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Chapter I

~ Vector's POV ~

Beep, beep, beep! The irritating blare of my alarm clock screeches in my ear from what seems like miles away even though I know that the stupid thing is only inches from my bed. More asleep than awake, I squeeze my eyes shut and try to block out the shrieking of my alarm clock. Sure, there's a reason why I set the alarm clock in the first place, but I decide to ignore it for as long as possible. Now what was I dreaming about again? Oh yeah, Miss Vanilla, a cream colored rabbit with big, brown eyes and a heart-warming smile. 'Course, I don't actually know Miss Vanilla personally. I just saw her in the park one day and couldn't stop staring at her. She left the park much too soon and before I could work up the nerve to talk to her.

Beep! The alarm clock's prattle continues on, ruining the image of Miss Vanilla that I have been creating in my head. Gritting my teeth together, I open one slitted eye and give the alarm clock a vicious glare as I eye it murderously from where I'm lying in my bed, preferring to sleep here all day than to actually getting up and working. A final shriek out of the alarm clock makes me want to throw the dumb thing across the room.

"Argh," I hiss, throwing the thin, light purple colored blanket off of myself and sitting up in the bed. "Shut up already!"

I grab the alarm clock, turn it off with unnecessary force, and slam it back down on the dusty nightstand, causing everything else on the nightstand to rattle from the force. Not happy to have been jerked out of my dream about Miss Vanilla, I fold my arms and make no move to get out of the bed.

'Course, I really do have to get out of the bed sooner or later and procrastinating isn't gonna do me much good. See, I just moved out of my parent's house. Being twenty and all, I figured that it was about time that I leave home and start a life of my own. I dunno if my parents were happy to see me leave or not. I'd say that they were having mixed emotions when I left. On the one hand, I think that they're pretty glad to have me out of their hair. Er, crocodiles don't have hair, but ya get the point. On the other hand, my parents are convinced that I won't be able to make a living for myself. They gave me a bit of cash to get started on, but believe me, cash seems to disappear a lot faster than it comes in. That's why I need ta get a job.

A job doesn't sound all that exciting, but it's just one of those necessities, I guess. Without a job, I'll end up crawling back to my parents by the end of the week. There's no way that I'll be doin' that. I just left and I don't want to see the look on my father's face when I show up at his doorstep with my face lowered in shame. I heard him makin' a bet with my mother just before I left. He thought that I could last only three days on my own. Mother said that she thought I could last a week on my own at the most. Hmph, I'll show them a thing or two about how I can handle my own business!

I guess that in order to start up my own business, I'm actually gonna have to get out of bed. Sighing melodramatically, I swing myself out of the bed and land on the floor with a loud thud.

"Hey, keep it down up there!" a sharp voice yells from below the floor.

"Yeah, yeah," I mutter, rolling my eyes as I drag my feet across the dirty carpet.

The first thing I did after leaving home was find myself an apartment of my very own. The only apartment I can afford a room at is in the cheapest, dirtiest apartment in town. Cleanliness doesn't matter much to me though. I'm just glad to be livin' somewhere on my own away from my parents.

Living in an apartment isn't all fun and games though. You have to take the good with the bad. For example, there's the little matter of the neighbors. I have neighbors on my left and right and neighbors above my room and below my room. The neighbor below my room is a grouchy echidna who always tramps around with his arms crossed and a look on his face that makes you think that he's out for blood.

Not making an effort to be any quieter, I trudge to the mirror on the opposite side of my little apartment and glance in it sleepily. Today, I'm gonna go out and find myself a job. Knowing that nobody will hire me when I look half-asleep, I blink rapidly and give myself a toothy grin. My bright green scales shine in the mirror and even my teeth sparkle. Say, I don't look half bad.

More confident than I was two seconds ago, I yank my white gloves over my hands and pull a heavy gold chain around my neck. I adjust it to perfection and give myself another dashing grin in the mirror, wondering if it might catch the eye of someone like Miss Vanilla.

Alright, idiot, I tell myself. You're never gonna catch the eye of someone like Miss Vanilla unless you get yerself a job!

Cramming my feet into my large black shoes, I stomp across the room - mostly for the sake of annoying the echidna in the room below me - and then come to a sudden halt. I can't just go out lookin' for a job without any ideas of a job I might want to get. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs out there.

I cross the room and give myself an excuse to slouch in the chair behind the ancient-looking desk next to my bed. The wood is dull and chipped in places, making me wonder if a beaver stayed in this room before me. I tap my fingers on the desk and try to think of a job that might not be all that torturous. Nothing comes to mind. I stare blankly in front of myself and start thinking about Miss Vanilla again.

"Damn, not her again! Focus! Ya need to get yerself a job. Now how're you gonna do that?" I ask myself aloud, trying to force Miss Vanilla out of my head for the time being.

I spot my headphones lying on the table inches from me and instantly perk up. Grabbing them, I jam the headphones over my ears and crank up the volume of my music. Music always helps me concentrate. Who knows? It might help me come up with a job idea.

Two minutes later, a brilliant idea comes to me. Feeling as if a burned out light bulb has just lit up inside pf my head, I realize what I want to do for a job! It probably sounds dumb, but I've wanted to start my very own detective agency since I was just a little kid. My parents laughed at the idea and figured that it would go away, but as time went on, I never lost interest in the idea. Even today, the prospect of being a real detective who's sent on important missions makes a grin spread across my face.

Without a doubt in my mind, I decide that I'm gonna start my very own detective agency. This won't be easy, but I'm willin' to put some work into it. I really ought to make a list of things to do for myself so I can get this plan rolling.

