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"Beca, honey, come on, wake up! The others'll be here in a couple of hours and we still have a lot of things to do."

Beca only turned to the side, not showing any signs of waking up any time soon. Chloe sighed in exasperation, and climbed on the bed to wake the brunette up. She tried bouncing on the bed, pulling the comforter from the shorter woman, shaking her shoulders and lightly tapping her cheeks repeatedly but to no avail. She didn't want to give up though, so she turned to her last resort.

She turned Beca so that the brunette was lying flat on her back and she leaned down to capture the brunette's lips with hers. At first, Beca was unresponsive so Chloe became more determined to kiss her awake. After a few seconds though, the brunette began to respond and soon they were both engaged in a very passionate lip lock.

When the need for air became an issue, Chloe pulled back and she sat back on her legs as she looked at Beca who was smiling lazily up at her.

"Well, that was a very nice way to wake up," the brunette said as she beamed at the other woman hovering over her.

"I couldn't wake you. Now, get your ass out of bed already, we still have a lot to do before the barbecue later. Go get showered while I make breakfast." The redhead stood from the bed and made her way out of the room and Beca lied on the bed for a couple more minutes before she stood up and went inside the shower.

"I think that's enough Chlo," Beca told the redhead as she put the last keg of beverages beside the table at their backyard. She then walked over to Chloe, who was standing by the table of food, and wrapped her arms around the older woman's torso.

"Mmm . . . hey Bec. You're already done?" Chloe asked as she turned in Beca's arms so that they were facing each other.

"Yep. Everything's perfect Chlo, stop being so anal about things. Now, give your wife a kiss," Beca told the redhead as she pulled her even closer. Their lips were only centimeters apart when someone came and stopped them.

A small brunette girl with cerulean blue eyes happily bounded towards them from inside the house and Beca bent down to pick her up.

"Hey sweetie, how was your day with grandpa?" she asked with an adoring smile.

"I had lots and lots of fun with grandpa today mommy! We went to the zoo and there I saw lots and lots of animals. It was so cool! Then we went to a res . . . rest . . . re – then we had spaghetti and meatballs for lunch. It was the best! And then, and then we went to the park to feed the baby ducks! It was so awesome!"

Beca smiled fondly at the six-year-old in her arms and Chloe only chuckled at their daughter. They both pressed a soft kiss to both of the girl's cheeks. "Sounds like you had a really fun day honey," Chloe said and their daughter only nodded with a huge grin on her face.

"Alexis has been a really good girl today." They all turned to where the voice came from and they saw Warren Mitchell leaning against the doorframe of their backdoor, his arms crossed across his chest, looking at the three of them lovingly.

"I'm always a good girl grandpa," Alexis told him with a grin. The three adults smiled fondly at her as they all agreed to what she said.

"Mommy, mama, are there people coming? There's a lot of food here."

"Yes baby. We're having a barbecue today." Chloe answered as she placed another kiss on her daughter's cheek.

"And everyone's coming. Aunt Stacie, Aunt Aubrey, Aunt Jess, Aunt Kayla, Aunt Laura and Aunt Chelsea will all be here later," Beca added.

"Even baby Alice, Shania and baby Kurt?" Alexis asked a little too excitedly. When Chloe and Beca both nodded, she squealed and demanded to be put down before happily running inside the house to "choose something to wear".

Beca laughed at her daughter's antics and she turned to look at her wife. "She's so much like you and I love it." She told her wife lovingly as she placed a soft kiss on her lips. Chloe only smiled as she hugged her wife tightly, whispering a soft I love you in her ears.

"Yo, little B."

Beca looked up to see Stacie standing beside her, holding out a can of diet coke for her which she took gratefully. The shorter brunette patted the chair beside her, indicating for Stacie to take a seat. The leggy brunette did so, taking sip from her own soda can.

"How's life treating you Stace? Already used to having a little baby in your life?" Beca asked as she looked across the backyard to where her wife was feeding their daughter. Aubrey, Kayla and Chelsea were also there with their children.

Stacie was yet to give an answer to Beca's question when Jessica and Laura walked over and joined them.

"I honestly don't know if I'm used to it already. But I do know that I'm very happy to have Alice in my life. She's like a little angel and I already love her so much, even when she was still in Aubrey's womb. She's my little princess and I'm gonna make sure that I'm gonna give it my all to be the best parent for her." Stacie told them with a small yet content smile on her face.

Her three friends looked at her with admiration before they all want back to look at their own wives and children. There was a momentary peaceful silence that befell them before Jessica broke it with a comment.

"But honestly, it was really a surprise when it were Beca and Chloe who decided to get married and have a child first. We all thought you'd be the last."

This gained a laugh from all of them and Beca just shrugged her shoulders. "Chloe wanted them," was her only response.

"Whipped," Stacie joked which earned her a smack on the arm from Beca. "Eh, so I'm whipped. It's just because I love Chloe so much. And you're all whipped too, so shut up. So, how're you guys?" the question, she directed at her other two friends. It was Jessica who spoke first.

"Well, I couldn't be happier. I married the love of my life six years ago, a year after Beca and Chloe. And she gave birth to Shania a year later. Time flies by quickly though. Sometimes, I still forget that Shane's not a baby anymore and that she's already five."

"Tell me about it. It still feels like Chelsea only gave birth last week but Kurt's already six months old. He's growing up too fast. But I'm still very happy though. I don't want much more. I'm feeling content with my life now." Laura told them

They all looked back at their families and see that their wives and children were smiling and waving at them and they could feel warmth spread from the point on their chest where the heart is throughout their whole body.

"I can't believe how lucky we are. I never would've thought that my life would turn out like this, but it did, and I'm so, so grateful for everything. It's such a great life." Beca told her friends who all just smiled in response.

After finishing their drinks, they all stood up and made their way to the other side of the lawn where their wives and children are and joining them happily.

It is a great life indeed.

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