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Temari sat with her legs crossed and her back straight. The couch was pale brown suede, but she didn't trust her surroundings enough to get comfortable. She didn't trust any room that was nothing but neutral tones and had 'paintings' of solid grey. Neutral tones were institutions and nut houses and people in white that told you calm down while they stuck you with a needle. She tapped her black vinyl combat boots on the hardwood floor. It was warm, but she felt safer in her leather jacket than out of it.

A door opened on the wall adjacent revealing a blonde woman who looked to be in her late thirties.

Thank God Kankurou isn't here, she thought, taking note of the woman's sizable bust. She looked up from her clip board and smiled softly. "You must be Temari," she said, crossing the room and holding out her hand. "Nice to meet you. I'm Tsunade."

Tsunade took a seat opposite after Temari's tentative handshake.

"So how are you, Temari?"


Tsunade raised a brow as Temari picked at a hole in her shorts. "It says here that Baki recommended me to you."

Temari stared her down. "Yep." She hated shrinks. All her life she'd met with one therapist after the other. They were easy to fool once you knew the right words to say. But Baki wasn't so easy to pull the wool over. The moment he smelled even a whiff of trouble, he sent her packing.

Tsunade pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose with a manicured hand. Rich and full of shit is how Temari knew all these psycho-freaks. "So why are you here, Temari," Tsunade asked calmly, ignoring the attitude in Temari's one worded answers. Temari grimaced. She was too old to be acting this way.

"Baki asked me to." Despite the fact that Baki was a social worker, he was probably the only adult Temari had ever relied on. He was there when she was fourteen, and Gaara had set fire to his school's sports shed. He drove Kankurou to the hospital when she found him with his head in a public toilet after a long night of under-aged drinking. He bailed Temari out when she ended up coiled in a cell after she broke a guy's nose and dislocated his shoulder for putting his hands on her. When her father died she thought her life had reached its peak, only to discover it had collapsed a long, long time ago.

"So you came here willingly."

"I couldn't say no," Temari said. "He wanted me to get help, so I got help."

"You think a lot of Baki." Tsunade made a little note on her clipboard. Temari hated that. She wanted to get a little notepad of her own and make little secret notes too, just to spite the pretty blonde woman across from her.

"He's worked with my family for years now," she said indifferently.

"Do you see him as a father figure?"

Temari bit her lip and narrowed her eyes. Shrinks loved to play the daddy card with her. "It's hard to say. I'm not sure what a real father is supposed to be like. If you mean violent and alcoholic, then no, I don't think of Baki as a father figure. I've never seen him backhand a ten year-old boy."

"Is that what your father did?" Tsunade looked at the file in front of her. "To Gaara?"

She smiled. "Wouldn't you love to know," she drawled sarcastically.

Tsunade pushed her glasses up again. "I think knowing all about you and your family will help me better understand your situation. You'll only get as much as you give."

It sounded rehearsed, but Temari stopped picking at the hole in her shorts. If she behaved well, she might be able to get Tsunade to write the school a letter and lift her suspension early.

"Why don't we talk about why you're here," Tsunade said after a moment of silence.

"I've already told you; Baki asked me to."

" You haven't sought counselling in two years now," she replied, holding up Temari's history. "Something must have happened."

Temari clenched her teeth. She wasn't sure what was worse; talking about her dysfunctional family, or her suspension from school.

"I punched a girl," Temari admitted. She did more than that, but it was probably best not to mention it. Tsunade remained expressionless. "I think her name was Tayuya. It was only a warm up race, and she decided to call me a slut after I won."

"So you hit her."

"I told her to back off or she'd get hurt," she said with a smirk and a shrug. "I warned her. She tried to stab me with her flute so I kicked her ass." She probably looked like Kankurou, with his stupid shit eating grin. He pulled the same sadistic smile every time he won a fight.

"You're very bothered by comments regarding your sexual activity."

Temari narrowed her eyes, unsure if she was being judged. She'd only had one boyfriend in all her eighteen years. It turned out he was telling all his friends about the stuff they did (or didn't) do in the bedroom. His friends told their friends and it wasn't long before boys were asking her for hand jobs in the hallways. "I'm not a slut," she said evenly.

Tsunade smiled. "I'm not saying you are. But you obviously don't like being considered promiscuous."

"Why should I," Temari almost shouted. "It's not true."

"Wanting to sleep with someone doesn't decrease your worth."

"It doesn't shut mouths either," she snapped.

Tsunade made another note in her stupid little notepad. "You care a lot about what other people think," she said without looking up.

"I don't," Temari replied stubbornly.

"You want Baki's approval."

"That's different."
"You punched a girl for calling you a whore."

"Slut- and she started it, not me."

Tsunade placed the clipboard on the little glass table to her right. "I'm not trying to say that other people's opinions of you don't matter- in some cases they do. But you don't have to prove that you're strong, and you don't have to please everyone. Focus on your own pleasure first."

Temari uncrossed her legs and sank back into the couch. The suede smelled new, and she sank her fingers into the creases. She hadn't even gone into detail about her childhood, and yet she had confessed more to Tsunade than any of her other shrinks combined. Temari cocked her head to the side. "Did you just recommend that I masturbate-"

"Your time is up," Tsunade said with a quick glance at her silver watch. Temari swore she saw a little smile on the doctor's lips. "I'll see you tomorrow. Please close the door as you exit."

Temari stifled a laugh as she closed the large oak door behind her. So Tsunade was rich, though not as full of shit as Temari may have initially thought. She had two weeks left of academic suspension, and just as many days of sitting on that stupid brown couch before the sessions became weekly and she could breathe without the scent of heavy perfume in her lungs. Somehow Tsunade hadn't been patronizing, and in ways it felt good to talk to her. Her boots tapped the ground as she made her way out of the office and thought that maybe for a shrink, Tsunade wasn't too bad.

