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-Chapter 13-

The twins sighed sadly in unison. The squeak of wheels could be heard as three figures walked through the airport.

"Flight 125A will be departing in twenty minutes. Flight 125A will be departing in twenty minutes," A woman's voice repeated on the intercom. The twins sighed again, hiding the sadness on their faces. Riko's suitcase dragged behind her solemnly. Masamune followed close behind.

Riko was held in the hospital for a couple days for observation and mental treatment. After much discussion with her doctors and Ritsu, she finally decided to go back to England. England had the best treatment options for her condition and future. If she wanted to become the true heir to Onodera Publishing, she had to become better.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye Nii-san," They stopped walking as they reached the terminal. She turned around and smiled sadly.

"Thank you Nii-san for everything. I don't have much to say, but maybe through twin telepathy, you'll understand my gratitude," Both of them laughed and embraced each other. They had already said their real goodbyes; this was just to make sure.

"Thank you again too, Takano-san. You saved my life and you've been taking care of Ritsu. Please continue to," Riko bowed and wrapped her arms around his mid-section. He smiled a little and hugged her back. She turned back to Onodera.

"Maybe while I'm in England, I'll get married. Ritsu, you have to be my maid-of-honor and I'll be your best man," Riko giggled as Onodera's cheeks went red.

"I-I'm not wearing a d-dress!"

"Takano-san would probably like to see you in a dress," Both Riko and Masamune smirked, much to Onodera's annoyance.

"I'm just kidding. You don't have to wear a dress, but you must promise to be my Maid-of-Honor, and I your Best Man!"

"O-Okay, fine."

"Thank you Nii-san!" She hugged him again as the woman called for final passengers over the intercom. She grabbed her suitcase up again and ruffled her brother's hair.

"Bye! I'll see you again soon," Riko winked as they waved to each other, her walking onto the plane. The lady at the counter checked her ticket and smiled.

She turned around one last time, looking back at her brother. Onodera saw that old flame in her eyes once again; a spark she had lost when Isamu died. Now he knew she would be okay.

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