Jean never had the chance to kiss Eren. It was a mixed blessing, considering he was now being held by the collar. Levi's fist was drawn back, mere seconds away from landing a spot on Jean's face. Eren jumped up quickly, putting himelf between the two boldly.

"Heichou! Don't punch him!" Eren pleaded, hoping that the fist wouldn't hit him instead. Levi grit his teeth and looked away, yet still held firmly to Jean's shirt.

"Eren. What is the meaning of this? I want the full truth this time." By now, everyone in the dining room was looking at them. Eren seemed hesitant, but breathed out a small sigh.

"Jean was-"

"I was trying to kiss Eren." Jean interrupted. Levi and Eren both looked at him.

"Obviously." Levi snapped.

"I had never kissed anyone before, and I wanted experience!" Jean went on. He was, of course, lying immensely. Levi tightened his grasp.

"Kiss Mikasa or something, Eren is mine." Audible gasps were heard throughout the room, and Jean's face lit up red. Mikasa's face was impassive. Jean pushed back a nervous laugh. Here goes nothing...he thought.

"So Corporal, what are you saying?" He dared to ask.

"What do you think I'm saying? That damned brat is mine, and only mine." Levi glared. Hanji was squealing from where she sat a few tables over, her eyes shining bright.

"This is so entertaining!" She said excitedly.

"L-Levi.." Eren muttered, slightly embarrassed by all the attention they were getting.

"What if I want Eren?" Jean asked. As if. Mikasa is totally mine. He added as an after thought.

"Well you can't have him." Levi hissed.

"Who says?"

"Me. He can't do anything that well, and I'm pretty sure he was born angry and stubborn, but dammit he's mine." Levi said rather loudly. Eren didn't know whether to take offense to that, or be happy. He would figure that out later. "He's the only one I want, because somehow that brat got under my skin and made me have all these damn feeligs. I've given up on trying to fight them, because I love him." Levi continued.

Jean's grin widened. "So basically..."

"So basically he's mine, so keep your lips off of him." He pushed Jean away.

"I don't believe that you like him. I think you just don't want to see Eren happy." Jean challenged, hoping for Levi to snap.

Which he did.

"What the hell did you just say? You don't believe me? Believe this." Levi grabbed Eren's shoulders and leaned up, pushing their lips together roughly in front of everyone. Hanji ended up fainting.

Eren's eyes widened as he froze, realizing what had just happened.

Levi realized it as well, but it was too late.

Levi broke the kiss and stared up at Eren with surprised eyes, knowing that he had just lost the game. Eren smiled.

"I love you too, Heichou." Eren leaned down and placed a quick and sweet kiss on Levi's lips. Levi still stood frozen. Jean couldn't help but laugh.

"See, Eren? Told you it would work!" Jean beamed. Levi didn't know who to kill first.

"You set that up?" He asked Eren. The teen had to fight for the right words.

"Well..Jean did. I wasn't really happy with it, but he wouldn't let it go, so.." His voice trailed off. Levi stayed silent for a moment before storming out of the room.

"W-Wait! Corporal!" Eren ran after him, leaving everyone in the room very much so confused.

Catching up with Levi, Eren placed a hand on his shoulder and turned him around.

"Please don't be angry."

"How can I not be?"

Eren looked down in guilt. "I just wanted the game to end, so I could be with you." Levi had to admit, he wanted the game over with also, but he never expected it to end like that. The two stood in awkwardness for what felt like ages. Levi broke the silence first.

"I just didn't like seeing him all over you." He said quietly.

"I didn't like it either. It wasn't you." Eren admitted shyly. "But please don't be too angry." Levi scoffed.

"I can't be."

The two made eye contact and knew that everything would be alright. Eren leaned down and gave Levi a kiss. Levi kissed back and although the kiss was gentle to begin with, emotions the two had been holding back became apparent. They were both eventually pushing deeper into the kiss, Eren eliciting little moans here and there. Levi ran his hands up Eren's shirt, and just as the teen was beginning to fumble with Levi's pants, the two of them both felt a sharp slap on the back of the head.

"Sheesh you two, get a room." Jean sneered, Mikasa walked up to stand next to Jean. People were filing out of the dining area, moving on to get ready for bed, or to just stay awake and relax with friends.

Eren's face flushed red as he looked from Jean to Mikasa. Mikasa didn't seem angry in the slightest bit. The traces of a smile were on her lips. She was happy for him, glad to see her step brother so happy for once. Levi regarded them for a moment before lifting Eren up, and slinging him over his shoulder.

"W-What the hell!?" Eren yelped, his green eyes wide. "What are you doing!?"

"Getting a room, like Jean suggested." Levi responded casually. He started to walk away, still holding onto Eren.


"I don't see why not."

The two bickered all the way to the bedroom, leaving Mikasa and Jean standing behind.

"Y-You know Mikasa..I'm not gay, I was just trying to kiss Eren to get Levi to snap and all really, I was helping him." He explained, running a hand through his hair in nervousness. Mikasa looked at him, her eyes giving nothing away. Jean began to feel nervous, but that melted away when he seen the corners of Mikasa's lips tug into a smile.

"That was very sweet of you, Jean. Thank you for helping Eren. I've never seen him so happy."

"Well, it was n-nothing..." He smiled bashfully.

Before Jean to continue stuttering like a fool, Mikasa leaned up and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Jean froze as his face attained a new level of red, and his heart stopped beating all together.

"You act tough, but you're a total sweetheart." Mikasa commented before wandering off to find Armin. Or maybe to find Sasha. Mikasa enjoyed to torment Sasha with food in her free time.

"T-Thanks..." Jean whispered breathlessly to air. I got the girl! He mentally shouted to himself in triumph.

While Jean was on cloud 9, Eren was practically getting the clothes ripped off of him.

"Can I at least be the dominant one in this relationship?" Eren pleaded.

"In your dreams."

"But Rivaille!"

"Save your voice."

"But you're too short to be the dominant one!"

"That's it. You're getting tied up."


"Did I stutter?"

"That's a little harsh!"

"Deal with it."

Eren knew that this was going to be a long night. He also knew that he would be in immense pain in the morning, but hey, at least he got the boy.

Aaaaand this is the final page. I'm gonna miss writing this story. :c For those of you that were expecting smut, I'm sorry, but I /tried/ to throw in fanservice. I wanted to keep it mainly on the fluff side, but I'll leave your imaginations to figure out how the rest of their night went. The votes turned out that Eren would win the game, so that's what happened! Thank you for all the positive reviews everyone! Also, if any of you would like for me to write them something, just send me what you want I'll try to get to it.