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This was my twentieth movie and it was still the same old shit. The female lead would be a fucking spoiled rotten diva that demanded ungodly things from all the stage hands and always showed up "fashionably" late to everything.

I had been in Hollywood since I was a young kid, garnering my first movie role at the tender age of 5. Now, at 25 I found myself getting tired of the limelight and wanting to throw in the towel. Sure, I'd had major success in several of my films but I have never felt completely fulfilled in my career. My personal life was even less fulfilling. I had only had one long term, serious relationship so far, and that was with Victoria Montgomery, who was my first love. We met in school when I was 16 and dated until a week after my 22nd birthday. She was in the business as well, so she understood the pressure I was always under, because well, she was under it too. It all came crashing down around me when I caught Vicky fucking the director of her latest movie against the wall in our apartment.

After Vicky and I broke up, I'll admit I went a little wild. At one point I would fuck anything with a pussy, pop any pill that was put in my hand, drink anything that was handed to me without question and just basically be a complete dick to everyone. I felt like the world owed me something and I was going to collect in full. My world came crashing to a halt the day I picked up my sister Alice at the airport upon her return from Milan where she had been studying fashion for the summer. I was so high on cocaine and pills that I never saw the truck come to a stop in front of us and barreled into it head on. Alice was badly injured and in a coma for six months after the accident. Naturally I escaped with minimal injuries, some cuts and bruises and a bump on the head. The days that followed were hell on earth. Our parents sent me to rehab so I could get clean, but all I could think of was my poor baby sister lying in that hospital bed with no one knowing if she would ever wake up again. It was all my fault and I was going to make sure I kicked all my habits so I could get back to her. I had nightmares every time my eyes closed, still being able to hear Alice scream just before the impact. It should have been me in that bed. Alice didn't deserve any of it.

My stint in rehab had made all the news outlets worldwide. Up until the accident I had been able to hide my addictions from the tabloids, but once word of it got out there was no containing it. The day I got out I went straight to the hospital to see Alice. Eight days later, she opened her eyes for the first time since the accident. Thankfully, Alice recovered perfectly with no lingering effects of the accident or subsequent coma. It took many more months for me to reconcile with her and my disappointed family. I had a lot of making up to do with each person I had hurt with my actions. I have been clean and sober since then and will be for the rest of my life. It seemed I was given a second chance and I intended to make the most of it.

Which brings me back to this movie. Which also brings me back to my co-star who at this moment is still not fucking here. Having had enough, I make my way to the director's office to tell him that I want off this project immediately. Just as I am about to knock on Aro's door, it opens and the most beautiful brunette I have ever seen is suddenly wrapped around my chest while my arms instinctively wrap around her waist. I'm not sure who this beauty is, but I mean to find out right away.

"Oh my! I'm so sorry Edward. I didn't see you there." Brown Eyes says as she tries to take a step backwards out of my arms. For some reason, my brain doesn't register the fact that I should release her and I keep my hands firmly wrapped around her. I know I should say something but it's like I can't speak. All of the sudden I'm mute? What the fuck is wrong Cullen? Luckily Aro uses this opportunity to speak, effectively bringing my brain back to full function.

"Ah, Edward, Bella and I were just on our way out to find you. Come on in and sit down and I'll fill you in on a few changes in the film." He steps back into his office and finally I am able to release Brown Eyes from my grip.

"Bella, I'm sorry love, I didn't mean to man handle you like that." I gesture to the inside of Aro's office, "after you beautiful".

"No, it was my fault Edward. Completely my fault. I shouldn't rush through doorways like that." She blushes furiously and her blush seems to be connected to my cock by some sort of invisible force field because he begins to stir to life in my slacks. Finally we are both seated in front of Aro and he begins to explain what's going on.

"Edward, as you know, Tanya Denali was supposed to be the female lead in this movie. As you also know, she has not bothered to show up on time for any of the rehearsals so far. We are set to begin filming next Monday and Ms. Denali will not be a part of that. That brings us to Bella's presence here. She is going to be the female lead in this movie." I look over to Bella and she's smiling shyly. Aro continues with his explanation.

