The Summer Extravaganza

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It was the second day of the school festival. Ako Izumi and Blair Nakamura had officially gotten together as a couple, and although it would seem awkward, it didn't. It was probably due to the fact that Blair was a teenager and not a man in his late twenties. Because Blair was a minor as well, the relationship wasn't really bothered.

During the eventful second day, Blair, Noriya Tan, Setsuna Sakurazaki and Negi Springfield all joined the jam-packed Mahora tournament. Along the way, Negi and his comrades learned the truth of the pocket watch Chao Lingshen had given to Negi as a present for rescuing her when mage teachers were attacking her. The watch turned out to be a time machine.

After the completion of the tournament, a man named Colonel Sanders came out as victorious. He turned out to be a man connected to Negi's father, Nagi Springfield; the Thousand Master. The tournament was full of many capable fighters. In the first match, it was Mei Sakura versus Kotaro Inugami, who had beaten the girl easily.

Following that match, the hooded figure, Colonel Sanders won his match in the blink of an eye. The next fight was between Kaede Nagase, class 3A's ninja girl, and Blair, the pupil of Eishun Konoe. The match came very close, and though Blair seemed like he was going to lose, he somehow came through with a final strike that won him the match.

The match after Blair's was the match many were excited to see. It was the battle between Mana Tatsumiya, the daughter of the Tatsumiya temple, and Ku Fei, the winner of a tournament last year. Like Blair's battle, Ku Fei seemed as though she was about to accept defeat, but with the last of her strength, she landed a blow to Mana's ribs. This resulted in her winning, but in the end had to withdraw from the tournament because of a broken arm.

In the next round, it was a battle between Tanaka and Takane D. Goodman, with Takane as the victor. The second match of the left bracket was between the child teacher and another of the mage teacher's, Takamichi Takahata. Takamichi was clearly on a different level than Negi was, and his abilities were far superior, but as much as he had fallen down, he would get up every single time. In the end it was a final move that determined Negi as the winner.

The next match was a pupil versus teacher battle. Setsuna was the kendo master of her best friend, Asuna Kagurazaka. Through the battle, Asuna let out some surprises that she didn't even know she had, but in the end she was beaten by her master, Setsuna.

The last battle on the left side bracket was between Evangeline A.K McDowell, the undying vampire mage and Noriya. Noriya had a hard time keeping up with Evangeline and at first she thought it would have been better to give up, but after a yell from Setsuna, the girl got back to her feet and ended the battle.

It was then time for the quarter finals and the first match was Kotaro versus Colonel Sanders and it was a quick defeat. Kotaro was completely devastated by this because he couldn't keep his promise to Negi.

After the ten minute break period, the tournament started back up with a heated battle between Negi and Takane. The boy won pretty quickly and moved on to the semi-final match!

Following their match was yet another master versus pupil match. It was the battle between Setsuna and her senpai, Noriya. Both were raised at Shinmeiryuu and were specially trained by Eishun. Noriya was a lot more skilled with using magic than she was with her nodachi, Shifuku no asa, which meant "bliss morning". It had been passed onto her, just as Setsuna's; Yuunagi was given to her by Eishun.

The match was heavily even, and there was a flurry of attacks from both sides, but in the end the master was beaten by the student and Setsuna went on to the semi-finals.

There was yet another break while everyone was regaining their strength for the semi-finals.

The semi-finals finally began, and the first to feel the heat of the competition was Blair and Colonel Sanders. Through the weaving and dodging of Colonel's attacks, Blair thought that he was going to win the battle with ease. But his eagerness and arrogance for the better of him, and he finally fell in defeat to the mysterious hooded man.

The semi-final match between Negi and Setsuna ended with Negi winning and also gaining some great advice from the young hanyo.

Upon the start of the final match, Colonel reveals to Negi that he is indeed a comrade of his father and will tell him what he needs to know very soon. With the use of his artifact, Colonel reunites Negi with his father for ten minutes and ten minutes only. It was a battle between father and son, and in the end, Negi had lost to his father.

