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Nine years later...

Sango sat down on a hill, watching her children below play around. Leonardo had been convinced to play hide and seek with her twin son and daughter. Her son Kaze had his father's hair but her eyes, while her daughter Yume had her hair but her father's eyes. Both of them were currently hiding in one of the large bushes in the field, waiting while Leonardo pretended to look for them. She knew that with his prowess over Shikigami he could have revealed them already, but he wanted them to have their fun. In the end, he did reveal them, and he half-chased them around the field until he caught Kaze.

"Are they having fun?" she heard a voice ask, and turned to see her husband Michiru and her sister-in-law Kaname walk over to her. She smiled. "Yeah, although I think Leo is going a little too easy on them. They want to have a challenge," she said. Michiru laughed. "Let them have their fun. We can have their Shikigami and fighting lessons later. For now, let's let them play." She sighed, but nodded. "All right." In truth, her children did have power over Shikigami, which she suspected they would. Kaname's daughter did as well, but now at age nineteen Tsuki had left Kaede's Village and began traveling the land, using her powers to fight demons.

Inuyasha had given her the Tetsuaiga after Kaname and Michiru cast a spell to keep his inner demon tied down, and now protected the village. Miroku returned to the temple that he had lived in with Mushin, and now was teaching other monks all that he had to know. Kagome had become a priestess alongside Kaede, though she still traveled between her two worlds. Kaname had become a priestess as well, only she now frequently visited the Kururugi Shrine, both to help the villagers there and to pay the groups respects to Utsugi. Shippo had grown and become a great warrior, traveling with Tsuki and helping her on her quest.

Dragon protected the village alongside Inuyasha, and Naito left for the continent, seeking more knowledge about the Shikigami and wondering if powers like it existed in other lands. After a long life of fighting, Sango couldn't be happier. "Mommy!" she heard Yuma say, running up to her. "Yes dear?" she asked. Yume pouted, her lower lip sticking out making her even more adorable. "Kaze said doesn't want to play hide and seek anymore. Can we still play it?" "You can play it for a while longer, but after that you have to let him pick the game," Michiru said.

She nodded and said "Okay!" running back to repeat this to her brother. "You know he's probably going to choose Shikigami Warrior, right?" Sango asked her husband. He nodded. "Yeah. And I'll make sure nothing bad happens," he assured her. Satisfied, she stood and said "I'm going back inside, okay?" Michiru nodded, and Kaname walked back with her. "So Kaname, how long should it be until the child is born?' she asked, gesturing at Kaname's swollen belly. She giggled. "Not long from now. Inuyasha is pretty nervous though. The last time I went through labor I yelled at him loud enough his ears rang.

Sango laughed; she had been the same way when delivering the twins. Then suddenly she caught the figure of someone with ice-white hair and a white kimono, and he called "Naito! You're back!" He looked up at her, and he smiled. "Yes, I just got back. I decided the life of journeying scholar was not my style. So I came back to stay here," he said. "Michiru will be glad you're back," she said. "And you can finally figure out if either Dragon or you can consume the most liquor," Kaname said. Surprisingly, Naito shook his head. "I'm afraid I'll have to pass on that one. The last time we tried that I received a large enough hangover for it to last a week. And still hurt the following one."

"So... what? You quit drinking?" Sango asked. He shook his head. "No, just not anytime soon." At that moment Inuyasha arrived, having picked up on Naito's scent. "Hey Naito! Good to see you back, man!" he said, patting him on the back. Dragon did the same, and he said "Thanks, guys." Then suddenly remembered something and said "Oh yeah! I got each of you something." He pulled out several boxes and handed one to each of them. Sango got a hair-clip with a quartz and jade lotus flower on it, Inuyasha got a sword that supposedly had been enchanted to be indestructible, Kaname received a sacred bow, and Dragon got a pair of steel knuckles.

"Thanks Naito. Were these all from the continent?" Kaname asked. "From various distances across it, yes," he said. They all thanked him for the various gifts, and when Michiru arrived back he got a book that held all the Shikigami spells Naito had learned, created, or discovered on his journey. "Just be careful. Some of those spells are still highly experimental, and at least one is highly explosive," he warned. Michiru thanked Naito for the gift and the all celebrated his return later that night. Naito actually did end up in a contest with Dragon, but like before they both passed out in a draw.

All was well.


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