One Piece Fan fiction. LuNa/LuffyXNami/…..I don't know anymore

Authors notes. Hey I got bored and I decided to write with just coming up with stuff on the spot so wish me luck (Or wish me failure whichever you prefer). It could be a one shot but might become multiple chapters you never know.

I do not own One Piece if I did then Nami and Luffy would be together. This is pre Thriller bark so no brook.

Chapter 1: The mystery.

It was a beautiful day on the Sunny Go as Luffy, Chopper and Usopp played a strange game involving kicking a ball towards the mast and somehow catching it before it went into the water or hit the ground. Franky was watching them amused at how Mugiwara-Kun could run and laugh like a child especially after that display at Enies Lobby. Robin and Nami were sunbathing while reading their books. Sanji was making breakfast and some coffee for his two beautiful lady crewmates. Zoro was napping against the railing until he woke up to a certain love-cooks display.

NAMII-SWAAAN! ROBIN-SWAAAN! I have made you my coffee of love!

Oi shut up love-cook and finish our breakfast. Said a certain swordsman.

WHAT WAS THAT MARIMO! Remarked an obviously pissed off cook. (Love cook whichever)



SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU! Yelled an annoyed Nami after socking them both upside the head abruptly ending their little feud. (Something with me and starting the fanfics with "It was a beautiful day" and Zoro and Sanji getting into a fight with Nami winning)

OH NAMI-SWAAN IS SO BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE'S ENRAGED! (If you don't know who said it then there is no hope for you)

Sea-witch! Murmured Zoro as he went back to the railing to sleep while rubbing the bump that was growing on his head. Nami simply went back to sunbathing. Robin giggled behind her book obviously enjoying that little fiasco. Nami saw Luffy staring at her weirdly. Nami quirked an eyebrow at him but he looked away extremely fast and continued his little game. Nami shrugged it off as there captain being his usual giddy self.

Well that was strange. Said Robin from behind her book. I've never seen that look on our captain before.

Do you really think it's that weird? Asked Nami curious to what the older woman might know.

Well he's never given me that look before and it's the first time I've seen him give it to you.

S-So what do you think it means? Asked Nami wondering if she really wanted to know.

Hmm? Is all she gave as an answer as she giggled behind her book.

What is that supposed to mean? Nami asked while glaring at Robin.

Oh nothing Navigator-san.

Hmmm I wonder what's going on inside that rubber idiots head. Nami said softly wondering out loud to herself.

Alright well that's chapter one. Sorry that my chapters are short its just I like really short chapters just to keep people ON THE EDGE DUN DUUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!