Chapter 1: Admin

Year 2032

Tatsuya rushed down the street, bumping into people left and right. However, despite the fact that he was running full force with no regard for safety, he still felt he wasn't going fast enough. After all, today he had finally been approved to use a D-Brain and was on his way to his local Data Gate Centre to play in a game of Digimon Data Burst. one of the most highly acclaimed virtual reality games of the year. after five more minutes of running , he arrived at the entrance to Akihabara's underground DGC. still panting and wheezing, he walked through the set of glass doors onto the elevator and waited. he was soon greeted by an automated female voice.

"Welcome to the Akihabara DGC. Please place your D-Brain authorization card into the slot in front of you."

Tatsuya exhaled deeply, his heart pounding with anticipation as he inserted his card and waited. A few minutes later, the card popped out of the slot and the voice resumed.

"Authorization card recognized. Welcome, Tatsuya Suikage. while the elevator makes its way downward, allow me to recount the history of the D-Brain so that you may better understand the device you will soon be using."

Tatsuya sighed. He had already learned this in school but sadly, there was no way out of this lecture.

"Created by Dr. Nishi Sojiro in 2024, the D-Brain is a virtual reality machine designed to be worn on the head and interface with the electrical impulses the brain sends and receives via a microchip implanted into those who have passed the D-Brain compatibility test. the reason for this physical and mental examination is because the D-Brain's method of achieving virtual reality can prove risky for some people such as those with health conditions or people whose brain cannot handle the mental stress of linking with the D-Brain. Also, because the power requirements are so great, the D-brain is not available for home use and can only be used by visiting a DGC like this one. Since its inception into daily life in 2026, the D-Brain is used in business, police and military training, entertainment, and most recently, video games."

With this, the elevator slowed to a halt.

"And now, disembark and enjoy your visit to Akihabara's DGC. if you need any assistance in locating a specific area, one of our many guide-bots will be happy to lead the way."

With that, the doors opened and Tatsuya's jaw practically hit the floor. The lobby seemed large enough to hold a house and still give people plenty of room to maneuver. Guide-bots zoomed through the facility, showing people to various tunnels that branched off of the lobby. They led, Tatsuya assumed, to the various D-Brain areas. Doing a quick scan however, he could not find a tunnel that led to the gaming area. Realizing this he now understood why there were so many guide-bots, getting lost was probably extremely common. At this, a guide-bot zipped up to him.


It said in a rather chipper, almost childish, automated voice.

"I am Guidance Assistant Robot ADGC-411, but please, call me Guide-kun. Do require aide in finding your destination?"

Tatsuya hesitated a bit. After all, it felt kind of strange speaking to a robot in the middle of a crowded public area.

" Y-yes. Do you know where the gaming area is?"

The robot stared at him for a few seconds while it processed his request.

" Understood. Please follow me."

With this, the guide-bot turned and sped off so fast, Tatsuya had to jog to keep up. Within two minutes however, he was walking down the tunnel that led to the gaming area, his heart which had not stopped beating fast since he reached the DGC beating even faster as he approached the glass door entrance. With a final gasp of air, he squeezed his eyes shut and stepped inside, the doors sliding aside for him and then promptly sealing themselves shut once again. However, when Tatsuya opened his eyes he realized that he was not in a room full of D-Brains and people like he had expected but a small cylinder room orbited by a white ring like object. An automated voice, the same that had spoken to him on the elevator piped up, echoing around the room.

"Welcome to the Akihabara DGC gaming area. Due to the devices in the D-Brain being easily damaged by things such as dust, dirt, and other small particles, they are stored in a sealed room. Also, all D-Brain users must be decontaminated before entering. please wait as we perform the procedure, it is harmless and you will not feel any pain."

Suddenly, the white ring orbiting the room spun to life and glowed an antiseptic white. it slowly advanced towards him, lighting up the room with a soft white and blue glow. Despite the voice's assurance that he would feel no pain, he shut his eyes and waited with baited breath for the wave of light to pass over him. a few seconds later, he had a slight feeling of numbness as every piece of dead skin and dirt and anything on him that could affect a D-Brain was removed by the decontamination ring. after that, he heard the ring speed back into its original position and the female voice speak up.

"Decontamination complete. Have a nice day."

with that, the other end of the room opened up to reveal the kind of room that Tatsuya had been expecting. about fifteen other kids around his age were strapped into white chairs with wires running from them to a secondary sealed room visible through a glass partition that contained what looked like a large generator and a machine which Tatsuya assumed was the gaming area's D-Brain processing centre. On top of the chairs was a helmet that looked like a futuristic knights helmet with a black screen stretching across the users face making it impossible to tell who they were. As Tatsuya stared at the technological majesty of the room he had just entered, he was pushed from behind and fell flat on his face.

"Well, well, look who it is, little Tatsuya! How's it goin' ya little baby?"

Tatsuya froze. the blood in his veins turned to ice.

"please" he thought. "don't let it be who I think it is!"

He turned and felt like his worst nightmare had come true. It was Takeshi Onigumo, a bully from Tatsuya's school who seemed to have it in for him. Tatsuya stood up trying his best not to look scared which wasn't easy.

"H-hey Takeshi, what are you doing here?"

Takeshi grinned wickedly and Tatsuya had an image of a spider pulling in a juicy fly.

"about to play some DDB. And you?"

despite all the effort Takeshi put into making his voice sound kind, it wasn't too hard to tell that he had a plan that involved Tatsuya and something nasty.

"A-actually I was going to play some too."

The grin on Takeshi's face widened.

"What a coincidence! maybe we'll meet up in-game! see ya!"

as he walked off, he whispered into Tatsuya's ear.

"You are dead meat for me and WereGarurumon loser!"

Tatsuya felt like his life was over and only came out of his fear induced trance when he sat down and strapped himself into a D-Brain chair and inserted his authorization card into the machine. Instantly, the D-Brain whirred to life and once again he heard that same female voice.

"Welcome Tatsuya Suikage. please specify which game you would like to play."

Tatsuya breathed hard. Like it or not, there was no turning back now.

"Digimon Data Burst."

the D-brain whirred again and a buzz started to echo in Tatsuya's head.

"Acknowledged. please wait."

after a few seconds, the buzzing in Tatsuya's head grew louder and his eyelids grew so heavy that he had to close them. the last thing he remembered was the female voice saying "Initiating D-Brain link with game server, receiving game start-up data. D-Brain engage!"

And then the world dissolved into a whirlpool of colour and light.


DGC: short for Data Gate Centre, a centre where people can come to use a D-Brain for things like business and video games.

D-Brain: short for Digital Brain, it is a virtual reality machine created in 2026 that is used for various things from business to entertainment.

DDB: short for Digimon Data Burst. a popular video game played on the D-Brain which is based on the Digimon anime.

Stay tuned for more chapters!