I would like to dedicate this story to Curlscat who gave me a lot of ideas. Hope you enjoy, as I said in my summary which you know of. So yeah, en-

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"Hey Wendell!" said Daphne.

"Hey Daphne,'' Wendell said. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Well, I had this thought. When the war ended, not many people have been calling for help. We Grimms didn't have anything to do. And we still don't. So I had this idea to feel useful. You're a private investigator and you want to feel useful the same way I do, right?"

''Well, yeah," said Wendell.

"So, how about we team up? We could help the town with the little problems. Like, if someone loses their glasses or their purse, we could help out."

"True…. But we're going to need a simple way for people to know about us. Like a team name."

"I got that already! Team D.A.W.N.!"


"Yeah! It stands for Daphne and Wendell now a team!"

"Then why not D.A.W.N.A.T?"

"Well, D.A.W.N. sounds better. Like, we're helpful and up dawn and past!"

"Good point. That can be on our posters!"

"Yes! Team D.A.W.N.!" She held her fist up. Wendell raised an eyebrow but gave her a fist pump. "Team D.A.W.N.!"

"Puck!" yelled Sabrina.

Puck laughed. ''What, smelly?" he asked.

Sabrina made a fist. "I hate you!" she shrieked.

He rolled his eyes. "What now?''

"You decided to go in my room and mess everything up! From the order of my books to my clothes!"

''Big deal. Since when have you been a tidy natty girl?"

"Since the stinking war ended! I could finally be normal."

"Grimm, you live in a house with a family descending from a long line of fairy tale obsessed people, and you also live with a fairy. Face it, you're life will never be normal."

Sabrina was furious. She hated Puck. She was sick of him! And she wouldn't have it. She would not have this evil fairy with pink wings torture her!

"Yeah… well at least my dad didn't get rid of me, and at least I wasn't forced to marry a creep! And to add to that, you have pink wings! Were you born to be a sissy?!"

Puck turned bright red. "I- I hate pink!" Then he screamed like a big baby and flew out of the room.
Sabrina couldn't help it. She started to laugh. And then she laughed super hard. To the point where her face was the first darkest shade of red. He so deserved that! She thought

Hope you enjoyed!

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