A Shinobi Among Yokai Chapter 1

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Naruto scowled and gripped the tri-pronged kunai in his gloved hand tightly as the man across from him just stared at him. Like many times before, his entire body suddenly lit up like a sun. Golden chakra erupted from his very being as black seal-like markings spread across his body, a tattered cloak formed behind with the collar having six magatama markings on it, very much like the ones around his neck and two of his endmost blond locks spiked up, resembling horns.

"Why don't you just give it up, Naruto? You've got nothing left." The man across from him taunted. The man had a similar shroud of chakra covering his body, but it was different at the same time. He had a similar cloak to Naruto, nine tomoes decorated the back of it as well as one much larger tomoe at the top that had a ripple pattern to it. Six other tomoes also went around his chest area and he was holding a shakujo. While his left eye was purple and had a ripple-like pattern to it, his right eyes was red with three black tomoes in it.

"We've had this discussion plenty of times before, Obito." He spat the name as if he never wanted to use it again. "Just because everyone and everything I know is gone, doesn't mean that I'll just give up. I refuse to let their deaths be in vain. They were trying to stop you from completing this stupid plan that you have, something that I intend to do until I draw my last breath." At the end of his declaration, Naruto's eyes changed. More specifically, they changed into his best friend's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan that had been gifted to him when Sasuke had died.

"Hmph. Even after all this time, you're still filled with so much confidence." The Jubi's second Jinchuriki grinned rather darkly at him. "Despite you having received Sasuke's eyes and the rest of the Kyubi's chakra from that Father of yours, you have no chance in defeating me while I'm in control of the Jubi's power."

"Well then I guess we'll just see about that, huh?" Naruto shot back, shifting his right foot behind his left and bring up the tri-pronged kunai in front of him. 'Are you ready, Kurama? This could very well be the last time.'

The giant fox that lived inside of him didn't even need a second to think about his answer. "Yeah, let's just hurry up and kill this bastard."

As if on some unknown signal, the two Jinchuriki blasted towards each other with resounding booms, indicating that they both broke the sound barrier. The two covered the ground that had been between them in less than a second, Obito's shakujo came sailing towards Naruto, but the blond was able to block it with the tri-pronged kunai that he held within his hand.

Usually, the kunai would have easily snapped and shattered under the pressure of Obito's weapon that came from being the Jubi's Jinchuriki, but Naruto had reinforced it's strength with Kurama's chakra so that it was able to block the attack.

Naruto's left leg came flying towards Obito's chest, but said Uchiha just knocked it away with his left palm before spinning his shakujo around and hitting Naruto right under the chin with so much force that it sent the Kyubi's Jinchuriki sailing through the air with his back facing the ground.

"Don't tell me that's all you can do, Naruto. I mean, I knew you were always weak, but this is just pitiful." Obito taunted, idly drumming his shakujo on the ground to provide him some amusement.

Naruto growled as he wiped some blood from his lip while Kurama's chakra started to heal his slightly fractured jaw. "I'll show you who's weak, you bastard."

Obito cocked an eyebrow as he watched a spectral form of the Kyubi form around Naruto. That's not what had gotten his attention though, he'd already seen that plenty of times. What did catch his attention was that purple armour started to cover it from head to toe along with two giant, purple arms that protruded from it's back. One of the arm's hands held a ball of black fire within it while the other had a large sword.

"Well this is new. To think that you would cover that mode with Susanoo." The Uchiha remarked, not looking the least bit intimidated by the combination of powerful techniques.

'This is going to take a lot of chakra.' Naruto thought as the spectral figure of Kurama opened it's mouth and started gathering a large amount of negative and positive chakra until it formed a massive, purple sphere.

Seeing this, Obito jumped a fair distance away as a black spectral figure that was larger than the Kyubi formed around him with ten, swishing tails. The Uchiha also started to concentrate on gathering negative and positive chakra in front of the spectral figure of the Jubi's jaw until the sizes of their spheres were identical.

'This is as big as I can make the Bijudama while the Jubi isn't complete.' Obito realized. 'Oh well, it doesn't matter. His is the same size, so if anything they'll cancel each other out.'