"This will be Bella's first major motion picture. She's done several independent films but nothing on this level. However, I feel certain she is perfect for this part. I think with your guidance on screen Edward, she will shine. What do you think?"

I didn't know exactly what to say. I was definitely intrigued by Bella. I hadn't heard of her before but that didn't mean anything. I was willing to give her a chance to see what she could do.

"I think this is going to be a fantastic movie." I looked at Bella and smiled. "Maybe we could get together and run some lines or do some read-throughs."

"I'd like that Edward, very much. I've already read and memorized all my lines so I would love to be able to go through a few of the scenes with you." I can't help being captivated with Bella's eyes. They are the most beautiful shade of brown I have ever seen. They remind me of warm, Godiva chocolate. Aro again brings me out of my Bella induced haze.

"Fantastic kids! Why don't the two of you go have some lunch on me, and get to know each other a little bit before we start filming on Monday? In fact, if the two of you are free for the weekend, I'd like to suggest you spend as much time together as possible to get your timing down. What do you think?" Have I mentioned that I love this motherfucker? I make a mental note to buy Aro an island or some shit like that for suggesting this. Bella is the first to speak.

"Well, I would love to spend some time with you Edward, to get to know your style and to go over some scenes, see if we have any chemistry. I'm game if you are." She smiled at me and I was gone. In that moment Bella could have asked me to run naked through the streets of Los Angeles wearing a birthday hat and a fig leaf and I would have asked her to pick out the perfect hat.

"Well, Ms. Bella I happen to have a free calendar this weekend so I am now officially all yours." I stood up and offered her my hand. "Shall we go to lunch on Aro?" I smiled at her and nodded in Aro's direction.

"After you Mr. Cullen." Aro recommended the restaurant we should go to and said he would call ahead and take care of the bill. I watched Bella walk out in front of me and subtly adjusted my straining cock. The woman had the best ass I had ever seen. I reminded myself that we were only spending time together this weekend to concentrate on work and not for me to get laid. Although, if the situation turned into one that might lead to me getting laid, then who am I to stop it? Jesus Cullen, you are such a douche.

We made our way out to the parking lot where Aro had his car and driver waiting to take us to the restaurant. I managed to guide Bella to the car with my hand on the small of her back. I couldn't deny the electricity I felt as soon as we touched. I think she felt it too because she flinched slightly before regaining her composure. Once we were seated in the car, Bella turned her gaze to me. I momentarily got lost in her beautiful eyes. What the fuck Cullen? Have you grown a vagina?

"So Edward Cullen, tell me the secret to a successful movie." She smiled and cocked her head to the side. Cock. There's a word that's on my mind. Specifically my cock, since he seems to want to make her acquaintance immediately.

"Oh I don't think there is a secret per say, it's just all about the total package. The actors, the directors, production staff, of course a good script is essential. If all that works together it could be magic." I winked at her and gave her my patented Cullen Crooked Smirk. Ah, there's that blush again. Yep, still connected. Down boy.

"Well I can't tell you how excited I am to get started. I am going to totally fan-girl for a moment, so please excuse me. You have always been my absolute favorite actor Edward. When I got into the business I hoped to one day have half the career you have had. I want you to know that I will work my ass off in this movie and I am totally committed to it and to you. We are going to be amazing together Edward." She grabbed my hand and I nearly lost it. It took every bit of restraint I had not to throw her back into the seat and show her exactly how amazing we COULD be together.

"I have no doubt Miss Swan. Repeat after me, Academy Award." Her laughter lit up the entire car and I found myself falling for her already. What is wrong with me? I'm Edward fucking Cullen. Women fall for ME, not the other way around.

The car stopped and thank God we had arrived at the restaurant. The driver opened the door and I stepped out and held my hand out for Bella. As she stepped out of the car I looked down and noticed the top button of her shirt had come undone. I could see the top of a midnight blue lace bra. She seemed to notice at the same time I did and she looked up and caught me eyeballing her impressive cleavage. As she reached to button her shirt both of us giggled uncontrollably. As luck would have it, a few flashbulbs also went off at the same moment. I hurriedly wrapped a possessive arm around Bella's waist and hurried us into the restaurant. Once we got settled at our table Bella spoke first.

