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I was getting really tired of being manhandled.

I had been slung over the Predator shoulder for a long time. My stomach forming bruises, as he continued a steady pace through the forest. Whatever Edwin had cut me with had yet to wear off. I was like a rag doll; my head bouncing off his armored back and my arms dangled lifelessly.

He drug Isabelle behind him; she had been screaming the entire way; but now she was simply whimpering with every little jostle. I had tried to make my vocal cords work, but nothing came out. Anger began to rise from my stomach. How could Edwin do this? More importantly, how could I have been so stupid to trust him? Part of my anger was directed at myself; I had always been naïve…but this time, I really screwed up. Why hadn't I just gone with Rya'kvir? I was too much of a good person, that sometimes it came back to bite me in the ass. He was probably long gone by now. I could only hope that he would send someone to kill this prick. I was going to try my damndest to do so.

The only part that I could move of my body (other than my lungs) were my eyes. They quickly darted from side to side, trying to figure out where he was taking us. I was becoming dizzy, so I had to close my eyes. The Predator continued tromping through the bush, the weight of myself and Isabelle didn't seem to slow him down any. I was sure that he must be fucking proud of himself. Both of us would just be another trophy to him. Perhaps he would be swift in his killings. But knowing this bastard (and my luck), he would torture us….just to get his jolly's out of it.

Something caught my attention. The temperature had risen quite suddenly. Like someone had turned on a heater. Before I had time to blink, the Predator dropped me from his shoulder and into a cage like thing. I hit the ground with a loud thump. Being paralyzed, I couldn't defend myself from the harsh terrain. My left hip and back took most of the force. The impact jarred me and I lay there like a sack of potatoes. I quickly opened my eyes; we were back at the damn camp. BP dragged the now sobbing Isabelle over to the same cage and dropped the bag inside, slamming the top shut. He made his way over to a pile of sharp looking instruments. Isabelle sat up, still tangled in the rope bag and looked over to me. She managed to get her legs free of its bindings. She crawled her way over and shook me. She breathed a sigh of relief when my eyes flickered in her direction. I still couldn't move. My anger was coming back at my helpless situation. Where the hell was Edwin? For that matter…

I forced some sound from my throat. "Royce?" It was barely above a murmur, but Isabelle was close enough to hear hit.

For the first time since I met the strong woman, tears shone in her eyes.

"He left us. Edwin fell through a trap and I stayed to help. Royce…Royce said to leave him, but I couldn't. Damned bastards…the both of them."

At least I wasn't the only one with a good conscience. For whatever terrible things Isabelle had done to attract the Predators attention, she still had some sort of morals. I let out a soft sigh. My hope was beginning to fade. I had come to terms with the possibility of my death, on the long walk over here. Isabelle had grown quiet; she had gotten the last bit of the bag off of her, and now she sat, observing our mutual foe.

He had been moving around the camp, gathering various items. He deposited Isabelle's gun on top of a pile of other weapons. When Isabelle gasped, my eyes travelled to wear she had been looking. BP was currently holding onto a bloodied spin that still had a skull attached. The way the white crooked teeth shone from the blood covered skull, produced a bad feeling in my stomach. Dread filled me, as I realized just who the skull belonged too.

Stans. Holy. Fuck.

It would seem that our group had diminished to only a few people. It was looking more and more apparent that Royce was the lucky one out of all of us. Him and Rya'kvir….

I closed my eyes. I would never come to fully understand what kind of feelings I had towards Rya'kvir. The little sliver of affection he had shown to me had a lasting impact. And the way I pissed him off…..perhaps they were so different than humans after all. As I lay here, in what were probably my last moments alive, my last thoughts were of a tall, green alien. Who'd have thought?

