Flipping Burgers & Hearts

Sexy Burger Boy

Summary; Alfred was convinced it would be the best job in the world, working at McDonald's just flipping burgers, turns out it was actually pretty mundane and boring, until a certain tan, suave man walks into the joint with his two best friends flipping Alfred's heart upside down.

A/N: I actually cannot believe I exceed 3k when writing this first chapter, but this is for my RP friends. You all know who you are. I'm not sure how long this will be, but I doubt it'll be more than ten chapters if anything. So enjoy the SpAme! A fair warning there may be side pairings~

Disclaimer; I seriously don't own Hetalia guys. Let's be real.

Alfred sighed. His job, he decided, was absolute shit. He couldn't even remember why he took the shitty thing in the first place. Flipping burgers, oh yeah, a great job. He rolled his eyes as he filled another ungrateful persons' order with a fake smile on his face.

Luckily his shift ended soon and he wouldn't have to deal with this crap for much longer. There was nothing like getting off of work with a bag of free burgers and a large coke. Maybe he'd even get a thing of fries. He did work rather hard at being friendly today.

He sighed again and looked around. Business was lulling, maybe he could learn some of the cashier techniques like he'd been promised earlier that month. He was extremely tired of minimum wage for filling orders of Big Macs and Supersized Fries with salt or McRibs with a Small Fry.

He walked over to the cashier her name was something like Camella or Carmel or some stupid shit he really didn't care to remember. He just called her CC like everyone else did. He tapped her on the shoulder and voiced his request with a tint of boredom in his voice. She just shrugged and began a lecture on how it worked and a bunch of other boring shit. Just as she was finishing a trio of young men crowded the counter. She elbowed him and flicked her ponytail, a clear sign of back off newbie, but he refused.

"Hey CC, would you mind if I did this one so I can see if I've got it all down?" He asked reasonably with a warm smile. She frowned and murmured something along the lines of don't fuck up. He smirked a little stepping into her place.

The trio looked between one another as Alfred continued to smile at them drinking in their features. One of them was a ghastly pale color and had vivid red eyes, which could be the product of contacts or a rare eye anomaly, he was unsure of which would be more likely considering how utterly…. Albino the young man looked. He had a very disheveled and rocker appearance, not quite punk like his friend Arthur, but definitely close to it. He didn't like the air of arrogance that rolled off of the man though and so his eyes wandered on.

Another was taller and blonde with a shadow of a beard and beautiful sapphires for eyes. He had an air of preppiness that rolled off of him in waves much like his cologne. He was obviously a very flirty man and didn't have much shame when it came to love. Passionate, Alfred decided, he was definitely passionate, but he was too open for Alfred. Again he moved on.

The last man was a serious change from the other two. They were both pale and eccentric, but this man seemed completely normal, almost too normal to be with such odd men in an obesity breeding center. He had beautiful brown locks that were messy in the sense of just woke up from a nap, but ran my fingers through my hair in a sad excuse of a replacement for a brush, but you don't mind, right? His eyes were a striking emerald green that contrasted his tan skin beautifully. His manner of dressing was very relaxed and easy, not stuck with the trends like the one with the shadow or stuck far away from them like the one with the piercings. He, it seemed, was perfect.

He stepped up and his friends fell in line behind him or rather flanking him, but Alfred didn't care much for them at the moment, not with that gemstone gaze trained on him. He smiled a little warmer.

"Hello sir, are you ready to order?" He asked his voice coming out confidently as always. The man before him smiled.

"I am! I would like a Crispy McWrap meal with supersized fries and a Pineapple Mango Smoothie for the drink por favor!" Alfred nodded keying his order in, his tongue sticking just slightly out of his mouth from concentration.

"Will that be all for you, sir?" He asked looking up into the stranger's eyes again. They really were such a captivating color.

"Alfred?" The man tried. He snapped back into focus.

"Yes, sir? I'm sorry. It's been a long day." He responded his cheeks tinging a red color. The albino snickered and looked at the blonde one with knowing eyes. He shifted uncomfortably feeling slightly exposed in front of the trio.

"That's okay, amigo! I was just saying that my friends unfortunately will be on my wallet as well." He said with a warm smile. The albino clapped him on the shoulder and smirked.

"You shouldn't have lost the bet, Toni!" He said leaning on him.

