Soul Switch

Chapter 1

The day started out like any other. Lightning would wake up at the crack of dawn, then get ready for work. However, something was a bit different today. But what?

Lightning crawled out of her bed and started to make her way to the bathroom, only to bump into a wall. She looked at the wall and grumbled something under her breath and rubbed her nose. 'Since when was there a wall there?' Lightning thought, then turned around and looked at 'her' room.

Her eyes widened. Because this wasn't her room at all. Everything was completely different. Not only that, this room was slightly messy, something She would never let happen. She rushed out the door of her bedroom and went to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror, and she paled 10 times her skin colour. And she fainted.


The alarm went off and beeped loudly. Fang grumbled and smashed the alarm. Then she sat up in her bed, too tired to notice her surrondings. 'Fucking alarm clocks...' She thought as she got out of her bed. She yawned loudly and stretched her arms. There was a knock on her door and she said, "come in!" Only to realize that the voice she spoke in wasn't her own!

The door opened and there was Serah. "Hey sister! I made you breakfast!" Serah smiled to Fang. 'Sister? Maybe in some fucked up world...' Serah snickered and said, "might want to brush your hair, it looks kinda silly."

Fang rolled her eyes. Serah walked away. Fang looked around the room and noticed that this wasn't her room. It was too clean to be hers.

Fang walked out of her room and into the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and she punched the mirror.

A/N: And here is the first chapter of my story Soul Switch, which of course features Farroncest. And friendship between Fang and Lightning. But I'm pretty sure they were already friends. BUT THAT'S NOT HOW THIS STORY WORKS! And I kinda imagined Fang would kinda be a dirty person... i dunno. STOP JUDGING ME. Also... silly Fang. Punching mirrors and shit~!.