When I got to the library, there weren't many people so I sat at the table where I had sat the other night. I didn't have to wait long. Aido came in after a few minutes. I quickly walked over to him and retrieved my sketch book without saying a word. I walked into the hall and headed towards the Headmaster's office. Aido, probably just to be annoying, started to walk next to me.
"So, have any plans for later?" Aido asked. This guy is so annoying. As well as nosy. I thought to myself.
"Yay, I'm going home." I say.
"But didn't you just get here?"
"My parents moved in nearby, and I still have yet to unpack my room. I also have to check in on weekends." We were nearing the Headmaster's office.
"You know you have to take someone with you if you leave the school grounds, right?" the boy said, making me slightly mad. I hadn't known that.
"No, didn't. I'll just take Yuki with me after I tell Headmaster where we'll be." I say about to open the door. But Aido stopped me.
"Yuki's probably still hiding. You won't be able to finder any time soon."
"Then I'll take Zero." I retaliate, and again go for the door handle.
"Zero sleeps in on weekends." He says. "You can hear Yuki trying to wake him up sometimes all the way in the night dorms."
I drop my eyes to the floor and say, "But I don't know anyone else here."
"That's not true!" He says suddenly in a happy tone, making me jump. "You know me. I could go with you." I think he was trying to cheer me up. Maybe he's Bipolar. I think to myself. I mean, he has weird mood swings.
"Um, thanks?" I say as more of a question, because I'm not quite sure to feel about Aido. I finally open the door and walk into Headmaster Cross's office. I sense Aido follow me in.
"Ah, Violet. What a nice surprise. What can I do for you?" the Headmaster asked.
"My parents are expecting me home soon, so I just came to tell you where we'll be." I say politely.
"And I assume that Aido offered to go with you so you don't get lost?" he asked.
"Yes." I say, slightly irritated because Aido may have lied.
"Curfew is night fall for day class students." Headmaster say, returning to his work.
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