Chapter: Beginning Anew


..Few Months Later: Fall: …..


"Aw, it's first day of school again for you two."

"Mom, we are going to college." Rayne stared at her mother, who was trying not to cry. Stepping to her, Lenny wrapped his right arm around her shoulder and held her close.

"Dear, don't worry. It's not like you won't be seeing Rayne and Mr. Rambo here, every day. They are commuting. Remember?"

The tears that were falling from Roxanne eyes had stopped and she stared in between Rayne and Braden. The two eighteen year's olds were nodding their heads very slowly in agreement with Larry's words.

"Oh! Yes, I forgot about that…but still, they are so grown up!" Roxanne exclaimed and began to cry again to which Lenny pulled away from her and threw his hands in the air.

"I think that we are going to go. First class and everything." Rayne slowly said, taking steps back with a nodding Braden.

"OH, do you need lunch, or lunch money or any—"Lenny had put his hand over Roxanne mouth and nodded at the two teens to go.

"Go have fun on your first day in college you two. Don't do anything that I wouldn't do."

"You mean, would do?" Rayne pointed at her father, who stared at the sky to think then looked at her with a nod and pointed his right pointer finger at her.


"Thought so." Rayne turned around mumbling causing Braden to chuckle and follow her to the Jeep Rubicon in the driveway.

Getting into the jeep, Rayne started it up then slowly pulled out of the driveway.

"Well, that wasn't bad."

"That was bad. You should have seen when Greg left for university but you were with your dad that day. Lucky you." Rayne mumbles, putting the jeep in drive once she had safety gotten out of the driveway.

"How bad?"

Rayne glance at her boyfriend then straight ahead as she began driving.

"It felt like it was the end of the world. I had to stand outside for a while, pretending I was packing things in the SUV because mom was seriously wailing so loud." Rayne told him causing Braden to make a face then chuckle a bit, picturing Rayne hiding out at the SUV.

They drove for fifteen minutes until Rayne pulled up to the local college that they will be attending. They stared at all the college students, walking around with groups of friends talking and others were rushing to get to their classes.

"So, this is it?" Braden said, glaring at some kid walking by the jeep. The kid went wide eyes and ran off. A playful slap to his arm caused Braden to turn in his seat to look at Rayne with a sheepish grin.

"Yes, this is it. And don't go glaring at people."

"Well, obviously he was a wuss to be a scare of my glare." Braden mumbles while Rayne shook her head and drove her jeep to the parking lot. She parked her jeep in the commute parking spot and reminded herself that she had to buy a sticker to show that she is a student and she can park here.

Braden and Rayne sat in the jeep, staring out the windshield then at each other.

"Is this happening?"


"Once we get out of this jeep, Braden, we are college students."

"Yeah, scary thought."

"Well, let's do it."

Braden nodded, reaching in the backseat to grab their backpacks before getting out with her. Rayne locked up her jeep then walk up in front of her jeep. She thanked Braden for grabbing her backpack for her before slinging it on.

"Here we go. Starting a new, huge event in our lives."

"To become a teacher! Onward!" Braden pointed out in a superhuman pose. Rayne laughed causing Braden to smile at her, making a check in his head for making her to ease up and smile.

"Well, to become a nurse! Onward we go!" Rayne pointed then laugh as Braden wrapped his left arm around her waist and together they walked onto the campus.

"Here we go, Rayne."

"Yeah, here we go with starting to make ourselves prepare for the real world, Braden. Here we go."






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Yes, it was a short chapter, but it was one of those chapters to end this story and to begin the sequel. Yes, there is a sequel in process. I wanted to end the story with them entering into something new in their lives.

Spoiler Alert: The sequel is going to be the children are now 'Grown up' and getting into the 'big world.'


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