Scratching noises caught attention. I opened my eyes to see Isabelle frantically cutting one of the rope binders in our makeshift cage. She had, what looked like, a small hunting knife. Her eyes were full of fear as she kept looking in the direction of BP and then back to her hands. I had to do something. I tried moving my legs; in only succeeded in making me more upset. In my angered attempt, I was able to clench my right fist. It was something. Perhaps the effects of the neurotoxin were finally wearing off. There was a soft "Yes." That came from Isabelle. She had managed to create a small opening in the cage. She looked back at me and indicated with a finger to her mouth to remain silent. She stealthily shimmied her way through the small opening. Isabelle got up and sunk into a low crouch, hidden in the shadow of the cage. I looked over to where BP was shining Stans' skull. The very sight of him sickened me. Isabelle took a couple of steps and froze, when BP's head whipped around. Something emerged from the forest. My heart leapt into my throat.

No…It couldn't be.

I could have wept with joy. Materializing before BP, was the much shorter Rya'kvir. He had come back!

The two Predators circled each other; each emitting growls and snarls. BP stepped back into a crouch and roared; motioning for Rya'kvir to "bring it on." Rya'kvir charged and the two collided. Punching and snarling, the two opponents rolled across the camps floor. Rya'kvir managed to get up and fling BP over his shoulder. The great, big Predator landed on the ground, but sprang up immediately and continued his advance. The two fought each other with gusto; neither one backing down.

After a couple moments of observing the two Predators fight, Isabelle got up from her crouched position and went to retrieve her gun. She quickly adjusted the straps to her liking, she turned and made her way over to the cage I was still lying in. After a couple of curses and grunts, she finally got the top open. With the hole on the side, the front part of the cage dropped to the ground. She stepped over it and grasped me under the arms. She pulled me free of the cage and started to drag me away from the camp. I was beginning to get feeling back in my feet. If I tried hard enough, I could wiggle my toes. We had just gotten free of the sand of the camp, when someone struck Isabelle on the side of the head. She abruptly released me to slump back onto the ground. She stumbled and collapsed to her knees. Edwin came from around her and kicked her in the face. She flew back, blood spurting from her mouth and nose. No sooner had she fallen, that Edwin was on top of her and proceeded to slice down her neck, with the same scalpel he had used on me. Sure enough, it was freshly coated with more of the toxic sap.

"Damn y-y-you." Isabelle gasped from under him.

Edwin just smiled. "It's a dangerous world we live in. I guess I should be thanking you. In return for saving my life, I will end yours quickly."

By this point, Isabelle could only make grunting noises, as the neurotoxin made its way through her body.

"Oh, don't be so sad." Edwin said, in a mocking voice. He was really pissing me off. With new found anger, my limbs became looser and I was slowly able to move my arms and legs. I needed to wait to strike.

"I am doing you a favor. Normally I would carve you like a canvas, but I still have a shred of humanity. I will miss you, my dear. But I need to fit in with the new crowd. My new home. Goodbye, dear Isabelle." He raised his hand above his head, clenching the scalpel. Isabelle's eyes widened in fear; anger boiled in my chest.

With a surge of new found hatred, I was able to put enough force in my limbs and spring out. It caught Edwin by surprise, and I was able to grab his hand. We fought for a couple of moments, each trying to get control of the meager weapon. My limbs were becoming heavier and heavier, with the exhaustion of trying to fight the neurotoxin. Edwin must have caught on, because he continued his attack with more force. I did a last resort move. I need him in the crotch. Edwin lost his grip on the scalpel and took a step back. I grasped the weapon tightly in my fist and stood there, trying to steady my breathing.

Edwin looked up at me and gave out a mocking laugh.

"Now look at this; you finally have a fighting spirit. You could have fooled me! With all your sniveling and such." He straightened, with a look a pain as he did so.

"Fuck you." I snarled. The neurotoxin may have worked quickly, but it also wore off just as fast.

"Oh what? You're going to kill me now? Kid, you don't even have the guts." He took a confident step towards me.

I was done being pushed around by this creep. I clenched the scalpel harder as he advanced another step.

