Rolling his head in a slow circle, Shimizu placed his cleaned gun back in its holster. He'd have to send his account of the events to Kusanagi-san in the morning.

There weren't too many perks in being the hidden face of Homra. Mikoto-san was great for theatrics, but there were some problems that needed to be taken care of more permanently. It would be better the Red Clan not to be linked to those problems once they were solved.

Tonight, he was going to go to Kazuya's place and see if he couldn't drag him away from his screens for a while, maybe go out, get a few drinks, put it all on Homra's tab. Mikimoto and Asahi were never around after a kill- they had their own way of chasing the nightmares away.

Tomorrow, Shimizu would have to talk to Kusanagi-san tomorrow about that intelligence test he'd been muttering about. Some of these guys…yeesh.