After the tournament was over, Negi escaped the crowd of reporters and went to enjoy himself before his next scheduled plans. After suffering her defeat to Negi, Setsuna was resting with her girlfriend, Konoka Konoe, in the infirmary wing. Asuna had already left with Noriya to do some investigation into Chao and what her plans were.

Once he was finished tending to his wounds, Blair quickly looked through the crowd to find his beloved, Ako. After fending off crazy reporters and finally enjoying the rest of the day, Blair accompanies Ako to see her concert. After their second date, Blair bid a farewell to his girlfriend and headed over to Evangeline's resort.

There, he found a depressed Asuna lying on a futon, and young princess, Konoka tending to her sad friend. It was obvious that Asuna's date with Takahata didn't turn out very well for her.

"Asuna-san, are you okay?" Blair asked as he stood behind Konoka whom was trying to cheer up the girl. The orange haired girl grumbled as she complained about what was going on. Even though Asuna found out about Chao's plans and the upcoming battle, she was still only a middle school girl that had just had her heart broken.

"Just leave me alone…" Asuna mumbled, not even turning to look at the teenager. Before Blair could reply, Evangeline came out of nowhere and kicked the girl in the face. The two argued for a bit, but were interrupted when Negi entered the resort with some interesting guests. Nodoka Miyazaki, Yue Ayase, Haruna Saotome and Chisame Hasegawa were the members that had entered with him. Along with them were also Noriya, Setsuna, Ku Fei and Kaede; they were all talking about doing some training.

Asuna finally regained her senses and began to scold Negi due to the fact that two more people found out about him being a mage. In the end, Haruna and Yue ended up making pactios with Negi and began their route to discover more about their artifacts.

The group knew that they were going to have to battle Chao and stop her from revealing to the world the truth about magic. From what they learned, Chao was claiming to be a martian from the planet, Mars. It wasn't something that was hard to believe considering there were robots, demons, mages and even a vampire in the class.

The group decided that it was time to take matters into their own hands, and because of the crazy day they had, it would be good for them if they were to get a night of rest at Evangeline's resort.

Upon returning to the outside world, the group was confronted with a big dilemma. They had walked right into Chao's trap, and ended up travelling through time a week after the Mahora festival. Chao's plan was a success and with the forced recognition spell, everyone knew about magic.

Negi and Blair ended up being captured and detained by the mage teachers. It was decided that it was their burden to bear because Chao was their student and they tried protecting her.

Because of what had happened, all the mages of Mahora were all going to be turned into ermines and be stripped of their magic. But due to the force and determination of Negi and Blair's comrades, the group returned back to the third day of the Mahora festival. Because of all the magic that Negi ended up using during the time jump back, he was brought to the library to rest.

While Negi rested, the rest of the group decided to go on with the plan that they had discussed at the resort. With the help of Ayaka Yukihiro and the approval of Dean Konoemon, the battle of Mages vs. The Martian army was to begin.

They used the normal population of the festival to join what they all believed to have been an event.

It was finally the final battle between Negi and Chao, whom claimed to be a descendent of Negi himself. The battle was long and difficult, but with the help of his comrades, Negi was able to defeat Chao and stop the force recognition spell. After Chao returned to the future, the fireworks of the festival began, this was a signal of the end of the Mahora fest.

The whole of class 3A partied all night, and by the time it was the next morning, Negi, along with Asuna, Setsuna, Konoka, Blair and Noriya were now headed to a tea party with Colonel Sanders, whose real name was Albireo Imma.

Al told the group that Negi's father was indeed alive, and his proof was the pactio card that he had; it was still alive. The man then told Negi that it would be a good idea if he were to go to Mundus Magicus, the magic world.

It was then decided that Negi would go to Mundus Magicus near towards the end of summer and that he might not be returning to Mahora. After many slaps and scolding's from Asuna and the others, it was decided that they were all going to be accompanying Negi to the magic world.

Thus their summer training began.

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