Naruto's Sharingan's spun ferociously as the hand of Susanoo that was holding the ball of black flames reached around and hovered over the Bijudama.

'He's not really trying to do that, is he?' Obito mused, not really beleiving that what the Konoha ninja was attempting to do would work. However, his eyes widened in shock when he saw the Bijudama 'accept' the black flames and have the flames coat it.

Naruto grinned at his achievement. 'Never actually thought it would work. Having negative and positive chakra melded together with the flames of Amaterasu wasn't something I ever imagined myself doing. And yet here I am.'

Obito scowled. "You'll never reach me with it!" He declared before firing off the mass of chakra that was once in between the Jubi's mouth straight towards Naruto.

"Not on my watch." From beside the blond, a clone came into existence with a poof before it jumped onto the Susanoo covered spectral figure of Kurama, already knowing exactly what to do.

The clone ran through some hand seals as fast as it could while Obito's Bijudama continued to soar towards them. Finishing on a unique hand seal, a large barrier made out of kanji appeared in front of him and the original Naruto, which started to absorb the giant Bijudama. Once the giant sphere of negative and positive chakra was out of sight, the clone brought a tri-pronged kunai into view before forcing the Bijudama to be teleported to another identical kunai that was miles away.

Obito's scowl deepened as the Bijudama's giant explosion went of in the background, but before he could even make a move, Naruto's Bijudama that was covered in black flames was in front him. His eyes widened and he gritted his teeth together. He didn't have anytime to do anything, not even morph his Sharingan into his Mangekyo so that he wouldn't get harmed.

Naruto's grin widened slightly as his Bijudama that was covered in the flames of Amaterasu impacted with Obito and the spectral figure of the Jubi in a massive explosion of chakra and black flames.

'Is it over?' Naruto thought to himself as the spectral figure of Kurama and his Susanoo disappeared. 'I can still sense the anger and hate that Obito has for me, but his chakra is low. Very low. Which means he's still alive, but barely.' Naruto landed on the ground as the rest of Kurama's chakra left his system, revealing him to be wearing his usual black and orange jumpsuit, his forehead protector was securely tied around his head and he had a pair of black gloves on his hands.

Obito let out a groan as he lay on the ground. He was missing his entire left leg as well as most of his right arm and most of the right side of his stomach and chest area was blown to bits. The only thing that was keeping him alive was the still active shroud of the Jubi's chakra that was around him, even then the shroud was running on fumes.

"This is it, Obito." Naruto said as he kneeled down beside the barely alive Uchiha with a kunai held in his right hand. "You've taken so much from this world and all you've given it back is pain and sorrow. For that, I'm going to kill you." He flipped the kunai in his hand around so that he was holding it in a reverse grip before he brought the kunai down towards Obito's heart.

However, just before the kunai made contact with the Jubi Jinchuriki's flesh, the Uchiha's left hand shot up and grabbed a hold of Naruto's own hand with the last of his physical strength.

Naruto scowled as he tried to force the kunai down, bit it didn't even budge. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw Obito's right eye change from his usual Sharingan to his Mangekyo Sharingan, he tried to force himself away, but he was held in an iron grip.

"Yeah..." Obito murmured as he tried to bring Naruto inside of his dimension. "This is it, for the both of us. If I die, then I'm taking you down with me!"

Naruto gritted his teeth as he kept trying to remove his hand from Obito's, only to result in failure. Time seemed to slow down as the swirling that accompanied The Uchiha's Kamui technique continued to engulf him. He kept trying to think of ways to get free, but was coming up with nothing. That is, until he remembered. The Hiraishin! He could use that to get out of there with no problems, right?

He didn't really have much of a choice either way; it was either attempt it or get sealed away within Obito's dimension for eternity. As quickly as he could, he focused on one of the Hiraishin kunai that he'd left in what remained of Konoha.

As soon as he'd felt the kunai, he teleported to it as fast as he could, leaving nothing on what was once the battle field of two Jinchuriki's.

