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I was awoken to the feeling of falling.

The air rushed by me at a rate I've never experienced. My eyes snapped open, as my heart leapt into my throat. I was falling and I had no memory of how that came to be.

Twisting my body, I could see the green of trees rushing towards me as I fell. I quickly ran my hands over my body, looking for anything.

Aha! Pull cords!

Whatever I had done to get myself in this situation, I had at least been smart enough to put on a parachute.

Hoping for the best, I pulled the red cord and then the white. With a sudden jerk, the parachute shot free of the bag. I was halted in my descent for a split second before gliding down.


I was still going too fast. I held my breath and squeezed my eyes shut, as I braced for impact.

The tree line rushed up and swallowed me whole. Branches cut my skin as I continued my descent. With a resounding thump, my chute became lodged in one of the great trees and I finally came to a painful halt. The straps digging into my sides painfully, forming bruises at the unwanted tightness.

With a sigh of pitiful relief, I opened my eyes.

"What. The. Fuck."

How the hell had I ended up here? The last thing I remember was, I was meeting my father for supper.

"My darling Agatha, how wonderful to see you again."

The memory of that night flitted through my head. It was a rare occurrence to see him, so I jumped on his invitation. I had worn my favorite purple dress and light makeup. It was sure I contrast to the military get up I was now wearing. A black tank and camouflage capris.

"Aggie and hello dad."

We had been ushered in to a quiet table in his favorite French restaurant in Las Vegas. We were seated immediately and treated like royalty in Sin City. My dad did have some perks for being a mob boss.

"I'm kind of curious as to why you wanted to see me?"

"Well, it's mostly for the pleasure of seeing my daughter, but there is a little business to take care of as well."

My father did always have a way with words. Sugar coat it enough, so the person doesn't see the trap until they are too far gone.

My memory became fuzzy as I tried to remember anymore.

"Well… I guess I can't hang around all day. Where is the release?"

Coming back to the present, I looked towards the top of the tree. My chute was tangled beyond comprehension.

"That's not going to help."

I began to examine the straps; there was a little buckle in the center; that must be it.

Holding my breath, I pushed the button. With a soft click, I fell the remaining ten feet out of the tree. I fell hard and knocked the wind out of myself. My already bruised sides protested as I hauled myself into a sitting position.

The jungle that I currently found myself in was the darkest and wettest ones I'd ever seen. Maybe I was still in the states? Or perhaps South America? Damn it. I wished I had paid better attention in my Biology class.

"Crap." I put my head in my hands and let out a long breath. What was I going to do?

Somewhere off in the distance, a branch snapped. My head shot up, as I looked for the source. Quickly looking around, I could see nothing but trees and shrubs.

A chill crept up my spine. I wasn't alone.

I quickly stood up and pressed my back against the tree trunk. I couldn't see anyone, but I knew someone was watching.

"H-hello?" I stammered.

When no one replied, I shook my head. I felt stupid for actually thinking they would. After a few moments of waiting and listening, I determined that it was just my tired mind playing tricks on me. I needed to focus on a plan of finding out where I was and how to get the hell home. Moving away from the tree so I could study it, I slowly walked around until I found what I was looking for.

"Moss. It always grows on the north side. At least I know which direction I am going."

Heading north was a good start. Maybe I could find a town or building; anything would help.

I had been walking for what seemed like an eternity. How did I end up here?

"What business?"

My mind quickly scrambled to remember what had happened, as I continued along the forest floor.

"Would you care for a drink?" When I shook my head, my father continued. "I have become in a situation recently and, I believe you can help."

"Me?" I had said in disbelief, "You are one of the most well known….ah…people in Vegas. How could you need my help?"

He laughed, his eyes crinkling with long forgotten laugh lines. "Money and influence can't fix everything it would seem. I am becoming a desperate man. You know that I love you and that you are the only person who could help me."

"Are you in danger?"

"In a sense. I need you to promise me something."

"Okay.." I waited.

"Will you do anything to help your old dad?"

"Yes," I had said without hesitation, "anything."


I lost my train of thought as a loud crashing sound came from above. I quickly looked up to see an object crashing through the woods. I dove out of the way, before I was crushed.

"How many more times am I going to end up on my face?" I said aloud.

Peering over my shoulder, I saw a crushed box had landed where I had been, mere moments ago. I slowly got up and made my way over to it. The lid had become cracked and had popped open a tiny bit. I couldn't see into it. Did I dare open it? Glancing around, I didn't see anything that said that I couldn't. My hands shook as I lifted the lid.

"Holy shit."

Inside was an array of guns, knives and arrows. Placed on top, was a piece of paper. Leaning over, I read the paper.

"Welcome to the Hunt"

What the hell had I gotten into?

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