"Hey Alfie! I'll have me a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Extra Pickles. Supersize my coke and fries too~" He said with a playful wink. The tan man, Toni, his mind supplied rapidly, sighed and pushed the other off of him.

"C'mon, Gil, cut him some slack, he obviously doesn't work the register regularly." He defended the other knowing how that felt, at least something like it anyway.

"Ah-hah…" Alfred scratched the back of his head a little. "I usually flip the burgers…" He mumbled a little, okay a bit more than little, embarrassed at his regular duties. The albino snorted and was elbowed by Toni.

"Lo siento, he's kind of an ass." Gil frowned at this.

"I am not Toni! I'm just awesome." He said with the stamp of his foot. Alfred rolled his eyes a little glad there was no one else wanting to order food. He looked over to the other man.

"And what would you like sir?" He asked politely trying to recover from his textbook school girl mistake especially for a guy in his workplace.

"How about your number, cher? I think that would be divine." He purred. Alfred spluttered.

"E-Excuse me?" He asked. Toni was gaping at his friend's blatant flirting.

"Francis! That's inappropriate! Apologize, you aren't even gay!" He chided. Francis smirked.

"Non, but you are." He responded with a wink before looking back to the gaping cashier.

"I'll have a Large Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie and a…." He stared up at the menu for a moment. "A Crispy Chicken and Bacon Wrap a la cart." He said with a warm smile. Alfred nodded mutely and turned back to Toni.

"Is that all, sir?" He asked his voice shaking slightly from all the developments in the past ten minutes they'd been at the register. The tan man nodded.

"And will that be for here or to go?" He asked.

"Here, it'll be for here…" He responded still shocked that his friend blurted the information to a random, granted very attractive, cashier in the middle of McDonald's. Alfred nodded.

"I'll bring your order to you. It's going to be $25.95." He responded waiting for cash or a card.

Toni fumbled and dropped his wallet. In his pursuit to pick it up he smacked his head on the metal counter, but grasped the leather between his fingers as he hissed. Alfred frowned and leaned over the counter only succeeding in making their heads smack together as the other man came up. Alfred whimpered and sunk back quickly.

"Lo siento! I didn't mean to Alfred!" He said worriedly rubbing the back of his sore head. Alfred winced, but managed a weary smile.

"It's fine sir." He managed even though a harsh headache was blooming in his skull causing him to see spots. He wasn't about to be rude to the attractive customer before him.

Toni was a bit red as was Alfred, but the money was exchanged and the transaction completed. The trio walked away to a table not too far away and Alfred turned around to see a very pissed CC. He smiled sheepishly and slipped past her. All he had to do was fill this order and then he could be on his way. Far away from work which would definitely do him some good, especially after today's fumble.

He quickly made the food and wrapped it, positioning it on the tray easily for aesthetics. He then grabbed two cheeseburgers for him, a coke, and a large fry. He would be eating rather well tonight. He went to work on the drinks and set them on the tray as well. He turned and walked down the small corridor to clock out before going back and grabbing the tray.

He walked out from behind the counter and placed the tray down on the table gently in front of the trio. They all stopped talking and Toni looked up at him. Alfred smiled a bit embarrassed still.

"Are you off now, Alfred?" He asked curiously. Alfred nodded.

"I am." He responded simply.

"Would you like to eat with us?" Alfred blinked.

"What makes you think I have any food?" He countered.

"Because you're carrying a bag and have a cup genius. It's not like body parts are in the bag. So sit down and eat with us, unless you too lame?" The albino challenged. Alfred's smile dropped a little.

"I am not lame." He hissed at the other man with his eyes narrowed. It was the gentle touch of the blonde that calmed him down a little, and managed to creep him out at the same time.

"Toni's right, he is just an ass, have a seat, Alfred. Toni would really love it if you did!" He flinched and glared across the table as Alfred warily sat down.

"Did you really have to kick me, Toni?" Toni frowned taking a bite of his wrap.

"If you didn't have loose lips we wouldn't have this problem." He hissed. Francis rolled his eyes before turning slightly to Alfred.

"Well Alfred, my name is Francis Bonnefoy and, as Toni so eloquently pointed out before, I am not gay." He said with a warm smile before sipping on his smoothie. Alfred smiled and nodded his mouth currently full of fries.

"My name is Gilbert Belischimedt! Of course everyone just calls me Gil because I'm awesome." He said with a smirk. Alfred rolled his eyes.