Spying some paper and a pen nearby, I drag the piece of paper in front of me and hold the pen firmly in my fist. Step number one to creating a detective agency is finding some buddies to work with. I can't run a detective agency all on my own. That certainly won't work. So how am I going to find myself some fellow detectives?

I turn up my music's volume another few notches, hoping that it will help me come up with another great idea. Just like before, the music doesn't fail me and another brilliant idea comes to my mind. I'll put up a want ad and explain my situation, telling everyone how I'm in need of some fellow detectives.

Without delay, I start scrawling on the paper in front of me, writing down the important things for my want ad. By the time I get done with it, it ends up saying, "Wanted: Detectives for Vector's Detective Agency. Interested? Call 515-339-6575."

It's simple, but straight to the point. I'm not sure that I like the name "Vector's Detective Agency", but once I get myself a team, my teammates can help me come up with a better name for the group. Right now, I just need to worry about gettin' myself the team. Thais means that I need to go to town as soon as possible.

I scoot my chair away from my desk and cringe as it makes a loud screeching sound. I've gotta admit that I'm surprised when I don't hear more banging from the room below mine. My neighbor must be out if he's not yellin' at me to keep it down up here again.

I'm halfway toward the door when I'm forced to stop and retrace my steps back to my desk. I pick up my large wad of duct tap lying idly on the desk and then proceed back toward the door. You've gotta have tape if you want to hang something.

This time, I actually make it out the door and into the hallway of the apartment. The paint on the walls are chipped, everything is covered with a thick layer of dust, and even the windows are cracked. It doesn't bother me much though. I keep my headphones on and close my eyes as I bob my head up and down in time to the music, feeling elated about my detective agency. If all goes well, I could have this thing up and rolling by tomorrow evening!

I open my eyes again just in time to realize that I've almost walked smack into a wall. Oops. Sometimes it's a little too easy to get carried away when yer listening to music. Spotting the elevator to my right, I turn toward it and hit the down button. I wait impatiently until the elevator opens up in front of me. I stride inside it and knock my fist into the button that will bring me to the lobby. The elevator doors close silently and I start to descend downward.

Glancing around myself, I notice that there's a grouchy looking hedgehog standing on the opposite side of the elevator. He's sending my headphones a dirty look. The idiot must not like my music. Too bad for him. I wonder if the guy is related to my crabby echidna neighbor.

The elevator finally comes to a halt at the lobby and the hedgehog practically flies out of it. I can't help but chuckle to myself as I stride at my own leisurely pace out of the elevator and into the lobby. The lobby is very dim because apparently the owners of the place are too cheap to pay for lighting in here. Light or no light, I don't really care. I continue on my way out of the apartment door and am practically blinded when I step outside into the sunlight.

I throw an arm over my eyes and stand still for a moment, trying to get myself to adjust to the cloudless sunny day. The warm sun beats down on my back a little too hot for my taste. As a reptile, I need to keep my scales moist or else suffer from severe dehydration.

After my eyes have adjusted to the scorching glare of the sun, I remove my arm from in front of my face and start down the sidewalk purposefully, humming along to my music as I go. The streets are always busy at this time of day. Rabbits skip hand in hand across the street, hedgehogs chatter to one another in front of a gigantic grocery store, and a familiar blue hedgehog and a smiling fox can be seen from not too far away. Those two would be Sonic and Tails, a friendly two-some who I've seen around from time to time.

Catching sight of the local bulletin board where everyone hangs up their want ads, I stop directly in front of it and slam my want ad up on a blank space of the bulletin board. After pulling a few inches of tape off of the roll, I use my teeth to tear it off. After firmly taping my ad to the bulletin board, I step back to admire my handiwork, not noticin' that everyone else's ads are hung up by pins, not by duct tape.

"Hey there, Vector! How's it going?" the familiar voice of Sonic the hedgehog sounds nearby.

I turn and catch sight of him walking by with Tails. I wave and reply, "Not too bad! I'm startin' my own detective agency. Wassup on your end?"

"Not much. Uh oh..." Sonic suddenly groans, looking over his shoulder. I follow his gaze and catch sight of Amy Rose, the girl who purses Sonic left and right, coming toward us. Giving me a rueful smile, Sonic adds, "I've gotta run! See you later, Vector!"

I wave and laugh inwardly as Sonic and Tails sprint down the street away from Amy. As I look across the street again, my eyes suddenly fall onto someone very familiar. A cream-colored rabbit wearing a long dress is casually walking down the sidewalk opposite me with a pleasant smile on her face. It's Miss Vanilla!

I immediately stand up straight and force what I hope appears to be a charming smile onto my face. When Miss Vanilla doesn't look in my direction, I scan around, trying to find a way to get her to look over at me. Amy Rose is nearby, so I decide to use her as an excuse to try and get Miss Vanilla's attention.

"'Ello, Miss Rose!" I call out much too loudly. "Beautiful day, ain't it?"

Amy turns and gives me a strange look. Amy and I have never been on good terms. I dunno if I come off as intimidating to her or if she just doesn't like crocodiles. Either way, Amy ignores me and continues on her quest of catchin' up to Sonic. By the time I look back to Miss Vanilla, she's turned the corner and is out of sight.

Sighing, I turn glumly back toward my apartment, realizing that I've lost my chance of getting to talk to her. Oh well. I might see her around some other time. Besides, the most important thing right now is getting my detective agency started. Without money, I've got nothin' to offer Miss Vanilla.

Little do I know that I'm about to get wrapped up in a whole lot more than just a detective agency in the following weeks. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is yet to be seen.

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