Shikamaru sat at a bench on the busy street watching the buses go by. A man frantically weaved through the sea of people, running onto the lanes as cars stopped to honk. Idiot. Didn't he know how easy it was to die? He took a long drag of his cigarette and sighed. His appointment with Tsunade was in ten minutes, and he was only a block away. He could go, like his parents urged him to, but he didn't see the point. Plus, the sky was nice today. It just seemed easier to watch the clouds go by than to open his mouth and list off his problems to a woman who probably didn't even give a damn.

"Can you not smoke here?"

He turned. A girl with bristly blonde hair had taken a seat beside him. She had the fiercest expression he'd ever seen on a woman, and that meant a lot considering some of the looks his mom gave him.

He contemplated the cigarette in his hand. He could get up and smoke somewhere else, but that seemed like too much of a hassle. He could tell her off, but he had the feeling she punched harder than he did. This was too troublesome to even think about.

"I'm outside," was all he could come up with. He took another drag.

Before he could stop her, she reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his wallet. Great, she was a health activist and a thief.

"You're also under-aged," she said, pointing to his school card with a triumphant grin on her face. "Now put it out or I call the cops."

He groaned and stamped the stub out with his shoe. "Troublesome," he muttered.

The girl smiled and leaned in. Her eyes were a dangerous teal. "Did you say something?"

When had he lowered himself to picking fights with girls? He said nothing and went back to attacking the ground with his foot.

"Jeez, you really are just a kid," she said, returning his wallet which he stuffed back into his pocket. "What's a high school student doing with a pack of smokes?"

She couldn't just leave him alone, could she? He looked up at the sky and hoped maybe she'd get the hint and stop talking.

"So Konoha High," she asked suddenly. He turned. Her hands rested at the tops of her crossed legs, giving him a decent view of cleavage from her black v-neck shirt. From the leather jacket to the black boots, everything told him she was a force to be reckoned with; a force he didn't want to get mixed up in. "That's a pretty swanky school. Not as good as Suna in terms of academics, though. If all the freshmen smoke like you, then I'm betting Suna has sports in the bag as well."

"What makes you think I'm a freshman," he asked sourly.

She laughed. He wasn't sure what he had expected; something harsher, maybe, or deeper. Her laugh was surprisingly nice. "You groan like an old man, but you don't look it. I'm not sure at all."

He grinned with her. "You're not wrong," he conceded. "But Konoha has smarter students than you think."

"Good luck then," she said. "Konoha has a good reputation; almost as good as Suna."

He raised a brow. The two schools were both highly ranked, and constantly vied against each other in terms of sports, arts, and academics. Even graduates didn't get along with their old rival schoolmates. "I take it you're an alumna," he said, scratching the back of his head. "Things have changed since you graduated."

"I'm a first year university student." She scowled. "How old do you think I am?"

Shikamaru decided he would've guessed mid twenties by the way she held herself. She had an awareness and confidence he didn't see in the girls his age. Plus, he didn't think teen girls willingly approached shady guys at bus stops, even if they were only fifteen. The look on her face said the best answer to her question was none at all.

"Smart boy," she said when she realized he wasn't going to reply. She re-crossed her legs. Men glanced at her as they passed. One even came up and pestered her for a number.

"Beat it loser," Temari snarled. "Can't you see I'm with my boyfriend?" She inched closer and wrapped Shikamaru's free arm around her shoulders. Sandy hair brushed lightly across his face as well as the faint scent of coconut. A shiver ran up his spine beyond his control, not unlike the woman pressed against his side. Smooth fingers wrapped around his as she glared down the man who finally decided to retreat.

"So I'm your boyfriend now," he said once they were alone. She blinked and didn't miss a beat to bother being embarrassed. She was prettier up close, with that mysterious smile.

She unhooked his arm from around his shoulders, but didn't move away. "Usually I like a proper introduction before I commit to a relationship, but I can make an exception."

"Nara Shikamaru," he said, holding out his hand.

She stood up and shook it promptly. "Temari."

"Just Temari?"

She cocked her hip to the side and looked at him down her nose. "Stranger danger, buddy: either one of us could be a psycho."

Temari knew his full name, the school he went to, and looked capable of emasculating any man in her way; and she was the one worried about psychos? She checked over her shoulder as a bus pulled up. "That's me. I'll see you around, kid." She waved as she boarded but ran back out a second later. "I almost forgot." Temari rifled through her bag and handed him a small package of nicotine gum. "There aren't a ton of girls who dig a guy whose mouth tastes like an ashtray."

She turned to leave and stopped again. What is it this time, he thought.

"I don't know where you're going," she said. "But you'd better get off your lazy ass and be where you're supposed to be. Believe it or not, the earth will still turn if you die glued to that bench. Good luck."

She waved over her shoulder as she sashayed to the bus which honked multiple times before she sped up, yelling in frustration.

Shikamaru stared at the pack in his hands. A small part of him hoped she had written her number on it. He inspected every square inch and put it in his pocket with a sigh. There wasn't even a pencil indent.

"Women," he grumbled. Maybe he should've asked- no, that would've been too much trouble, and trouble was one thing he liked to reduce in his life. The earth will still turn... Asuma was gone and somehow the world hadn't broken down with him. There were still idiots who believed cars would come to a halting stop if they crossed. He got up and walked.

"You're half an hour late," Tsunade said sternly. Shikamaru took a seat across from her and wilted under her glare.

"Sorry," he said, taking out a stick of gum and chewing. "I was talking to this weird girl."