"Yes, I'm sure you're grand." He murmured before sucking down some coke through his straw.

"I'm Antonio Fernandez Carriedo and as Francis blabbed I'm gay." He said with a sigh before taking a swallow of smoothie to chase his chicken wrap.

"I'm Alfred F. Jones and I obviously work in this joint." He said plainly before stuffing a few fries in his mouth.

"Just how did you come about such a boring job, Alfie?" Gil asked Alfred sighed.

"I didn't think it would be that bad at one point…" He murmured softly.

"Oh?" Francis prompted. Alfred nodded.

"It always looked kind of neat from the other end, but now working here I realize it's stupid. Luckily for me it's only until I get my diploma." He said with a sigh. Toni spluttered.

"You're in high school?" Alfred shook his head chuckling.

"No, god, no. I'm in my second year of college." Antonio sighed.

"Oh good, I was worried for a second." He murmured through a bite of chicken wrap.

Gilbert looked over at him and smirked before chugging some of his coke. He had popped the lid off not too long ago and munched on a bit of the ice which kind of annoyed Alfred, but he decided to ignore it for the most part, it wasn't like he could tell the man how to eat, no matter how much he wished he could. He let out a soft sigh and munched on a fry thoughtfully.

Francis on the other hand was something like scarfing his food, his eyes kept slipping to the clock, and the speed of food intake would increase. It was actually beginning to cause worry in Alfred because that was not a healthy thing to do when eating, he should know, his mother had preached it to him enough when he was child.

"Uh… Francis, you got a hot date or somethin'? You're eating pretty fast. That's not healthy y'know." Francis flushed a little and shook his head as he wiped his mouth on his napkin.

"Non, well, not a date, Alfred. Just plans with Gil, his brother, and his brother's not-quite-boyfriend." Alfred nodded pressing his lips together.

"Not-quite-boyfriend, huh?" He enquired softly his eyes shifting to Gilbert who was looking rather uncomfortable. He shrugged.

"What West does isn't any of my concern." He mumbled looking away and out the window.

Francis sighed and smiled apologetically at Alfred. It was something he appreciated. The other didn't seem so fond of him which he honestly didn't really mind, but it was nice to know someone was on his side even if he didn't know them very well. Alfred chose to smile back.

"So when do you two have to head off then?" He asked curiously interested in making some form of conversation so the lunch wasn't so awkward. Francis glanced down at his watch again.

"In about twenty minutes. Traffic is going to be absolutely horrible, especially since we have to drop Toni off at his apartment." He said with a little sigh as Toni sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck.

"Lo siento amigo. I forgot all about your plans when I asked to have lunch with you two." Gilbert looked a little offended.

"Hey! How come I don't get an apology?" He whined tugging on the other's sleeve rather childishly with a pout on his lips. Antonio rolled his eyes and flicked his hands away.

"Because we both know you don't give a shit about punctuality, Gil. You've never been on time to anything in your life unless Franny was hounding you." He pulled away still pouting as he grabbed his drink and took a few sips.

Alfred shifted a little. He could tell Francis and Gil were obviously strapped for time and none of them were really done eating yet. He let out a sigh and sucked down some of his coke. He'd already finished his burgers. He looked up slightly and blew out a little air.

"I-I could take you to your apartment, Toni. If that would help… And if you want me too of course!" He tacked on his blush deepening a little at the intense green gaze. Francis smiled.

"That would actually work out really well if you could Alfred. His apartment is in the complete opposite direction from our destination." He looked over to Toni and raised an eyebrow.

"Would you mind, Toni? We really don't have the time to run you back to your apartment and still be on time for our plans." He explained a little worried because of the way his friend was acting around the cashier or rather burger boy, but the job was kind of beside the point for right now. Toni swallowed and nodded.

"Si, si, its fine, Francis! I don't mind. As long as you don't?" He asked Alfred nervously.

Alfred smiled at him and shook his head. He currently had fries in his mouth so he rose a finger to signal that he needed a moment. He swallowed and washed it down with some coke.

"I don't mind, Toni. I wouldn't have offered if I didn't want to do it." He responded with a shrug before popping a few more fries in his mouth. Toni smiled at him gratefully as Francis finished his food and was left with roughly half of his smoothie. He sighed looking over at Gil who had reached a pausing point in his eating.

