A/N: I'm at school right now, so I can't work on my OHSHC story, but I decided to write something out of boredom! :D I dunno where it will go, but we shall see… :3 Here's my first Shingeki no Kyojin fic, so enjoy! Also, I've only seen up to half of episode 6 (I was interrupted… Boo!) so please be kind if I get my facts wrong or the characters are too OOC! ^^"

It was a quiet day… too quiet. I had been searching all day, but no sign of it! Knowing that today's search would most likely be useless yet again, I laid down and, tentatively, relaxed. I was able to see the lines of sunlight stream through the trees. Most people consider this forest quiet, but if you sit, and close your eyes, then you can hear it… the forest is alive, teeming with all sorts of fauna that the titans seemingly ignore.

My eyes wandered across the canopy overhead, and I smiled slightly. This was oddly peaceful, all things considered. My ears perked up, I heard a twig break behind me. My eyes snapped open, and I sat up, alert. Staring in the direction of the unfamiliar footsteps, my ears flattened against my head, and I poised, ready to either dart off or kill whatever was entering my territory.

A growl escaped my lips, and what emerged were… titan-like, yet much… much shorter. These two-legged creatures were covered in gear that seemed to be on the verge of overdoing it. I backed away, into the shadows. They were unknown creatures, so I lurked and simply observed from my hiding place.

One of them, however, looked over at me. It was… terrified, shaking, and upon closer inspection, covered in blood. The others were as well. In fact, there wasn't a single organism without blood coating them. The apparent leader said something which I couldn't understand, and they all sat down, but they were still tense and afraid. Afraid of what? There was nothing in this forest that would hurt them, I thought to myself.

The one who was staring at me had light fur covering his hair, and his eyes were also light. He looked small, frail, a rabbit could probably take this tiny, fearful creature down.

Later, these things fell asleep. All except one. I slowly crept over to it, ready to bolt if things turned ugly. The light haired one from earlier was hunched over, and… water was falling from his eyes. Is that supposed to happen? I wondered this to myself as I got a bit closer. It was making strange noises, and I wasn't sure why.

I was eventually close enough to sniff its hand, it smelled… like the titans… but it wasn't nearly tall enough! The thing jumped back, covering its mouth. Probably trying not to wake the others. I cocked my head to the side and mewled gently. It laughed nervously and said something, gently reaching its shaky hand out to me.

I pulled back, but allowed it to pet me. I let out a small purr, this felt nice. I hadn't been touched by anything other than my own family before. It felt strange, but I nuzzled against its hand.

After a minute or two, it smiled and seemed to be calmer. I purred some more and rolled over onto my back. My eyes glanced up to its eyes, and I wished I could return its smile.

The strange creatures left the next day, and I went on to continue searching for what I had lost. But I will never forget my encounter with the sweet creature whose name I never learned. If only we could communicate somehow…

A/N: That's all! ^^" Fun fact: Petting animals calms both you and the animal down, so I thought that this would be cute. I like how it turned out! The human who pets this cute kitten was supposed to be Armin, shortly after what he witnessed in episode 5… I won't give it away for those who haven't seen that far!
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it while you wait for chapter 4… :