Chapter 2: Admin part 2

Tatsuya felt his mind seem to disconnect from his body and become part of the swirling light and colour that had engulfed him. He tried to scream, move his arms and legs, but he couldn't. In the connection stage, the D-Brain user did not have any way to act, they were simply a conscience with no body floating in a sort of limbo until the D-Brain connected with the server and that conscience was given an avatar. Finally, the vortex of light and colour slowed and faded to be replaced with a sort of white expanse stretching out into infinity. As Tatsuya looked around for something, a small computer window floated into his vision. It read:

Welcome to Digimon Data Burst! Before you can journey into the Digital World you must pick your digimon and listen to the tutorial instructions.

The D-Brain must have read his eye movements because the next second three digimon avatars materialized. Tatsuya floated over to them and a small window appeared next to each of them. The first was a small yellow digimon who resembled a dinosaur, the window above it read "Agumon". The second looked like some sort of blue imp with a small yellow 'V' on its forehead whose window read "Veemon". The final digimon also looked dinosaur like but was red and black and had a strange black mark on its chest. At once, Tatsuya knew he had found his partner digimon. He hastily read the window above it which said Guilmon. The name sounded strong and just, but at the same time gave Tatsuya a sense of foreboding he couldn't shake. Despite this, he had already made up his mind.

"I choose Guilmon!" he shouted.

The words echoed in the white expanse and the other two digimon slowly dissolved into nothingness, leaving only Guilmon. At this a new window popped up.

Congratulations on choosing you partner digimon! please standby as we load the tutorial.

after a few seconds the white expanse faded away, replaced by a forest clearing. From what Tatsuya could see, some of the trees had wires sticking out of their bark and small sections of the grassy clearing were covered in metal, like some sort of weird fusion of nature and technology. Suddenly, Tatsuya heard the flutter of wings above his head and looked up. A woman in armour with six golden wings and holding a spear at her side was landing about a metre in front of him.

"Greetings new player, I am Ophanimon and I oversee all Tamers in the Digital world. Since you have chosen your partner digimon, I will now teach you the basics of being a digimon tamer."

She spoke in a kind voice that seemed to echo, like a ghost.

"In This digital world, we face a crisis we have never seen before. The Seven Great Demon lords have risen and are now working to engulf the digital world in the dark area they have been imprisoned in for so long. To combat this threat, I have summoned numerous humans from the real world to become digimon tamers and combat the Demon Lords and their legions of evil digimon. In order to do so, I have given you the power to digivolve your digimon partners by use of a digivice."

Ophanimon waved her hand and a small, mobile phone sized device floated into Tatsuya's hands.

"I have based them on DATS's digivice model but have taken the liberty of upgrading it. It now has a function called D.N.A Link. This function allows you to fuse your digimon with your dominant arm and use its power. However, this upgrade came at the cost of removing the Burst Mode function. This digivice also allows you to keep track of how much health your digimon and enemy digimon have remaining. In order to use a special attack you must call out the attacks name. Your digimon's special attacks are also listed in your digivice for future reference. In order to Digivolve your partner to higher levels you must first reach a specific tamer level. Bronze level tamers can only use rookie level, Silver level may digivolve to champion, gold level to ultimate, and onyx level to mega. You move up in rank by completing missions and gaining experience. Finally, you may choose to challenge other tamers to a battle to improve your skill and there is no penalty for losing these battles, as well as no reward for winning in order to reduce feelings of resentment. In conclusion, fight well, fight fair, and good luck."

Ophanimon and the forest clearing faded from view and Tatsuya's vision faded to black. This time however, instead of silence he heard voices. A lot of them. He opened his eyes and found himself in a crowded town square, standing on top of what looked like a giant stone dais. Hundreds of players were running around the town, all of them accompanied by a digimon, some were even riding theirs. However, he had hardly started to take in his surroundings when a familiar and extremely unpleasant voice spoke to him from behind.