Naruto's eyes slowly started to open and he found himself almost reflexively scowling in annoyance as he was met with the familiar white walls of a hospital. He groaned; he really hated hospitals.

'Wait a minute, hospital?!' His eyes fully snapped open in surprise as he sat up on the hospital bed. Looking around, he found that he wasn't in a hospital room the he recognized.

"Oh, so you're awake."

Naruto turned his head around and saw a nurse walk in with a clipboard held in her hands and a polite smile on her face. "Y-yeah, how long have I been out?"

The nurse hummed as she stopped at the foot of his bed. "A week. You were really injured when we found you lying down outside the hospital. Your face was almost as pale as a sheet of paper, actually. And you seemed to have absolutely no energy left in you whatsoever. I'm actually surprised that you were still alive."

Naruto nodded. "Okay. This might sound weird, but where am I?"

"That is a weird question." The nurse agreed, still smiling politely. "You're in Tokyo, the capital of Japan."

'What the hell is Japan and what the hell is Tokyo?' Naruto thought as he kept his face blank and just nodded at the nurse. "So, when am I able to leave this place? And where are my clothes?"

"Well, to be honest, we weren't expecting you to wake up until another two weeks, so I'll have to go check with the doctor who admitted you in here." Naruto nodded and the nurse continued. "As for your clothes, well they were torn to shreds; barely anything of them left. So the hospital paid for some new ones, they're just in the closet over there for when you're ready to get dressed." The nurse said, pointing to a closet that was currently closed before she went over to the chair and picked up his weapons pouch. "The only thing that remained unscathed was this pouch, don't worry we didn't go searching through it. Patient's privacy and all."

"Alright, thanks for that." Naruto said with a smile that caused the nurse's face to heat up slightly as she placed the pouch back on the chair. "Anyway, would you be able to go and find that doctor to find out when I'm about to leave here?"

"O-of course." The nurse mumbled, looking slightly disappointed at the fact that he was going to be leaving soon.

Naruto sighed as the nurse left his hospital room and closed the door behind her. 'Tokyo is the capital of Japan according to that nurse... Ah man, where the hell am I?' He groaned and slumped back down on the bed. 'Hold on, if I'm here, wherever here is, then what happened to Obito?'

He wasn't expecting an answer, but he got one anyway. "Got no idea, brat."

'Hey, Kurama. Glad to know that you're alright.'

Kurama merely let out a 'Hmph' at that. "Did you really expect anything less of me?"

Naruto chuckled but didn't reply to his Biju partner. "I always end up getting myself into these weird situations." He got up and walked over to the closet that the nurse had pointed to beforehand and opened it. "I should probably get dressed, then maybe I can just get the hell out of here."

Inside the closet was a plain, long sleeved grey T-shirt, black jeans and a pair of ordinary black runners. 'Not what my first choice in clothing would be, but it will do for now.'

A tall man that easily stood at six feet wearing a black leather jacket with equally black pants and shoes was standing upon one of the many tall buildings in Tokyo, Japan. He ran a hand through his scraggly brown hair as a smug smile spread scross his features and he scanned the city with his yellow eyes.

Two people were stood on his right and left, both wearing the same clothing with the same brown, scraggly hair and yellow eyes. In fact, the only difference among the three was that their heights were slightly different.

"So, when are we going to make our move? It's just that I'm really pumped up about fighting whoever has such a powerful aura." The shortest and the on one the six foot man's right said with excitement evident in his voice.

"Soon, I've just got to hone on whoever it is' location and then we'll go 'pay them a visit'." The one on the six foot man's left said.

"Then hurry up and find whoever it is." The six foot man groused as his smug smile turned into an annoyed frown.

"Yeah, yeah." The man on the left murmured nonchalantly. "It's just that whoever's aura it was has died down expenentionally, it also seems to have become more calm, so just give me a minute."

The man in the middle simply crossed his arms as the shortest of the three scoffed and shot the man on the left an annoyed look. "I bet you're just getting shitty at sensing Yoki."

The man on the left sneered back at him but remained silent as he continued to pinpoint where the aura was coming from.