"Well, I guess we gave the paps a nice show getting out of the car huh? I can just hear it already. 'Edward Cullen has romp in backseat with new co-star', I'm sorry Edward." She actually sounded distraught over it.

"Look Bella, I don't give a shit what the paparazzi says about me. Hell, I have had every rumor possible printed and sadly a lot of them weren't rumors. I have a past Bella. It's not pretty and I'm not proud of it. There is nothing the tabloids can make up about me that would be worse than some of what's true in my past. Besides that, if the world wants to think that I made love to you in the back seat of a town car, then let them think it. Hell, I may even tell them that's what happened." I winked at her again and grabbed her hand. "No worries Beautiful, we got this."

"Well ok then. I guess I worry too much huh?"

Our waiter had shown up to take our drink orders so we went ahead and placed our orders for lunch at the same time. The rest of lunch was spent in comfortable conversation. Bella had the most amazing personality. Everything about this woman had me intrigued. She was like a breath of fresh air to my stale world. I was so excited to see where this was going to go. Bella made me want to completely throw myself into this movie and make it the best we could. For the first time in a long time, I was excited to start filming, and it was thanks to the beautiful brunette sitting to my left.


Edward Freakin' Cullen! Are you kidding me? This was just not the kind of luck I normally had. Isabella Swan was not that damn lucky. Ever.

When Aro Volturi called my agent and asked about my schedule, and if I would be able to meet with him regarding his latest project, a movie called Temptation, I was immediately interested. Aro was considered royalty in the movie industry. If you got to work with him, chances were that you would be a mega star after your first Volturi movie. To say that I was nervous was an understatement. Once I got there and found myself sitting in his office I calmed down a little. That was short lived, because the next thing he told me was that my leading man would be none other than the absolutely stunning completely swoon-worthy hot as fuck Edward Cullen. This man had been my favorite actor for as long as I could remember and I may have had a small crush on him. Ok, so it wasn't small by any means, but whatever.

That brings me to today, sitting in a restaurant with Edward Cullen. Have I mentioned that things like this just don't happen to me? Of course, the true Bella had shown herself too. Getting out of the car, I managed to flash my cleavage to Edward when my blouse came unbuttoned. Furthering my horror, flashbulbs went off at that moment. I knew Edward was going to be furious that he would be linked to me in that way already. Much to my surprise, he was absolutely cool about it. If I didn't know better, I would think he was flirting with me. When he said that if they wanted to think he had made love to me in a town car then so be it, I nearly begged him to make that a true statement.

We finished lunch and the car took us back to the studio. Aro had suggested we spend some time together this weekend to get to know each other. I was more than ok with that. We walked into the dressing rooms together and sat down on the couch to talk about our plans.

"So, what do you want to do this weekend?" I hoped he would say he wanted to spend the weekend in bed between my thighs. Hey, a girl can dream.

"Well, would you be opposed to staying at my place this weekend? I have plenty of room and it would give us an unlimited amount of rehearsal time. I think the more time we spend together, the better our timing and chemistry on screen will be. I hope you don't mind me saying, but Bella, I feel very comfortable with you already and I think we are going to be a fantastic pair on film." Did he really say that? If I'm going to stay at Edward's place this weekend, I need to bring every pair of panties I own, because this motherfucker was making mine damp with only his voice.

"I think that sounds like a fantastic idea Edward."

"Great. Tell you what, I'm going to head home and get a couple things ready for us. Let me see your phone and I'll add my number and then you call me so I'll have yours. I'll text you the address and you can come on over whenever you get ready." He actually sounded excited. I tried to remember that this was a professional arrangement. It's not like he had asked to spend the weekend with me. We were doing it for work purposes. I had to keep myself in check. He was Edward Cullen after all, and he could have any woman he wanted. The idea that he would want me was ludicrous. I would take this weekend at face value and be glad to have him guide me in my first major movie role. Edward was just being a nice guy and I had to keep telling myself it was just his job.

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