"Eren, you are to get a good nights rest tonight, that's an order. Tomorrow you're training with me for our next expedition." Levi looked at the boy lazily, silently judging his every move. Eren lifted his head from the small piece of bread he was absentmindedly eating bits and pieces of. He wasn't quite hungry that evening, and he hardly noticed when his squad mates left the room, quite awhile ago. He was brought out of his daze at the sound of the order.

"A-Ah! Yes sir!" Eren spoke. He couldn't read the expression of the older man. It was always the same, dull look. Standing up from his spot at the table, he quickly saluted the Corporal, and turned to leave the room.

"Ahem." Came a quiet sound from the table. Eren turned back to look with an eyebrow raised. Levi looked from Eren, to the piece of mangled bread that was left at the table. "You seem to be losing your head Eren. Or should I say, that you're dangerously close to losing it?" Levi let the vague threat hang in the air like a mist, the corners of his lips turned up in an ominous smirk. Eren could feel his blood practically run cold as he picked up the piece of bread, carefully eyeing the unpredictable man.

"R-Right..I'm sorry, but in that case, I'll just be leaving..." Before he takes his blades and chops my head off or something. He supressed a shiver, much to the amusement of Levi. Maybe death threats were the right way to control the rampant young boy. He would have to keep that in mind, for future reference. The younger of the two had almost made it to the door, when he felt a hand on his shoulder, and a whisper in his ear.
"Off with your head." On that note, Eren found out how to run faster than the Armored Titan in a matter of three seconds flat. Levi was left in the room alone, attempting to keep his composure from the humorous event. Well, that most certainly answered my question. Levi chuckled and resumed his seat at the table. Seconds later, he froze. Is that a real smile on his face? His fingers gently trailed over the upturned edges of his lips from the smile that never faded, and he blinked a few times to clear away the shock. He couldn't remember the last time a genuine smile had found its way upon his face. "That boy...he..." Levi quickly replaced the smile with a scowl, and lightly dug his nails into the table. "I have a vague feeling that the brat will be the death of me."

Eren made it to his room, out of breath. He dragged himself over to his bed, gratefully able to lay down. He never knew when the Corporal was joking, or being serious. The line between the two was so thin, it was hardly there. Thinking back on it now, he knew that he overreacted. But how could he not? He was genuinely scared for his life for a few seconds. Those bored eyes never gave away anything, making it difficult to figure out the man behind the mask. Sighing, Eren ran a hand through his hair. "I think the Corporal will be the death of me."

The next morning, Eren was dressed and ready, waiting in the training area for the Corporal to arrive. I wonder how training will go...He thought to himself with a sigh. I'm probably gonna get my ass handed to me. There's no way Corporal Levi will go easy on me, he's gonna kick me into oblivion. While stressing over his inner thoughts, he never noticed the older man walk up behind him. Levi could tell he wasn't paying attention, it was quite obvious really.

"I'm doomed." Eren spoke aloud to himself. Levi crossed his arms and tapped his foot in the slightest manner, clearing his throat.

"Ahem." Eren jumped before turning around slowly, afraid of what fate may unfold before him. Perhaps a kick to the face? Or a glare even the devil himself would shy away from? He was surprised when he seen that the Corporal looked tired, and quite irritable. Little did he know, that Levi had stayed awake most of the night, mentally exhausting himself over the fact that he let someone get under his skin momentarily. Not even on the best of his days did a true smile show, and yet Eren had managed one in merely a couple seconds. Even if those seconds were from scaring the living daylights out of the boy, a smile is a smile.

"Corporal..I didn't see you there..because, well, you know..." Eren laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. He received a very unamused look in return. Oh, so is the brat making short jokes now? Levi could feel himself getting more and more frustrated by the second. "Er, what are we gonna work on in training today sir?" Eren asked boldly, attempting to get a word out of the man.

"Hand-to-hand combat." The reply was short and sweet. The 15 year old boy felt panic instantly begin to take form in his mind. He hadn't worked on hand-to-hand combat since Annie had made a mockery of him.