"So..." The one in the middle started in an attempt to strike up a conversation. "The new school year at Yokai Academy is beginning soon."

"Ugh." The one of the right groaned. "We're going back to that pathetic school again this year?"

"Yeah, you bet." The six foot tall man with a small smirk, knowing that his companion absolutely hated schools altogether. Before he could say anything else, the one on the left spoke up with a smirk forming on his face.

"I've found it. Come on, let's go 'greet' whoever it belongs to."

'I suppose the first thing I should do right now is to try and find out where I am exactly and what way it is back to Konoha.' Naruto thought as he waled over to the window that had the curatins covering it. He moved the curtains to the side and he felt his eyes go wide and his jaw go slack at what he saw.

Outside the window, he could see buildings that seemed to be made nearly entirely of glass that were as tall as the Biju themselves. Below the buildings, were numerous amounts of different coloured lights and what seemed to be some sort of transport moving around. He couldn't make out what they were exactly as he was in a high part of the building. He also took note of the fact that it was dark out and that he was at least fifty stories high.

'W-what the fuck is this?' He thought to himself in shock. 'Kurama, I've a feeling we're not in the Elemental Nations anymore.'

"You don't say." Kurama deadpanned as he rolled his eyes but Naruto ignored him.

Naruto took some steps away from the window with his eyes still wide in shock before he fell back onto the hospital bed in a sitting position. 'How the hell did I get here? The last thing I remember in the Elemental Nations was fighting Obito and then... nothing...'

Kurama frowned as he heard who he had come to accept as his partner's thoughts. He only remembered fighting Obito? No details? He didn't remember using his Father's technique at the same time that Obito used his Kamui?

'It seems as if you've lost some of your memory, Naruto. Too bad I can't do anything about it. Oh well, it's not like it matters all that much, it seems as if he's only lost the most recent part of his memory before we got here... wherever here is.' Kurama mused but didn't say anything to his Jinchuriki. He didn't see a need to.

'Alright, get it together. Now, what do I do first? Try and find a way to get back to Konoha?' He shook his head almost immeditaely after the thought came to him. 'No. There would be no point in me going back there. Everyone I knew is dead.'

He was broken out of his thoughts when the nurse from before came back into his room, the same polite smile from before gracing her face. "I just spoke to the doctor, he said that you were free to go, but you'll have to fill out some forms at the front desk since we don't have any information on you."

"Alright, thanks for that." Naruto smiled at her as he got up from the hospital bed and made his way towards the slightly shorter nurse. "Do you mind if you take me to where I can fill the forms out?"

"N-no, I don't mind."

Naruto followed the nurse through the hallways of the hospital, with said nurse swaying her hips from side to side slightly as she walked in an almost suggestive way. Something that Naruto would never admit to glancing at a few times.

However, before they could reach the desk that the nurse had spoken about, the elevator doors that they were walking past opened up. Inside the aforementioned elevator were four when, three of them wearing identical black leather jackets and equally black pants with the same brown, scraggly hair and yellow eyes.

It was the last of the men that made Naruto frown though. He was wearing a dark blue T-Shirt and black pants and was being held in place by the tallest of the three men who had yellow eyes. Before the man that was being held in place could even blink, the tallest of the three grabbed his neck with one hand and snapped it with an audible crack before throwing the body away from him as if he was discarding a piece of trash.

Naruto's frown deepened as the nurse next to him screamed and made a run for it, along with anyone else who saw the action. That didn't seem to bother the three men though, as they were staring at him and only him.

"That's him, right?" The tallest of the three asked the man to his left, who nodded in confirmation. "Well let's have a good fight then, huh?" He cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders as he and his two companions started to run straight towards Naruto.

'I don't even know these guys and they already want to kill me.' The blond thought in annoyance as he tilted his head to the side from one of the men's punches before lashing out with his leg and planting his foot in the attacking man's stomach, sending him rocketing through the air until he impacted with the wall, cracking it.

Before the blond could celebrate, the other two men were upon him, coming from both his sides with their fists cocked back in a ready position to punch him straight in the face.

