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A/N: Oh, this is set a bit in the future; Onodera has admitted his love for Takano and now they have been an "official" couple for a few months now. Yes, I know in the original story Onodera doesn't have a sister, but that's why it's called fan fiction!


-Chapter One-

It was just another typical day in the Emerald Department at Marukawa Publishing. Takano Masamune was yelling at his underlings to finish their "half-assed" work while the editors moaned and groaned. It wasn't quite Hell Week yet, but they could sense it approaching and knew the death march would start soon.

A certain green-eyed editor slammed his phone down and mumbled, "Dammit!"

One of his authors had just called to inform him she had come down with a fever and wouldn't make the deadline in time. Onodera Ritsu rubbed his temples and sighed.

'It's not even Hell Week and I'm already stressed. Why the hell do I still have this job?' Onodera internally grumbled. But he knew he loved his job, despite the stress and hours. He stole a glance at his boss who was currently yelling at an author over the phone.

"I love you…"

Onodera's cheeks flushed and he quickly looked away. He remembered telling Takano his true feelings on his birthday. Now they had been officially a couple for almost three months, and honestly, Onodera couldn't be more relieved. He had shut his feelings away for so long and he wondered now how he had done it.

Though he would never admit it aloud, Takano was just...…just…..irresistible. Blushing profusely again, he quickly buried himself in work.

A few hours later, Onodera packed his things quickly and quietly. As he put his scarf on, he felt to strong arms wrap around his waist from behind.

"T-Takano-san! W-We're at work!" He tried to wriggle out of the grasp, but soon gave up for the arms just tightened around his mid-section.

"So? We are the only ones here. Do you want to go to my place tonight or yours?" Takano placed a chaste kiss behind his ear which caused a warm blush to caress Onodera's cheeks.

"Y-yours," Onodera stuttered, which to Takano was extremely adorable. Takano chuckled and teased, "Hmm, so your place is still a hazardous zone?"

"Shut up," Onodera mumbled and Takano let go. He grabbed his things as his younger lover waited for him. As soon as they were out of the building, Takano grabbed Onodera's hand. To his pleasure, Onodera didn't protest. Well, he hadn't really resisted in a while, which made Takano burst with joy. He finally had his Ritsu say those three little words and he couldn't be happier.

Taking the train home, they walked up the hill to their apartment complex. Still holding hands, they took the elevator up and with a soft ding! They stepped out of the lift. But they quickly stopped, for they saw a woman standing outside Onodera's door. Instantly, they both thought it was An-chan and let go of each other's hand. But when the girl turned, they saw it was not An, but someone totally different. In fact Takano had never seen her before but he saw Onodera freeze with wide eyes. Though he had never seen her before, she looked just like someone to Takano. Then it hit him.

This girl looked exactly like Onodera, but with longer hair and slightly softer features. Besides that, she had the same big emerald eyes, caramel hair, and thin, short stature as Ritsu. She finally noticed them and a huge smile formed on her flawless face. She dropped her bag by the door and ran over. Jumping on Onodera and nearly knocking him down, she hugged and squealed, "Nii-san!"

'Brother?' Takano thought, amused by Onodera getting the life crushed out of him.

"R-Riko? What are you doing here?" Onodera gasped. Finally, she let go and smiled again.

"What? I can't see my own brother every once in awhile?"

"Riko, I know you. You only visit if there is an actual reason to. I thought you were still in England."

Riko sighed and rolled her eyes, still smiling, "I needed a change. I was bored of England. Oh, guess what? I got a job here in Tokyo!"

"O-oh, really? What job is that?"

"I am now an editor for Marukawa Publishing! I start next Monday," Riko clapped her hands together and squealed. Onodera's eyes widened again and he laughed nervously. Takano chuckled and Riko finally acknowledged him.

"Oh Ritsu, who's this?"

"U-um, this is my boss and neighbor, Takano Masamune. Takano-san, this is-,"

"Onodera Riko. I'm Ritsu's twin sister," Riko introduced herself and held out her hand to Takano. He took it politely and they shook.

"I imagine you've been taking care of little Ritsu for me?" Riko ruffled Onodera's hair teasingly and Onodera blushed.

"Of course. It's been my pleasure," Takano smirked and Onodera's cheeks tinted fifty shades darker.

"So, has he been doing his work or been half-assing? Because I know how to fix that," Riko giggled while Onodera yelled, "H-hey! I'm standing right here!"

Takano chuckled and smiled, "It depends. How do you fix it?" Riko gestured for him to bend down and she whispered in his ear. Onodera saw that all-too-familiar smirk and glint in his eyes.

"Oh really? That sounds fun," Takano glanced at Onodera and winked. He blinked and gaped at them. Riko smirked when she was done.

"It should definitely work, trust me. Use it whenever," She turned back to a shocked Onodera and put a smile back on, "So Nii-san, what's it like editing girl comics?"

"H-how did you know I worked in s-shojo?!"

"Oh come on, you think just because I was in England, I didn't know what you were up to all these years?" Riko scoffed.

"Actually, yes," Onodera mumbled. Riko suddenly looked down at her watch and gasped.

"Oh, look at the time! I'll come see you tomorrow since its Saturday, Nii-san," Riko crushed him again in a hug and nodded politely towards Takano. She picked up her bag, and then took the elevator down. Onodera sighed, relieved, when she left. Takano chuckled and said, "I never knew you had a sister, especially a twin."

"Yeah…She went to study abroad with me, but remained in England when I returned to Japan. Last time I saw her was when one of our cousin's died several years ago. She doesn't feel like my twin, though," Onodera sighed again and followed Takano unconsciously to his apartment. They had dinner and Takano explained how he was hungry for something else now, and ravished Onodera.

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