to either.

he'd just been sinking further into himself after it happened, pushing away. He knew there were so many better options on how to handle this, but he couldn't seem to go about any of them.

He just made an even bigger mess, waiting for the walls to come down.