Catching me off guard, he lunged and knocked me to the ground, we rolled for a couple of seconds. We stopped, with me laying on top of him. Edwin's eyes had gone white. It looked like he was about to scream; but nothing more than a strange gurgling sound came out. I looked down at my hands; they were covered in blood. Not mine….Edwin's. I quickly scrambled off of him, and looked down. There…there great self proclaimed hunter, lay in a pool of his own blood. In our tussle, the scalpel had been plunged deep into his neck; either by my doing or his own.

"Serves you right. Asshole."

I turned my attention back to Isabelle. She lay there, in a comatose state that I knew all too well. As I crouched down, a loud roar shook me to my core. I whipped my head back in the direction of the camp; completely haven forgot the other struggle between Rya'kvir and BP. BP had removed his mask, to reveal his hideous face. His head was much rounder than the smaller Predators; his orange and red skin, giving him the appearance of the devil. His mandibles were more spider-like. He was currently towering over Rya'kvir; whose own mask had been taken off.

Rya'kvir looked up at him in a daze; blood streaming down his face in a bright fluorescent pattern. BP raised his arm above his head and extended his arm above his head; his blades coming out of the box in a sickening echo. He gave a loud roar.

As he tensed to strike, I jumped out of the shaded area I was in.

"NO!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Out of shock, he turned his attention towards me. I quickly picked up one of the fallen guns and cocked it. I raised the gun and fired it; the bullet whizzing past his head. Rya'kvir forgotten, he dropped him to the ground, where he landed with a thud.

"Yeah, that's right. Over here, you big, ugly, brute!" I waved the gun.

BP lowered his arm and sank to a crouch. He then re-attached his mask, with a slight hissing sound. He began to circle me, like he was calculating my every move. I moved with him, always keeping him in my sights. If he was going to make my head a trophy, he was going to have to fight me for it.

He let out a low growl, trying to shake me. In my anger, I growled right back. He lunged, but I danced out of the way; turning to face him again. We continued this dance, for a while; him trying to take advantage; me moving out of his reach. He was becoming more and more frustrated. I wasn't sure how much longer I would be able to keep this fight going. I quickly glanced towards Rya'kvir's still form. A knot of fear settled its self in my stomach; as the thought of the chance of him being dead crossed my mind. I had been so wrapped up in my fear, that I didn't notice BP move closer. He lunged and grasped me with both arms; lifting me off my feet. He grasped me in a tight embrace; with my arms trapped at my sides, the gun fell from my hands. I began to struggle, trying to free my arms and kicking my legs. He tightened his hold. It felt like I was going to pop. My arm had left my lungs in a rush and I couldn't draw in another breath. Panic filled me, as I continued to struggle. Just as my vision began to black out, there was a great whirring noise. I glanced up into the sky. The impossible appeared. The Predators ship had taken off.


The ship had also caught BP's attention. He flung me away from him; sending me crashing into a pile of boxes. The world began to spin, as I continued to struggle to breath. It was a wonder my ribs hadn't been crushed. I glanced up to see what he was doing. BP punched something into the box on his right wrist. As if it were slow motion, the ship continued its assent for a few seconds more….and then exploded.

"No…" I whimpered. The only chance we had of getting off this planet had exploded into a million different pieces. I closed my eyes and began to sob.

My eyes quickly re-opened at the sound of heavy foot fall. I began to back away as fast as I could, at BP's approach.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Fuck.

He was almost on me, when a blur came across him and knocked him to the side. BP froze. He began looking around for the blur. It came back, hitting across the face again, knocking off balance. It wasn't until the blur stopped just in front of the fire, that I could tell what it was.

There stood Royce, completely covered in mud. He hadn't been on the ship. He hadn't left us! A sudden weight was lifted from my mind and I felt a little better. I kept still, as BP's attention was no longer on my. Royce quietly circled him. BP kept swinging his head back and forth. It was then I realized….

….He couldn't see Royce.

