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"Neee Izayacchiiii," Kise whined, rubbing his neck, "you could've really hurt me in that last picture!"

Izaya only chuckled. "I said I wasn't going to hold back~ Besides, I'm a professional with this," he said, wiggling his switchblade around. "If I wanted you unharmed, there would never have been so much as a nick no matter how seemingly close things came. And if the opposite were true, well, then I'd hope that you already have your will written~"

Kise gawked at Izaya's response. He couldn't believe this guy! "Just exactly who are you?"


The shoot had ended, and everyone was manically rushing to get elsewhere right away, Suzuki included. After she apologized for having to ditch them, and promising to send them both copies of the final photos, she left the two alone on the sidewalk.

Oh, and it was about midnight.

Since it was so late (or early, rather,) Izaya invited Kise to stay the night at his place. Kise really didn't have any other options at that point, so he accepted.

And so there the two were, walking the mostly deserted streets of Shinjuku in complete darkness, save for the occasional street lamp.


Izaya stopped walking and turned back to face Kise. "Why, I'm Orihara Izaya, of course!"

"Yea, yea, but what does that mean?" Kise inquired impatiently.

Suddenly, Izaya's eyes lit up, and he asked, "Would you like to find out?"

Kise gulped. Stranger danger, stranger danger! But as he mulled things over in his head, he found his curiousity winning out over his common sense. He really wanted to know more about this oh-so-mysterious Orihara Izaya…

So, resolute, Kise gave a firm nod.

"Yay!" Izaya clapped his hands. "But of course I'm expecting you to return the favor." He winked.

And so, upon entering Izaya's lavish apartment, (and doing his fair share of gawking,) Kise called off any prior engagements he had made for the day ahead. And as he curled up on Izaya's couch, closing his eyes, he wondered if he had truly made the right choice.


"Wakey wakey~!" Izaya chirped in a sing-songy voice as he ripped the covers off of Kise's sleeping form.

"Izayacchiiii," Kise groaned as he turned away from said man and tried to grab the blanket back.

"No can do, Ryo-chan!" Izaya said, remarkably happily for someone awake at four in the morning after having fallen asleep just three and a half hours ago. "You see, I'm a very busy man, and today I have business in Ikebukuro. Hence, I need to get all my work done early, before Shizu-chan even wakes up. That way I know that he won't be able to interfere. Then, once that's done, we can have fun~"

"Who's this 'Shizu-chan'?" came Kise's muffled voice from underneath the pillow he had adamantly placed over his face.

"A monster," Izaya simply answered. "I'm sure you'll get to meet him sometime, whether you like it or not. The latter will probably be true. Anyway," Izaya said, grabbing Kise's ankle, "time to get up!" With that, Izaya yanked Kise face-flat onto the carpet.

"Izayacchi…" Kise whimpered.


It was not yet 6:30 in the morning, but Kise didn't know how much more he could take: He watched as Izaya proclaimed all of the terrible evils of this hate-filled, cruel, contrived world to a girl no older than Kise himself. Izaya continued on to even personally criticize the girl and her 'frivolous' behavior and decisions. Kise finally stepped in when the girl started crying, yelling that Izaya was a jerk, and shouting that she was going to jump off the edge of the tall building they were on.

Hastily moving out from the place he had been instructed to hide, Kise ran over to the girl, profusely apologizing for Izaya, who he claimed to be a psychopath. Kise then proceeded to tell the girl all the wonderful, good things about the world. The girl, charmed by Kise's looks and sweet nature, simply gave him a hug and went on her way.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Kise sunk to the ground, sitting by the ledge of the building.

"Have you really made people jump before?"


"And you're proud of that?"

"Of course not, it's too easy of an accomplishment to be something worth being proud of."

"Then why do it?"

"Oh, I think it's fun to toy with my humans. They're so incredibly intricate yet so incredibly fickle: easily persuaded, easily tampered with. They're such wonderful creatures, really."

"Ah," was all Kise could manage. Perhaps he really is a psycho…

So wrapped up in his thoughts, Kise didn't notice Izaya quickly go behind his back…

"GAH!" Kise shrieked. He was shaking. "Izayacchi you meanie! You didn't have to push me! I really thought I was going to die!" Kise whimpered.

Izaya was having a laughing fit beside Kise. Unceasing in his giggles, he held up his phone to face Kise. On the screen was the video of Izaya shoving Kise, and Kise flailing around while making a not-so-manly sound.

Somehow Izaya had gotten it to loop.

A very red Kise pouted. "D-don't you have some more work to do, or something?"

"Ara~ Ryo-chan is right!" Izaya immediately stopped laughing. Collected as ever, he stood up and began to walk back towards the stairs. Kise, dazed by Izaya's impossibly capricious behavior, scurried to catch up.

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