This started as a Tumblr Drabble request-someone threw a crack pairing at me-but I played it straight, and the next thing I knew, my request list was flooded with people wanted more. So, now it's an on-going piece and all future parts will be collected here. Thank you!

The Little Archive

Notes: Rated T to M depending on the chapter for, but not limited to, Non-Con, Violence and Overlord being Overlord. Pairing played straight.

Overlord often claimed he could crush entire mechs in a single hand, but there were very few that fit the phrase literally.

The tiny data-disk mech he had fished out of the ruins of the city barely came up to the knees of an average mech, and fit snugly in the palm of Overlord's hand. A shivering, minuscule thing pressed in place with a thumb. Overlord towered over everyone, and even he found this tiny thing ridiculous. Such a pathetic little thing with no useful Alt-Mode trapped in a city of Overlord's latest victims. Might as well crush it and put it out of its misery.

"WAIT!" The data-disk yelled, holding out his hand, the other uselessly pushing on the thumb imprisoning him. His fingers scrambled for purchase on Overlord's single digit. Useless, but desperate. Perhaps there was some fun to be had here. The mech shouted. "Don't do this! I'm an archivist!"

"And what does that have to do with sparing you?" Overlord asked, amused at the tiny thing's gall. With everyone else dead, he could do with the entertainment. "Do enlighten me."

"I record everything," it said, pointing at a tiny red light near its head. Overlord squeezed and the mech squirmed. "Everything. I mean everything! Your, uh, victory today included. The carnage, the gore—all of it! It's right here! Archived forever for people to access! If you crush me it'll all be gone!"

Overlord hummed, pressing his lips together. "And?"

"What's better? Second hand stories from people who see the aftermath floating around as myth, or the horrified faces of people seeing your brutality first hand on record as pure fact? You'd be a permant part of Cybertron's history!" Overlord added pressure to the little one's midsection, sending hairline cracks in the armor. The creature whined, and squirmed and until he shouted out, "You could even show Megatron! He could see you in action!"

Overlord paused. He took his thumb and stroked along the fractures he'd created gently as if he were carressing a sparkling. Overlord pushed over the corpse of a fallen mech and sat, making himself comfortable. He continued stroking the small mech in his hand until he could feel the little body heat from the attention. He smirked, "And what makes you think Megatron will be impressed with just this little showing?"

The mech looked around the clearing at the damage, still squirming under Overlord's unwanted gentle touches. What sort of face woud he be making now if not for the visor and faceplate. They were always such a hindance, denying Overlord the joy of a face contorted in agony or pleasure. Body language only did so much, even if the tiny creature in his hand wriggled. He split the little mech's legs with his thumb, and stroked his chest with the index finger of his other hand. "Well? Don't you have an answer before I crush you?"

"I'll record the next one! And the one after that, and the one after that!" The mech yelped, throwing his head back when a sensitive plate near his hip was moved. Overlord put pressure there, manipulating the tiny wires, drawing sparks to the surface. The small mech's vocalizer was laced with static as he turned in Overlord's hand. "I…archive! Everything! I c-can edit! He'll only get the b-best of the best!"

Overlord opened his palm. The mech curled into his side, air cycling heavy through every inch of his tiny form. The heat radiated from him, from fear or disgust possibly. Overlord turned his palm and rolled the little mech into his other hand. He gripped him tightly in his fist, smashing his arms into his chest with the large shoulder additions hanging over the top.

The body was hot in his hand, overclocked and body pulsing with energy looking for somewhere to go. Such a little thing all worked up.

"And you would do this?" Overlord asked, pulling the tiny data-disk up to his face. He could just see the outline of a tiny optic beyond the visor. As wide as it could go, and still so small. Overlord tipped the mech's head back with his thumb under its chin. "You would record my atrocities and fun and stand silent while all your little Autobot friends die and splatter across the ground?"

The mech stilled and looked down when Overlord released his head. A moment later, he looked up and his visor flashed with an intenstiy that excited Overlord in a way he hadn't in eons. The mech spoke, "There's someone I have to find, and I can't die until I do. So if it means I get to live—yes. I'll record everything. And then I'll edit it, perfect it. And then everyone will see you in history as the monster you want them to see."

Included a recording of when Overlord ultimately killed Megatron, Overlord added in his head. No one would be able to claim Overlord had lied when the warlord met his ultimate fate. That in itself could be worth it. Overlord grinned, his smile splitting his face. The cheek of this tiny mech certainly didn't hurt, either. He was impressed.

"Well then, my little archivist," Overlord said, as he popped open his fist and tossing the data-disk in the air. He caught the mech and dumped him high on his shoulder as he stood. "What should I call you?"

The Mech wobbled as Overlord stood, and grabbed onto the side of his helm to balance himself. The little mech answered, "Rewind."

"Fitting. We're always going backwards aren't we?" Overlord cackled and stepped forward, crunching the helm and head of some poor nothing under his feet. Overlord could hear the whirl of the little data-disk's camera zoom and record. Overlord chuckled. "Well Rewind, are you ready to record some history?"