Chapter: A New Home


The summertime was beautiful in New England and it was a wonderful place to live. It had all the four seasons—which winter sometimes was absolutely horrible—and everyone seems to migrate down from all over the nation to go off to New England during the summertime.

Driving down the road that was surrounded by woods, a teenager about seventeen was driving her dark cherry red 2011 Jeep Rubicon. The jeep was decked out to go out into the wildness and crazy terrains. Thanks to her father, who brought her and helped her fixed up the jeep to be like the way it was.

Her black wavy hair was blowing behind her as all the windows were down and she had her IPhone hooked up to the radio, playing random genres of songs. She was returning home from private school. Though, she has been out of private school for a week, she had been staying at her friend's house in North Carolina.

While in school, she had founded out that her father and the family moved back to his hometown. Thus, they called her with the direction and said that her things were already in her new bedroom.

Turning down a road, she stared around at all the nice houses surrounded by trees. She smiles at how this peaceful vibe came off this neighborhood. Though, with her family and the family friends living all in the same area, there must've been chaos now.

Pulling up near the mailbox, she listens to the GPS saying that she had arrived at her requested location. Pushing her sunglasses up to show dark green eyes, she stared at the house and smirked.

"Father totally knocked down the old one to build this one."

Turning the wheel to the right, she pulled up the stone driveway and parked in front of the garage. Once she got out of the car, the front door to the house slammed open and screaming was heard.


The seventeen year old bent down and hugged her little sister to her. She stood up, holding her as she began to walk towards the house, but stopped as the rest of her family came running out.

"Rayne's home!"

"Awesome, prank city all the time now!"

"My baby is home."

"Hey, little queen."

Rayne Feder smile at her family coming towards her and hugging her into this big group hug. Once they let go, she set her little sister, Becky, back onto the ground and properly gave her siblings and parents a hug.

Rayne Feder was the oldest child or rather twin of the Feder family. She and Greg were twins and they were called the passionate children. The reason behind that was because their parents conceived them when Lenny proposed to Roxanne.

Growing up in LA, she had gone to private schools but transfer to one out in the South. She was going to be a senior next year like her youngest twin brother, Greg Feder. While her other little brother, Keithie was fourteen and going to be a sophomore. The whole family was in high school together, except Becky, who was only seven years old.

"So, which room is mine?"

"I'll show you, dear." Roxanne, her mother, came forwards with a smile and excitement on her face. She dragged Rayne off to the house with Lenny, her father, following after them. The kids ran off back into the kitchen, getting ready for their second to last day of schoo.

Tomorrow was their last day of school before summer vacation.

"And here it is." Roxanne had led Rayne to the other side of the house and away from everyone else. Rayne notice that they were still on the first floor and they paused before a white door.

"This is either a closet or basement."

"You guess right, it's the broom closet." Lenny waved his hands to it making Roxanne to playfully slap his stomach. Lenny chuckle and stepped forwards beside his eldest child. He kissed the top of her head and opens the door for her, showing stairs leading to the basement.

"Go ahead." He lowly told her with a smile.

Rayne walked down the white carpet stairs with her hands gliding down the railings. As she came upon the landing and turned to look into the room, she screamed. Her eyes went up to her parents, who were smiling at her.

"This is all mines?"


"Yeah, of course she gets the basement." Greg walked by saying.

"Shut up, you jealous twit. I had requested the basement and you didn't because it was cold and creepy. Guess what, IT ISN'T!" Rayne shouted at him before running into her room that her parents designed for her.

"Alright, alright, no fighting with each other. We don't need a cage fighting match just yet." Lenny said, coming down the stairs while Roxanne got Becky ready for school.

"Dad, this is awesome. Thank you." Rayne hugged him making him to smile and hugged her back. Pulling away from each other, Lenny kept his right arm around Rayne's waist as they stared around her new bedroom.

The bedroom was huge and there actually walls separating parts of it. Lenny led her around, showing her each part of her room. It was like a mini apartment, but no kitchen or dining room.

It had its own bathroom, a wall separating the bedroom to the hang out area. Everything was perfect and Rayne was just hopping out of her sneakers.

The room had fresh light wood floors, dark ruby red walls with this silver trimming on top. Silver computer lights were installed into the ceiling. The bed was a king size bed with red sheets and white pillows. There was a light wood desk in the bedroom with a hanging flat screen TV in the corner. In the hang out area part, there was a flat screen on the wall, a long leather sofa with a coffee table. Pictures hanging on the walls throughout the room.

"Does this lead out to the backyard?" Rayne asked, walking to the white French doors. She opens up the wood blinds to see stone steps making her to open the doors and walked up the stone steps and appeared out in the backyard, staring at the Olympic size pool.

"Dad, this place is beautiful." Rayne admitted, staring at the large backyard that could have a softball field within it.

"Thanks. I'm glad you like it."

"I love it." Rayne said looking at her father and hugging him. When she let go, she stared at him with a smile.

"Dad, I got a question."

"What's that?"

"Can I go to school here next year? Please."

"No more private?"

"No. I want to be home, dad." Rayne told him with an innocent look.

Staring at his oldest child, Lenny sighed. He stared at her, taking in on how much she was turning into a woman. A natural beautiful woman at that. She looked like the splitting image of her mother, Roxanne, except Rayne has green eyes. The green eyes came from Lenny's mother side of the family.


