This is the interfacing/contains sexual situations chapter. Nothing's explicit/really past a PG-13 rating, since they're just exchanging energy over a wire and are-you know-robots, but it is Overlord, so it turned out a little creepy if you'd like a head's up. :D

Rewind had said, "Yes."

Overlord's hands were large and rough, fondling and moving. A constant massage and need to touch every inch of the small data disc. Rewind nuzzled and moaned through a static-laced vocalizer against fingers and palms. A chest plate. A neck. Wherever he could reach, or wherever Overlord would hold him against. The overloading wire between them, surging and pulsing with far too much energy for Rewind's tiny body to contain.

There was no way to describe the nature or longing of one spark reaching out to another. Souls touching. Desperate.

A being of lesser will with a spark this massive could have engulfed Rewind. Eaten him alive and devoured his spark into the other. A merging. The highest pleasure and peace that two Cybertronians could achieve, or the worst sort of death when done against a will to become one. It was the danger of a life force made of energy that craved contact with tendrils of light.

But no, Overlord had will. And control. So much more control than Rewind had ever given him credit. The beast who tore through Autobots and Decepticons alike with vicious abandon. The monster who's jealousy and rage toward Megatron sent him into fits. He was made of precision in the art of controlling his spark. His advances were enough to tease, to taunt, and threaten-but never to take. It was almost gentle in it's crashing waves against his spark. Rewind's energon lit with the overflow, his optics glowing and body thrashing.

It was almost romantic.

Rewind almost laughed: Romance in the midst of betrayal. But it was just another tick on the list of things his precious Dominus would never forgive.

Rewind had recorded the massacring of his peers. He'd murdered, spilling energon over his body and hands. The pink life-blood speckled the lens of his camera as he screeched sobs through his vocalizer. Rewind had given tactical advice. He'd taken. He'd pleaded. He'd killed to save his own spark. Rewind had sold his very spark to the pit, in his service of this Decepticon overlord with his pin-point precision control.

What was interfacing in the grand scheme of things after that? A tryst with the devil was nothing when you'd turned into one yourself.

Rewind barely recognized himself these days.

"That's it," Overlord whispered. He sat in the corner of this desecrated city, the fresh, wet energon of hundreds spilled and soaking over their forms. A squelch as they shifted in the softened ground, slick unguent as they slid against each other. Overlord cupped Rewind between his hands, fingers never stopping. Rewind curled against a thick finger, burying his helm and mask so far into it that he scraped the paint off. Overlord hummed, as their minds and souls merged. "It's alright, you can say it."

"D-Dominus," Rewind sobbed. His vocalizer shaken, and spark aching. He was connected to this brute, this killer. Overlord knew. He knew. "Oh, please."

"You want it so badly to be him, don't you?" Overlord said, voice gentle. Leading. He pressed his fingers against the back of Rewind's helm. He shoved the tiny face harder into his hand, scraping the blue paint of his hands onto the white mask. "You've always wanted it to be him, my little archive. Haven't you?"

Fresh energy surged between the two of them. A flood of light.

Rewind couldn't process. His camera whirled in his head, ever recording. Listening, archiving every sweet seductive word to be hidden away in the Master Files. Rewind moaned, and played the sounds of Dominus in his head. Kind words. Harsh words. Empty words he couldn't process. Anything to blank out Overlord and his truthful whispers.

"But you're here with me," Overlord said. He shook Rewind with another pulse and a sudden lift of his hands. With his oversized lips, glistening with a trail of pink energon, Overlord kissed Rewind's chest. He licked the metal there, and closed in again with a second kiss. "Only me."

Rewind placed his hands on Overlord's helm, and touched his face to the blue metal. It was warm between them. Rewind felt the waves of energy come again through the hanging cable that tapped against Overlord's cheek. He nuzzled the front of the helm. He cycled air while Overlord hummed and whispered words of possession.

Rewind had said, "Yes."