Dear readers,

I have returned! The first chapter of the sequel is up! It's called, "Those Who Endure." I may be a bit slow on updating at some points due to school, and I apologize for that.

Additionally, on a different note, I begun writing a Harry Potter fan fiction called "The Blood of the Covenant." It was originally intended to be its own story, but then morphed its way into this AU. It's not exactly a sequel. More like a separate side-story. It can be read before or after "Those Who Endure," or not at all. "The Blood of the Covenant" is not dependent on the "Those Who…" series, and the series doesn't hinge on "The Blood of the Covenant."

Also, I have made a Facebook page under my username. It is an excellent way to get in contact with me without having to worry about fan fiction filters.

I hope to read all your lovely reviews on "Those Who Endure"!


The Lonely God With A Box