"Alright..." He spoke uncertainly as the two of them took their positions across from eachother. Eren tried to remember what Annie did when they fought. He put his fists up defensively in front of his face, and was rewarded with a raised eyebrow from Levi. Then, all hell broke loose. Levi lunged forward quickly, aiming an immediate blow on Eren's shin. The boy gasped in shock and pain, but had no time to dwell on it. Out of the corner of his eye, he seen Levi appear behind him, aiming a kick to his head. Eren dodged in time, but barely. As he was thrown off balance, Levi seized his chance and hit the boy in the stomach, knocking him to the ground.

Rivaille stared down at the boy, feeling a slight twinge of guilt. What's this, first a smile and now guilt? He thought to himself in defeat. "Get back up and actually fight this time." Eren tried not to wince as he pulled himself to his feet, taking his position once again across from the Corporal. "Like I said, fight this time. Hand-to-hand combat may not seem like it's important to rely on, but it is. You must learn it." Levi spoke calmly, his earlier frustration slowly fading away. Eren gave a small nod, and put his fists up defensively once again. This time, he knew that he had to give it his all.

Once again, Levi lunged, but he didn't go for the legs. This time, he immediately went behind his opponent, looking to aim a strike to the back. Eren, however, wasn't going to be fooled again. He spun on his heel and kicked high, aiming a blow to Levi's face. Stunned, but not off guard, Levi ducked when Eren went in for a punch. The titan-shifter felt the wind get knocked out of him when an elbow found its way to his abdomen. Kneeling over, Eren glared up at his superior, trying to catch his breath. Levi gazed calmly back at him, relaxing as he let his guard down.

Eren seen the tension leave Levi's shoulders, knowing that he found Eren to cease being a threat. Smirking to himself, the persistant teen ignored his injuries and grabbed the unsuspecting Corporal around the legs, causing him to topple backwards and hit the ground hard. Eren took the opportunity to stand up, and gently yet firmly place his foot in the center of Levi's chest to prevent him from getting up. The older man stared in well masked surprise. I let my guard down. That damned brat...wait, what the hell does he think he's doing? Levi thought to himself in wonder as he looked up to see Eren extending a hand towards him. The foot had been removed from his chest, and the young boy was smiling gently.

Rivaille reached up, taking hold of the hand. Just as he was being pulled up, he pulled down hard and make Eren tumble down. Moving quickly, Levi pushed Eren onto his back and straddled him, looking down at him with a smug look. "You may have caught me off guard, but I caught you in the end."

Eren glared slightly, a light blush forming on his cheeks. He couldn't believe what had just happened. "I thought we were finished."

"We're only finished when I say we're finished."

"Forgive me for trying to be kind and help you up." The voice of the bold teen dripped with sarcasm. He would've rolled his eyes as well to emphasise his point, but he had a feeling that he would no longer have eyes if he did that. Instead of getting angry, however, Rivaille continued to look down at the boy. He was shocked to say the least. No one had ever really had to courage to flat out use sarcasm on him. It was unheard of.

"What did you just say?" The tone of voice Levi spoke with wasn't one of anger, but rather curiosity. The taller of the two didn't quite seem to catch the change. With a timid voice, he spoke quietly.

"U-Um..I said, forgive me for trying to be kind..and help you up...sir!" He threw the sir onto the end, hoping that he wouldn't be murdered if it genuinely seemed like he was trying to show respect, rather than piss off the man. Levi was hardly paying attention anymore. This boy is interesting...he's surely full of surprises, that's for sure. He treats me like an equal, which for anyone else would certainly spell their death, but him..I think he's the exception. Levi contemplated to himself, hardly noticing that all the while, he was staring down at a nervous Eren.

How is it that this boy can get under my skin so badly? It almost makes me wonder if... "Eren." The teen raised himself up on his elbows, still forced to stay under the Corporal.

"Yes?" Before Eren knew it, a hand was placed gently under his chin, almost as if it were made of glass. Levi leaned in slowly as Eren stayed frozen to the spot. Their lips were nearly touching, suspended in tension. The two remained that way for what felt like ages. I can't...Levi quickly pulled his face away and got off the boy, practically running away from the training area.

Eren felt as if his body had gone stiff. Corporal Levi...were you going to kiss me?