"Gilly, we really need to be on time. You know how your brother gets when you're late and it worries Feliancio too. Are you done or are you just stalling?" He hissed the last part. Gil let out a labored sigh and grabbed his food tossing it in a nearby garbage can.

"Fine! Since you're just so eager to get there lets go right now." He sneered as he sealed the lid to his cup again and stomped out of the restaurant. Francis sighed and brought his hands up to his temples murmuring to himself gently. All of which Alfred caught, but decided to deal with later. He looked up to them and sighed again his blue eyes weary.

"I'm really sorry for his behavior. He doesn't take well to new people or being rushed and this thing with his brother is really stressing him out." He explained as he got up and threw his trash away as well. He waved as he back out of the door. Alfred swallowed and waved before turning around to face Toni again.

"Well… Francis kind of explained Gil to you. Don't mind him. He'll warm up eventually."

"Eventually?" Alfred asked raising an eyebrow curiously as the Spaniard blushed.

"I… Uhm… Y'know… I…" Alfred chuckled a little.

"Already planning for the future, Toni?" He teased as the other darkened in color slightly, though it wasn't incredibly noticeable on the other man, Alfred had noted it and felt a little triumphant at it.

"I… Well… Sort of?" He responded before sipping at his smoothie nervously. Alfred smiled at him as he nibbled on a fry feeling sort of full, but knowing it was probably just his nerves getting to him.

"But only if you want too…" The Spaniard tacked on.

"I wouldn't really mind." Alfred admitted before popping a few more fries in his mouth. Toni smiled at the other.

"In that case can I have your number?" He asked. Alfred choked a little and grabbed for his drink sucking down the coke to dislodge the fries. He gasped a little and breathed for a moment. Toni chuckled at him.

"Surprised Alfred?" He asked with a smirk. Alfred nodded a little without thinking before shaking his head and then looking away rather awkwardly.

"Well, you can put your number in my phone, amigo." He said sliding the iPhone across the table to the other man. Alfred smiled and picked it up inputting his number along with various other things before typing in his contact name 'Sexy Burger Boy'. He slid the phone back and noticed the other was done with his food.

"You want me to take you home now?" He asked poking at his fries a little. Antonio nodded.

"Yeah, I'll take the trash." He said picking up their now cold food and flopping it into the trash. He turned around to see Alfred standing by the door twirling his keys thoughtfully. He walked up quietly and tilted his head curiously.

"What're you thinking about, amigo?" He asked. Alfred looked up and flushed a little.

"Just that this was really fun, but we should get going, huh?" He suggested with a smile. The Spaniard nodded and followed Alfred out of the dine-in area to the car. It wasn't a bad car, nothing too impressive, but not everyone had a convertible corvette like Francis did, though Antonio never really paid any attention to things like that.

He slid into the passenger seat and buckled up. Alfred was already waiting on him, so it was a little embarrassing. He exhaled softly and pressed his forehead against the window, not even objecting to the obnoxious pop music filling the silence of the car, making it less awkward. Alfred looked over at him.

"Toni, are you okay?" He asked over the music before reaching over to turn it down.

"Si, I'm fine, Alfred." He responded just loud enough. Alfred frowned.

"Really, Toni?" He asked one more time. The other nodded.

"Si, si, I'm fine…" Alfred clucked his tongue a little.

"You look upset, Toni." He stated his eyes back on the road. Toni sighed.

"It's just… Francis and Gilbert are always going somewhere and doing something. They're leaving me behind… All because I don't have someone to go with." He said softly. Alfred frowned again.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Toni." The other just shook his head.

"I never was anyone's favorite." He responded his eyes fluttering closed. He didn't like the empty landscape, it reminded him of how he felt.

Alfred swallowed a little and glanced over at the other. He slipped his hand into Toni's. He didn't expect the other to look up or anything of the sort. He let his eyes go back to the road as he squeezed gently.

"If it counts, you're my favorite." He said softly. The other opened his eyes and looked at their hands then Alfred. He pulled his hand away like it was being burnt. Alfred frowned and flicked his hand up to the steering wheel gripping it till he was white knuckled.

"My apartment complex is right here. Just drop me off." He said sadly. Alfred pulled up to the entrance and unlocked the doors to let him out. He bit his bottom lip and looked away. The door slammed shut shaking the whole car before he ripped out of the entrance and into traffic again getting caught in the very thing the Frenchman was trying to avoid. Traffic.