It had something to do with the mud. Royce went to strike him again, but BP struck, hitting him hard. Royce went flying. The mud was drying and cracking. The mask must have heat vision, I realized. Royce's camouflage was wearing off. Royce got up and tried to hit him again, only to be knocked down. Blood began to pour from an ugly gash on his left temple. BP reached down and hoisted him up by his neck. He removed his mask again and roared in triumph. I was struggling up from my laying down position, trying to find a weapon; when a single gunshot, rang through the forest. I froze, looking towards where Royce and BP were standing. There was a moment of silence. Then, BP slowing crumpled to the ground; with a perfect bullet hole on the side of his head. My head swiveled in the direction of which the bullet came; Isabelle was sitting where she had fallen, with her sniper rifle raised. Royce got up and looked down at the corpse of the once great hunter. He spit and turned to go over to where Isabelle was. I slowly got up; shock coursing through my limbs. Was it really over? Just like that?

I looked over to where Royce and Isabelle were. He was helping her to a standing position, the neurotoxin still apparent in her limbs. He looked at her and her him…. Perhaps there was more there…but my tired mind could just be reading too much into it.

Speaking of which….

I made my way over to where Rya'kvir lay. I slumped down to my knees next to him. I reached to touch his face. I hesitated… shaking my head, I gently turned his head towards me. To my relief, there was a steady stream of hot air leaving and entering his mouth.

"Rya'kvir?" I said, almost in a whisper. When he didn't answer, I shook his shoulder. Nothing. My lowered my head; exhausted tears began to fall. I couldn't believe that I had survived. After all the struggle…after all the running…..

A soft grunt caught my attention. Looking down, Rya'kvir's mandibles clenched. He cracked his eyes open and looked at me.

"You're…alive!" I whispered.

"Nanku…Sei-i." He grunted.

I let out a chuckle of relief. I had no idea what he was saying, but it was a good thing he was talking.


I turned to look over my shoulder. Royce and Isabelle stood before me; Isabelle leaning on Royce for support.

"We need to find another way out of here. The ship is gone."

"I noticed." I said lamely.

Royce shook his head. "Maybe there is another one…." He said, doubtfully.

An idea popped into my head. "Rya'kvir. Do you have your own ship?"

Rya'kvir didn't say anything for a long time. "Ship." He hesitated. Looking towards Royce, with narrowed eyes.

"Look." I said, gaining both male's attention, " I know you don't trust each other, but we need to work together. Rya'kvir, can we use your ship?" I looked at him with pleading eyes.

His eyes locked onto mine. We stared at each other for a long while. My cheeks growing hot with a blush.

After a couple more minutes of intense staring, he said, "Sei-i."

I smiled; real hope returning.

"Come on, big guy." I said. I tried to pull him up.

"He's not coming with us." Royce said firmly.

I whipped my head towards him.

"Why not?" I demanded.

"Three of these things have been trying to kill us over the last couple of days. Why would this one be any different?"

I huffed out an angry breath, "Because he is different. He saved my life. If he wanted to kill us, wouldn't he have done so already? Plus, who's going to navigate it, dummy?"

Royce looked taken aback by my outburst. I returned to trying to get the injured Rya'kvir back on his feet. Isabelle murmured something to Royce. He let go of Isabelle and helped me getting Rya'kvir to his feet. Rya'kvir stumbled; He was probably suffering from a concussion. We managed to get him to sit on one of the crates. There was no way either of us could support his weight for very long. Through blood smeared eyes, Rya'kvir flipped opened his wrist console and typed something into it.

We all sat there in silence, for a very long time; no one having the energy to move.

"Ok. We can rest for a while, but we need-"Royce was starting to say, but stopped as he looked up.

It was like the air shifted. The sky began to shimmer and one of the biggest alien ships I had ever seen, materialized.