Naruto didn't bother to dodge this time, instead he simply raised both of his hands and caught the two fists with ease. The man on his left side went to sweep his legs from under him, but Naruto simply jumped over it, let go of the man's fist and planted his foot in the man's face.

Thanks to the distraction, the man on his right, which he idly took notice that he was the tallest, was able to get out his grip and put some distance between them.

"So, why are you guys fighting me anyway?" Naruto asked casually as the man he threw into the wall got back up as well as the one who had been kicked in the face.

"We felt that you had a strong aura, so we came to kill you in order to prove ourselves." The tallest of the three said.

"Then why did you kill that man instead of just focusing on me?" Naruto shot back as he nodded in the direction of the man's corpse, which was in the way of the elevator doors closing.

The shorter of the three sneered as he dusted himself off. "Human lives don't matter, they're just trash who's existence is a bother. They're so pathetically weak too."

Naruto arched an eyebrow at him. "You're not a human?"

"No." The shortest one sneered at him again. "And according to dipshit over there..." He glanced at the one who'd been kicked in the face, which got him a glare in return. "You're not either, if the aura you have is any indication."

"Well, for your information, I am a human." Naruto crossed his arms over his chest and gave them all an annoyed look as the three regrouped in front of him.


The sensor, as Naruto had deduced, cut the shortest one off. "No, he's not lying. He has a powerful aura, yes. But now that I'm closer to him I can tell that it's not yoki, it's different. I've felt it in all humans, but he has a lot more of it; it's like comparing an ant to a skyscraper. It's a lot denser as well, so it's probably why I mixed it up with yoki from such a distance away."

"We came all this way for a human?!" The tallest of the three snarled, obviously not happy with the new information. "Fine, then to compensate; we'll destroy the building and kill everyone in it, including this stupid blond."

Naruto's eye twitched at being called a 'stupid blond', but he didn't bother to make a comment on it. "I won't let that happen."

"Just try and stop us then." The shorter of the trio sneered as all of their bodies started to bulge in different places.

Their skin grew scales, their chins became pointed, the teeth that were revealed thanks to them sneering and snarling at him became snake-like, their tongues lengthened and the tip split off into two parts, like a snake. Their limbs disappeared, replaced by a long and thick tail that acted as a support to keep their now larger bodies upright. Two large, ram-like horns formed on their heads and their yellow eyes gained slits in them.

'Okay, I know that weird stuff seems to follow me around... but isn't this a bit far? I mean, I don't even know what the fuck these three are, not that I care that much.' Naruto thought.

"Behold, our true forms! Cower in fear at our mere presence, because we ar-"

"I couldn't care less what you are." Naruto said, effectively cutting the large snake-like creature in the middle off.

The one he'd cut off flicked his tongue and hissed at him before turning to his two companions. "Start killing everyone in site, I'll take care of this human personally."

His two companions seemed to nod in acceptance before they slithered in opposite directions, Naruto made a move to start running after one of them, but the snake-like creature who had declared that he'd take care of him slithered in front of him with impressive speeds and smashed it's tail into Naruto's ribs, sending him flying through a wall.

'Sakura hits harder, but damn that still hurt.' Naruto noted as he picked himself up and dusted himself off. 'It looks like I'll have to take care of this bastard first, though.' His hands went down to his thigh, the spot he usually kept his weapons pouch, only to find it not there. 'Ah shit, must of left it in the room. I'm going to need it too, I can't exactly use Jutsu in a building like this without bringing it to the ground.'

"I'm surprised that you're still alive, but it doesn't matter! You'll die with the next hit I deliver to your pathetically weak human body!" The snake-like creature declared as it slithered towards the shinobi at a fast pace.

Naruto was ready this time, however, and smashed his fist into the snake-like creatures face in between the two ram-like horns, sending it flying back through the hole that had been made when Naruto crashed through the wall.

Using his opponent's momentary down time, he put his hands into a familiar cross-shaped hand seal. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." Two puffs of smoke made themselves known beside the Jinchuriki and revealed two perfect copies of himself.

Already knowing what to do, the two clones sprinted off in seperate directions, both of them going after the other two snake-like creatures.

