Flipping Burgers & Hearts

Other Options On The Menu

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Antonio groaned softly against Alfred's lips his hands flying up to his shoulders and instantly taking hold and dragging the American inside. He slammed him up against the wall roughly the door swinging open more from the action.

The flickering of natural lighting and manmade bothering Toni as he roughly dominated the American he pulled away and sighed. The door slammed shut with a horrendous crack causing Alfred to wince something Antonio caught and paused a foot away from the other.

His big green eyes questioned the American silently. With the flick of his hand the Spaniard was all over him once again. Lips, tongues, teeth, hands, even knees, everything applicable was in full force of use. Alfred had no idea how much contact could be used in such a simple act. The Spaniard was blowing him away in more ways than just one.

The phone now forgotten on the floor trilled with the same music as before. It caused Antonio to pull away with a sigh and Alfred to giggle despite his precarious position. The screen was alight with a name. A familiar one at that. He frowned.

Alfred bent around the Spaniard to see the name. His brow furrowed. He let the name bounce around in his head. He swallowed and looked to the Latin man before him.

"You gonna get that, Antonio?" He asked his voice coming out bitter and hurt.

He pushed the Spaniard away. He rubbed the saliva off of his lips and glared at the man. He shook his head.

"Here I thought you were alone, but obviously not." Antonio opened his mouth to explain himself. Alfred held his hand up.

"No. I was wrong to think I was the only one. There are always other options on the menu. I don't know why I thought it'd be different this time." He murmured. He bent down and scooped the phone up. It had stopped ringing for a moment. But picked right back up again. Alfred gave a half-hearted laugh and chucked the phone at the Spaniard.

"Womanizer. That's really suiting. Go ahead, answer it." He hissed.

Antonio looked bewildered and glanced between the phone and Alfred three times. He let out a sigh and answered the phone careful to keep his tone even and to act normal.

"Hola Lovino!" He called cheerily into the phone even though his whole demeanor showed how upset he actually was.

"Bastardo! Why the hell did it take so long for you to answer me?" He hollered over the phone causing Antonio to cringe.

"Ay. Calm down mi amigo. I was busy." He responded sounding apologetic. He may have been apologizing to the Italian, but the only person he really wanted to apologize to was Alfred.

There weren't other options on the menu, not any he was interested in, all he wanted was the burger boy, but apparently that was a bigger challenge than actually getting the right burger.

"Oi! Tomato bastard! Are you even listening to me?" Antonio nodded.

"Si, si, of course I am, Lovi."

"Don't you fucking call me that!" The Italian snarled over the phone. He flinched.

"Ay, lo que sea*, Lovi. Did you need something or were you just calling to be like this?" He asked anger fixing itself into his voice. The voice on the other line fell silent.

"No. I suppose not." He murmured before hanging up.

The dial tone rang loud in Antonio's ears. He blinked and pulled the phone slowly away from his face. He turned deliberately before chucking the phone across the room violently. Alfred shrunk back his head knocking a picture loose from the wall and sending it spiraling to the floor. He flinched and waited for the Spaniard to turn his anger on him.

The Spaniard looked at the shattered glass and the misplaced picture. He let out a soft, sad sigh and bent down slowly. He gently touched some of the broken remains. He looked up at his lashes and through his piecey bangs to the American.

"You've got some glass in your hair, Alfred."

Alfred blinked and gingerly touched his hair. A shard or two fell out. He let out a soft 'oh' and stared down at the fallen glass almost as if he couldn't believe it. He looked at the Spanish man again clearly confused.

"Aren't you mad?" He murmured in question. Antonio shook his head as he picked up the larger chunks of glass before gingerly starting in on the smaller shards.

"No, amigo. It was an accident, si? Don't worry about it." Alfred stood there looking bewildered.

"But… But…" Antonio raised an eyebrow in question as he looked up at the American.

"But, amigo?"

"But you should be mad." He said desperately. The Spaniard tilted his head.

"So… You want me to be angry with you?" He asked confusion in his voice. Alfred shook his head and sighed as he tugged at the ends of his shirt.

"Well… No… But shouldn't you be?" He murmured just loud enough. Antonio shrugged.

"Maybe, but I'm not. I'm not that sort of person, amigo. It was just some glass and wood. It's completely fixable." He responded with a smile as he picked up the frame. He gently pulled the picture from the rubble. He placed it on the small table next to the bowl of keys and various things of that nature. He turned away to dispose of the trash and Alfred let his curiosity get the better of him like always.

He tiptoed over to the picture and grasped it gently in his hands. His azure eyes took in the picture greedily. It appeared to be of a younger Antonio with a small, angry boy. He had an unruly curl and sharp amber eyes. He appeared to be upset, but his eyes seemed to glow and the pink of his cheeks leaned towards the fact that he was secretly very happy to be with the other.

Alfred let out a sigh and placed the picture back on the table. He leaned against the wall. They looked good together. They looked happy and… and what had Alfred done in the day he'd known the man? Made his food at McDonald's, drove him home, got angry with him, came back, made out with him, and then picked another fight. It was far too messy and chaotic to be right.

By the time Antonio returned Alfred was seated on the floor, his back directly to the wall, he was just gazing ahead like there was something invisible there no one else could see. Antonio tilted his head to the right.

"Alfred?" He asked his accent twisting the word far too much, not that the American was objecting, but did he really have to sound so sexual when speaking? Was that a necessity?

"Yeah?" He asked his voice coming out dull and worn.

The Spaniard knelt and push some of the hair from his face. He gazed down into the crystalline blue eyes searching them gently. He let out a soft sigh and ran his fingers through the fine golden blonde hair. He watched his fingers as he did it before meeting the American's eyes again.

"You looked at the picture, amigo." Alfred's eyes widened.

"What! I… I… No. Well." Antonio shushed the other softly.

"Shhh, Alfred. I'm not upset. It's just a picture is it not? I wouldn't have displayed it on the wall if it wasn't meant to be seen. You're fine, just calm down, okay?" He murmured to the American running his fingers softly over his cheekbones and jawline.

Alfred's breath hitched in his throat and he lurched forward. Their teeth clacked together with a dull noise, but neither minded. It was a sloppy, messy excuse of a kiss. Something like what upset teenagers would do after their first fight. And maybe it wasn't a bad thing that the two felt so strongly for each other so quickly, but it was certainly scary. It was absolutely terrifying, but nothing was worse than the sudden loud banging on the door to the apartment.

Alfred jumped clear out of his skin and smacked his head into the wall with a high pitched whine from not only the pain, but the interruption. Was it so difficult and impossible for him to make out with the sexy Spaniard?

Antonio sighed and kissed Alfred's forehead before rising and offering a hand to the other. Alfred waved him off and he shrugged before walking over to the door. He whipped it open while the caller was at mid-bang. The small fist hit into his chest and he just chuckled, but that was before he realized just who was at his door.

"Bastardo." The short Italian said indifferently.