Rya'kvir simply glanced in its direction, before getting up. As he stumbled, I put his arm around my shoulders for support. He trilled, looking down at me. It was almost like he was saying goodbye. I swallowed the lump in my throat and watched as the ship landed. It crushed a good number of trees, each giving way with a loud snap or crack. Once the ship had settled, there was a door, which had opened. It hit the earth with a soft thud and hiss. Rya'kvir straightened. He gently removed his arm from my grasp and slowly made his way over. Royce, Isabelle and I followed. The interior of the ship shone with a bright white light. I was blinded as I stepped into it. The door hissed behind us, as it closed. Covering my eyes with my hands, I waited for something to happen; Royce and Isabelle did the same. I couldn't see Rya'kvir, as the light was too bright. There was a loud thunderous sound and the ship quaked beneath my feet. After a couple of minutes, I could tell we were air born, as the ship had stopped shaking. The light also began to dim. I was grateful, but it was short lived as I my vision returned; before me stood Rya'kvir….and 3 other terrifying looking Predators. I let out a small yelp and Royce and Isabelle took a defensive stance. Fear leapt into my throat; were they friendly like Rya'kvir?

I looked over at him, to see him cross his fist over his chest and bow to the other three. They must have held some seniority. Each had very distinct features; graying dreadlocks, filled with brass rings, their skin looking haggard. While I was inspecting them, I had noticed that they were making growls and clicks. To which Rya'kvir was returning. They were talking.

I just stood there and listened. I knew nothing about the language, but it seemed frightening and beautiful, all at the same time.

It was obvious they were arguing, as Rya'kvir looked more and more agitated. After a couple of minutes, Royce interrupted.

"Excuse me?"

The four Predators turned their attention to him. He gulped and stood up straighter.

"We," he indicated to him, Isabelle and me," need to get home. Now we bested your hunters. We deserve it."

The three elders regarded him with steeled eyes. The turned to Rya'kvir and clicked. They must be asking if it were true. Rya'kvir answered, but glanced over at me. I looked at him…he looked….sad. I couldn't tell why. The elders dismissed Royce and continued to address Rya'kvir. He let out a low growl but nodded his head. Rya'kvir motioned for the three of us to follow. We made our way down a hallway and into a small room that held four different doors. Rya'kvir punched in a code and one of the doors opened. It was a tiny pod, with six seats. The elders came up behind and growled. When none of us moved, the tallest shoved Royce and Isabelle into the pod. I turned to Rya'kvir.

"Please don't kill us." I said, my fear coming through in my voice. I understood that Rya'kvir would never harm us….but he might have to. Tears began to form at this realization. Rya'kvir came to stand in front of me. He wiped my tears away and put his hand on my shoulder. He shook me gently.

"N'dhi-ja, Sain'ja." He said in his deep voice.

He gently pushed me back into the pod as well. He turned to look back at the elders. They clicked again and Rya'kvir punched something into the console. The door shut; putting a block between us.

"No! Please!" I begged, slapping the window on the door. I didn't want to leave him like this. My gut twisted at the thought of leaving him. He placed his large over mine on the glass. The heat from his palm translated onto mine. He trilled once more and stepped back. The pod began to move and I stumbled. I quickly sat down and waited. I closed my eyes and prayed.

After a couple of moments, Royce said, "Look."

I opened my eyes to look out of the window. We were in space, with the great ship, quickly vanishing into the net of stars. I got up from my seated position to get a better look.

"Oh, thank god." Isabelle whispered. She and Royce were huddled over another console. I turned to look at them.

"What does it say?"

Royce looked over at me.

"It's a picture of earth. We're going home."

I sunk down into the nearest seat. We were really going home. I let my head fall into my hands. I was glad we were going home…but there was still a twinge in my belly.

"Hey." Isabelle, said softly.

I looked up and she smiled.

"You'll be alright."

I sighed and tried to return her smile. Royce just shook his head and sat down opposite me. Isabelle made her way next him and l sat down, resting her head on his shoulder.

I shifted; something was poking my leg. I rummaged through and pulled out, three long, black claws. I smiled. I held them close. It was all I had of Rya'kvir. Even though some may consider it weird…I had grown feelings for him.

Even though I was sad, I knew I now had a purpose when I returned home. I needed to stop this from ever happening again.

I let my gaze fall back on the window. If Weyland already knew about this…then…there was the chance to meet my Rya'kvir again…. Filled with a new sense of fire and determination, I closed my eyes and fell into a dreamland, of mandibles and warrior.

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