"Hey sucker"

Tatsuya's body froze up, he turned around slowly and came face-to-face with a large blue and white werewolf with its fangs bared. He screamed and staggered back, not because of the werewolf, but because he knew who controlled it. Sure enough, Takeshi Onigumo stepped out of the werewolf's shadow, an evil grin plastered on his face.

"Say hello to my digimon, WereGarurumon."

Tatsuya sat there motionless, he had expected this but it was still hard to believe that Takeshi had staked out the spawn area for new players simply to bully him in this world too.

"H-hello Takeshi, WereGarurumon. N-nice to see you again."

At this Takuya got up as confidently as is possible when you are about to wet yourself, and started to walk away, hoping that Takeshi would simply leave him alone. However, Takeshi jumped off the dais and ran in front of him, blocking his path of escape.

"Where do ya think you're wanderin' off to? We are about to have a battle after all!"

A window popped into Tatsuya's view:

Player Takeshi has challenged you to a battle. Do you accept?

Takeshi grinned a little wider.

"Do it. Or do you want me to stuff you in the girls washroom?"

Tatsuya grimaced. While the threat sounded juvenile, Takeshi's torturing was usually more complex than it originally sounded. With a prayer that he could end this experience soon, he accepted the challenge.

Digital world: Continent of Server, Digi-Coliseum

Tatsuya and Takeshi and stood at opposite ends of a massive roman style coliseum, the stage for the games PVP battles, Takeshi looking smug, Tatsuya ready to pee his pants. Players lined the seats and Tatsuya could hear a few people wondering why a rookie level digimon would be up against an ultimate level. A gong sounded and Takeshi's Weregarurumon headed straight for Guilmon.

"Go Weregarurumon! Wolf claw!"

Weregarurumon's claws slashed down on Guilmon, sending him flying. Tatsuya checked his Digivice, it showed only a sliver of health remaining. The difference in power was too great for it to be a fair fight, that much was obvious. Tatsuya grimaced. One more attack from WereGarurumon and Guilmon would be finished. He knew that there was no penalty for losing, but if he lost here it was a sign to Takeshi that he could be easily bullied in both the real and virtual world. WereGarurumon turned to face Guilmon and prepared for another attack. Seeing this, Tatsuya, without thinking, threw himself in front of his injured digimon, protecting him with his body. Takeshi's expression from one of gloating glee to one of surprise until finally settling on a look of insanity.

"Do you really think that'll work loser?! Let's find out! Garuru kick!"

WereGarurumon jumped into the air and came down hard on Tatsuya's stomach. Though he couldn't feel any pain, a strong tingling sensation radiated through his body and he was pushed into the ground. A wave of boos and angry words came from the stands but they didn't bother Takeshi, he was in his element.

"Again WereGarurumon! hit that bastard till he gets outta the way! Wolf claw!"

Shard claws ripped at Tatsuya, the tingling sensation woresened with each blow. He could hear Takeshi laughing like a maniac, all sense of time and place forgotten.

"Again! Wolf claw! Wolf claw! Wolf claw!"

the blows continued to rain down on Tatsuya. The tingling sensation had worsened to the point where it felt like he was being attacked by an angry swarm of wasps. Suddenly, a column of fire burst out from the centre of the coliseum and a large crimson bird ridden by a figure in a red cloak appeared. A window appeared above Tatsuya that read:

Match terminated.

The figure in the cloak jumped down from the bird and strode towards Takeshi.

"Player Takeshi, for willingly attacking a fellow player, your account will be suspended for three months, effective immediatley."

Takeshi's angry form flickered like a candle for a moment and vanished, the same thing happened to WereGarurumon. The figure then turned to Tatsuya and held out a hand to help him up, which he gladly took.

"T-thanks. Um, if you don't mind me asking, who are you?"

The figure removed the hood of the cloak to reveal a girl around his age with long black hair done up in a ponytail and blue eyes.

"My name's Atsuko. Atsuko Kasai. And that's my digimon partner, Zhuqiaomon. I'm an admin.