Soul Switch

By: Kittys-yay

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Chapter 1

What in the What?

It was a lovely day today, and said day had started out like any other. Lightning would wake up at the crack of dawn, as that was when her alarm clock was set, and she would get ready for work.

Though technically she didn't have work until about 9 in the morning, and she woke up about 5 in the morning.

But most of the time she woke up before her alarm, and sometimes she didn't even set it at all.

But today was not your average day. And Lightning had felt that right from the get go.

The woman crawled out of her bed, still waking up, and as such wasn't really concentrating on the world around her. Not that that really mattered, seeing as she had the layout of her and Serah's place memorized right down to the squeaky floorboard right in the far corner of Serah's room.

She started to make her way to the bathroom, only for her cute little nose to slam into a wall.

Lightning yelped in pain. Her eyes shot open and she looked at the wall.

'Since when has that been there!?' Lightning thought in confusion. It was then she turned around and looked at the room before her.

It was not her room.

Her first clue to this was that the room was messy. Now Lightning was by no means a clean freak, but she most certainly would have not let it get this messy. Sure maybe a few pieces of clothing on the floor.

But not a pile of disgusting clothes over in the far off corner and garbage scattered all over the floor. And Lightning was 99% sure that she stepped on a bunch of potato chips.

Her brow furrowed in confusion.

"What in the-?" She mumbled, and moved out of the room she was in. Beyond the room was not much better. Still very messy.

"Who could live in this?" Lightning questioned in horror. Though nobody came to answer her, not that she had expected an answer.

Lightning shook her head and quickly made her way to the bathroom. It took sometime, but she eventually found it.

She walked into the bathroom and sighed. Running a hand through her hair she looked into the mirror.

Her jaw dropped and she saw the colour drain right out of her face. 'Fuck' The woman thought as she blacked out.

Unfortunately for her, the bathtub had been right behind her. And her head was quite weak towards the sheet steel.

If she had been awake, she would've most defiantly heard the crack of her skull when it hit the tub.


At exactly 5 o'clock in the morning, an alarm blared loudly and Fang groaned in annoyance. She slammed her hand down onto the unsuspecting alarm, and the thing was completely obliterated.

She sat up, and scratched her head in her tired stupor. With a yawn the tired Fang climbed out of the incredibly soft bed and stumbled out of her room.

Instead of going straight to the bathroom because Fang needed some noms for her belly, she went straight to the kitchen. Where, surprisingly, was Serah.

Serah turned to Fang and grinned. "Morning sis," She said.

That woke Fang up a smidgen. 'Sister?' She almost scoffed at that idea. 'Ya maybe in some fucked up world.' Fang shook her head and her eyes drifted to the dining table.

On said table was food that Serah had made. Something she'd do every morning for her beloved sister.

"So ya. Breakfast is ready and I hope you like it, Claire," Serah told Fang.

And though Fang was slightly confused, her stomach won over logic. It had a fair argument. What with the grumbling and the slight hunger pains.

Fang sat down and quickly devoured her breakfast.

Serah stared at the woman wide eyed.

"Sooo uhh... guess you were really hungry," Serah stated.

"Yup," Fang replied. But she noticed, her voice didn't sound right. She frowned ever so slightly. She was still waking up, as Fang needed at least one solid hour before she could think and act like a normal person.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom," Fang said and stood up. She moved over to the bathroom and washed her face.

But when she looked up in the mirror... it wasn't her face that she found. It was Lightning's.

Now everything made sense. But Fang wouldn't notice said sense until after.

The woman, spooked about her appearance, ended up punching the mirror. Some of the shards embedded themselves into her hand, causing her to cry out slightly in pain.

"Claire!?" Serah worriedly exclaimed and rushed into the bathroom. She saw the blood and the broken mirror and quickly put two and two together.

"Why did you punch the mirror you bum," Serah rushed over to Fang. She looked around frantically trying to figure out what to do. Though it was painfully obvious.

Serah ran out of the bathroom to dial 911.

Fang just stood there staring at her hand and thinking 'Why am I Lightning? Why is this happening? I wish I hadn't of woken up today...'


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