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At first... I didn't want to believe it... But... It's really starting to look like...

I'm lost.

The blonde dialed a number on his cell.

One ring... two rings... three rings...

"The person you called is unavailable at this time. Please leave a message after the tone." Beep.

"Ah, Suzukicchi*," he said, "I'm here in Shinjuku, but the directions you gave me led me to the wrong address. I'm on Yotsuba. Come get me."

He sighed. If she hadn't picked up then, it meant she was busy, probably would be for a while. Which meant he would be stuck on the street for who knows how long, stranded in an area he'd never been in before.

And it was late, too. The sun had long since set, and the street lights had begun flickering on.

The blonde pouted rather childishly. I really hate to be alone...

A brisk breeze sent a chill up his spine. He cowered at the feel. Waah, this place is giving me the creeps!

Suddenly, the male perked up. He saw the outline of a figure in the distance.

This place I'm supposed to be modeling at I've heard is pretty well known... Maybe that person will know the way. He waved, hoping to draw the person over.

As the person drew closer, the male began to second guess himself. It could just be the very faint lighting, but it really looked like...

Was this person... Skipping?

This city really was too bizarre. That person had to be an adult, judging by their size and the hour.

Never mind that, he thought, trying to be optimistic, At least now I know she's a female. No men skip like that. He began to feel a little better after that. He was a super famous, impossibly popular fashion model, after all. Assuming she knew where this place was, it would be as easy as a model-status grin to get the info out of her.

The woman was about three meters away now. The blonde could make out completely black garb: black shoes, jeans, shirt, and jacket, its hood, hem, and cuffs lined with fur. He saw short black hair with messy bangs over her forehead, and relatively pale skin, like himself.

A goth chick, he thought, but his thinking was cut short as the person came to stand face to face with him, and the blonde saw that she was in fact a he.

"I'm Orihara Izaya. Can I help you?"

*Suzuki is a made up character, straight from my brain :) In this story she'll be acting as Kise's manager.

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