"If that's as hard as you can hit, then you might as well just give up now."

Naruto spun around was actually surprised when he saw the same snake-like creature slowly slithering towards him with a smug expression and no noticable damage.

'I hit him as hard as I could, how the hell is he still alive? Not to mention that he doesn't look the least bit injured.' Naruto thought before shaking his head, it didn't matter right now and at least he found out that his body was able to endure hard hits. He bit the inside of his cheek as he tried to come up with a solution that would let him 'remove' this... whatever the fuck it was without destroying the surrounding area. 'The rasengan? No, that would probably send his body flying with enough force to destroy a good amount of walls...'

He closed his eyes and sighed. He didn't exactly want to use that one someone that really didn't seem to be all that strong, but he was limited to using it thanks to him being in a room and not having the desire to destroy the building.

The creature with two ram-like horns on it's head saw him close his eyes and use it to it's advantage. Rushing forward with a gleeful hiss, the creature attempted to slam it's horned head straight into the shinobi's chest. He smirked when he heard a delightful cracking noise, but frowned in confusion a second later when he realized his target hadn't even moved from it's attack like he'd expected.

Naruto opened his eyes to reveal the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan that Sasuke had given him just before his death. Around him, a purple ribcage had formed and protected him from the snake-like creature's headbutt. A purple arm with a hand connected to it grew out of the side of his Susanoo and picked the creature up in an iron grip.

The creature wriggled around, but found that it couldn't move an inch, so he settled for a glare directed at the shinobi. "What the hell is this?"

"That bit of information doesn't concern you in the least." Naruto said as he returned the creature's glare. "What does concern you, however, is what I'm going to do to you."

"You're just a pitiful human, you can't do anything to me. Besides, I'll easily be able to get out of this. Just give me a se-"

"Don't bother." Naruto cut him off. "You won't be able to get free, no matter how hard you try. Besides, you don't even have one more second to live any more." As soon as he'd finished speaking, Naruto's Susanoo clenched it's fist and squished the creature into nothing but blood and the part of the tail that the hand couldn't grab.

The Susanoo faded out of existence as Naruto blinked and his eyes reverted to their normal blue. He sighed and started to run back to his hospital room, intent on getting his weapons pouch so he didn't have to use Susanoo again.

When he got back to the room he'd satyed in when he was taken into the hospital, he immediately ran over to the chair were his weapons pouch was and strapped it to his right thigh. He was about to run back out of the room, but froze in his steps when he felt memories suddenly rush into his mind.

His clones had been destroyed; well more specifically one had been destroyed while the other had dispelled itself, having completed it's task in stopping the snake-like creature it went after by shoving a rasengan straight into it's face.

Naruto rushed out of the room and took off in a full sprint in the direction that the destroyed clone had taken before.

The snake-like creature hissed at a middle-aged man with black hair and brown eyes, who was backed up against a wall with his eyes wide open in fear.

"W-what the hell are you?!" The man shouted as his eyes frantically searched for an escape.

He couldn't find one.

"What am I?" The creature smiled cruelly. "Why I'm a Cerastes of course!"

"Y-you mean the Greek mythical creature that hides in the sand with the only thing that sticks out of the sand is it's horns?" The man gulped as the Cerastes' tongue went out of it's mouth for a brief moment while a satisfied hissing sound made it's way to his ears.

"My, you're quite knowledgeable for a human." The Cerastes remarked before a small grin broke out onto it's face. "I guess it's just too bad for you that I'm going to kill you right here and now!"

"Oh no you won't!"

The Cerastes hissed again, though this time in annoyance as a certain blond shinobi came sprinting towards him down the hallway they were in.

"You again!"

The middle-aged man used the distraction provided by the blond to run away.

"Yeah, me again you over-sized snake!" Naruto bellowed back. When the blond got close, the Cerastes swiped it's tail at him, but Naruto was able to jump out of the way and stick to the wall, right next to the Cerastes's head.

The Cerastes swung it's tail at him again, but Naruto was no longer there and was instead right behind it.