"Yes!" Rayne hugged him again making him to laugh and hugged her back.

"Rayne! Rayne!"

"What?" Rayne turned around to see her siblings running up to her with smiles gracing their faces. They had their backpacks on and just kept smiling at her. That made her to sigh and looked at her father, who held up his hands and stepped back.

"Don't look at me."

"Come on, just drive us. Tomorrow is our last day of school, Rayne." Keithie said, rocking on the heels of his feet.


"Yes!" The three yelled before running off to her jeep.

"Have fun."

"Sure well."

Laughing, Lenny walked back into the house while Rayne ran through the house and went outside to find her two brothers arguing for the front seat. Rayne calmly walked over, picked up Becky and put her in the front seat. Seeing what Rayne did, the boys stopped arguing and stared at Rayne with their mouth dropped.

"Are you kidding me?"

"She is seven."

"And unlike you two, she is the patience and cute one." Rayne shot at them, shutting the passenger door after Becky buckle herself in.

The boys went to complain again, but shut it as Rayne gave them her infamous cold stare. They shut up and got into the backseats. Rayne nodded her head and walked around the vehicle, got in and started it up.

One thing about Rayne, the boys never messed with her—Becky was too innocent and nice to even mess around with Rayne and never does—because she would use her past mix-martial arts moves on them. Rayne did mix martial arts from the age of three up to sixteen but stopped since it was interfering with her softball.

"Alright, what time do you guys get out?"

"Well, we get out around two."

"I get out around three fifteen." Becky threw her arms in the air saying making Rayne to smile at her then nodded.

"Alright. Do you guys want me to pick you up or—"



Rayne glanced in the rearview mirror with raised eyebrows at her brothers. She glanced at Becky, who shrugged her shoulders and reached out to play with the radio.

"Why the answers at the same time but different responses?"

"Well, Greg said no because he wants to drool and fantasize over his crush, Nancy Arbuckle, as he sits behind her on the bus."

"Shut up!" Greg shoved his little brother while Becky giggles in the front seat. Rayne shook her head as she turned down the road that led to the high school.

"Well, you said yes because you are afraid of Duffy."


"A boy that bullies Keithie."

"What?" Rayne pulled up the high school and turned in her seat to stare at her little brother, who bowed his head.

"Is that true?"

"Rayne if you saw him, you would run away."

"Doesn't mean he has the right to bully you. Why isn't anyone stopping him?"

"Because the teachers are afraid of him." Greg said, getting out of the jeep and heading off towards the school. Rayne kept staring at her youngest brother, seeing him nod his head at Greg's words before getting out.

Rayne just watched her brothers' head into the high school before driving off and shaking her head. She glanced at her little sister, who looked back at her.

"Are you going to do something about it, Rayne?"

"If I see him or rather, I'll confront mom and dad about it. Keithie shouldn't be getting bully. Actually no one should." Rayne told Becky, who nodded her head in agreement.

Staring at her older sister, Becky was happy that Rayne was home. She wasn't the only girl in the house—beside their mother—and Rayne was someone Becky looked up too. Rayne in Becky's eyes was pretty, has a great personality and always puts smiles on people faces. Staring at Rayne, Becky smile, glad that Rayne was home.




"Dad, what the hell are you doing?"

"Trying to clean the pool." Lenny said, using a net to get the bugs or anything floating on top of the pool water. He glanced behind him to see Rayne plopping herself down in one of the pool lounge chairs and lean back in it.

"Dad, did you know that Keithie gets bullied?"

"Yeah. We tried to tell him to stick up for himself, but he gets scared. Then we tell him to tell a teacher, but the teachers are terrified of the kid."

"Is this kid like Godzilla or something?"

"Close to it. Maybe Godzilla grandchild."


"What? Just saying." Lenny chuckle while glancing at his daughter, shaking her head but had a small smile on her face.

"Hey Lenny, do you hear that Higgins has a son?"

"Higgins has a son?" Rayne sat up, staring at the backdoors of the house to see two of her dad's best friends, Eric Lamonsoff and Kurt McKenzie standing there.

"Whoa! Is that Rayne!"

"Eric! Kurt!" Rayne jumped off the lounge chair and ran at her dad's best friends and hugging them. Standing back and leaning against the pole to the skimmer net, Lenny smile at his daughter conversing with his best friends.

After greeting each other, they were all sitting around the patio seats and talking about their other best friend, Marcus Higgins, having a son.

"I'm not surprised that he doesn't have twenty kids."

"Rayne!" Lenny exclaimed, but snicker with his best friends as they had to agree with Rayne. Out of all of the friends, Marcus was the playboy one, who always slept with various women and he likes to get drunk at times.

"So, has anyone seen this kid of his?" Rayne asked them as she lean back in her patio seat with her right leg crossed over her left.



"I wonder how nervous Higgins is." Lenny thought out loud, putting his right hand underneath his chin and making a humming sound. Rayne looked at Eric and Kurt to see them making thinking faces then they all looked at one another, shaking their heads and laughing.

Rayne smile at her father and his best friends, knowing that with all her father's friends living in the same neighborhood, that things will be interesting and fun.