Without even thinking, Naruto lunged at the Cerastes and wrapped both of his arms around it in a tackle, sending them both through the wall. Unfortunately for the both of them, that wall was connected to the outside, and so the both of them were sent sailing through the air.

Naruto's eyes widened at this. He didn't know that breaking through the wall would give them a free ticket to the cold, hard earth beneath the large building they were in. He unwrapped his arms from the Cerstes and kicked it away, causing it to go faster in it's plummet towards the ground.

"Now look what you've done you idiot!" The Cerastes hissed rather loudly as it flailed around in the air. It didn't seem that the over-sized snake had much control of it's own body while free falling.

"Yeah, okay, I admit that wasn't my best moment." Naruto murmured in slight embarrasment as the ground got closer and closer. He reached into his weapons pouch and pulled out two tri-pronged kunai. "Here, catch." He called out as he tossed the kunai and imbedded it into the Cerastes's body, causing a hiss of pain to come from the creature, before tossing the other kunai through a window of the hospital.

"Why the hell did you bother to tell me to catch it if you were just going to impale me with it?!" The Cerastes snapped. "Besides, I don't have any arms to catch things!"

"Well that's too bad for you I guess." Naruto said as he suddenly appeared right next to the Cerastes with his hand on the kunai. "A word of warning, try not to throw up."


Just before the two of them landed in the middle of the road, they suddenly disappeared from the view of the people who had seen them falling, much to their shock.

Naruto and the Cerastes reappeared right next to the kunai that Naruto had thrown into the hospital while they were falling. Having used the Jutsu many times before, Naruto didn't feel the efffects that came with transporting from one place to another instantaneously.

The Cerastes, however, had never been involved with something like that and flopped to the ground almost immediately.

"Well, it seems play time is over." Naruto said as he put a hand around the kunai that was still imbedded in the over-sized snake. "People like you who have no care for other's lives don't deserve to live." He chanelled his wind chakra through it before cutting the Cerastes in half, causing blood to start oozing out of both halves.

Naruto sighed before walking over to a sink that was in the room and turning the tap on before washing the blood of the tri-pronged kunai.

"Hey you, stop right where you are and put your hands behind your head!"

Naruto turned his head to the side to see two men aiming some sort of hand-held weapon at him. They wore dark blue uniforms with a matching dark blue hat.

"Is there something I can do for you two gentleman?" Naruto asked as he dried the kunai off with his shirt before turning to face the two men fully with an arched eyebrow.

"Yes, put your hands behind your head and don't move!" Barked the man on the left.

"Just hurry up and leave this place, Naruto." Kurama sighed in boredom as he rested his chin on his human-like hand.

'Alright, alright.' Naruto rolled his eyes and placed the tri-pronged kunai back into his weapons pouch before laucnhing himself out of the window, ignoring the cries from the two men in the room he had just left.

Naruto yawned as he sat up. He took a look at his surroundings and noticed he wasin the same spot as he was last night. He had decided to sleep on the top of one of the tall buildings that were in Tokyo.

He stood to his feet and stretched his body before placing his weapons pouch back onto his thigh. 'Well I suppose it would be best to try and at least live in this place...'

He was about to run and jump off the building, but something caught his eyes. Walking over to the something, he found out that it was a few pages of paper taped to the ground with writing on it. He tore the tape off the paper and picked it up.

'Yokai Academy, huh?' He mused before noticing a small seperate note attached to the pages and he started to read it.

That was quite a show you put on last night. Unfortunately for you, a lot of people in Tokyo bore witness to it and you're currently being hunted by the Japanese Government. Now I'm sure that you'd have no problem in eliminating anyone that was to come after you, but that just doesn't seem to be your style.

If you don't want to be the cause of major trouble in Tokyo, then I suggest that you seriously consider my offer for you to join my Academy.

- Headmaster of Yokai Academy.

Naruto sighed as he pocketed the small note and rolled up the few pages of paper. 'Going to an Academy wouldn't be the first thing on my to-do list, but why not? It could be fun. Besides, it's not like this Academy could be dangerous, right? I could really use the break from life threatening situations.'

Chapter 1 complete.