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Chapter 7: The Valley of the End

(Naruto vs Sasuke- Valley of the End)

Large tide waves increased higher and higher which swirled around Naruto, as the wind current pushed Sasuke back slightly.

Sasuke stared in shock at Naruto. 'This is Naruto…? What is this coercion-ness?' He could see a red aura enveloping Naruto. 'And what was that red chakra just now? Is he a monster?'

He frowned, "What exactly are you?"

Naurto smirked, "Obviously… I am…" His red aura became more clearly visible. The shockwave blew over on the lake, while they both stood on the surface of the water. "…a demon!"


Naruto sneered, "You know nothing about me! Do you know why?!" Sasuke did not response, as he was still in shock. "The adults always tell their kids to stay away from me. It was like I had the plague or something. Do you know why adults hate me? It's because they only look at me as the Kyuubi itself. On every October 10th beaten to near-death, chased by the citizens before I graduated! I hate it! I detest Konoha! They treated me like I'm a monster to them! Then after I graduated, I no longer allowed them to beat me up as they pleased! Once they try to get their dirty hands on me, I'll kill them! They don't deserve to live after the relentless torment they've given me."

Sasuke widened his eyes, shocked to discover the truth. "You…" He never knew that Naruto was container of the Kyuubi all along. How could the villagers hate him for no particular reason? It all made sense. Simply because he was the container of the Kyuubi! He was too furious with them, but it didn't mean he would let Naruto go to Orochimaru.

Naruto clenched his fists with anger boiling inside. "That's why… That's why I want to leave Konoha, so I can go to Orochimaru to train me. Then I can destroy Konoha for their ungrateful actions. Even so… I won't let you bring me back! NO MATTER WHAT!"

Naruto made a series of hand seals, and shouted, "Suiton: Hahonryu! (Water Release: Tearing Torrent)" He created water that spiraled in his hand, and thrust his hand, firing at a high speed towards Sasuke. The young avenger put his hand to guard himself against the tearing torrent, but it still knocked him away anyways.

Naruto ran on the surface of water towards Sasuke, and punched him in the guts. Saliva came out of his mouth, and doubled over. With that, Naruto pounded on Sasuke's gut several times. He delivered a rising kick onto Sasuke's jaws, skipping him over on the water a several times. But Sasuke managed to force himself up on his feet, and skid onto the water.

As soon as Sasuke looked up, Naruto plunged him down into the deep water with double-ax handle. Naruto chuckled down at Sasuke's failure. The Raven-haired boy rose to the surface, and immediately skated towards Naruto. The young blonde-haired acknowledged this, and charged towards his adversary.

However, Naruto jumped onto a rocky wall nearby so he could bounce off, and roundhouse kicked the Sharingan user away, as Sasuke landed with a back-flip. He lost his balance for a while, but managed to stand firmly. Before he could do anything, The orange jumpsuit wearer right hook kicked Sasuke, and knocked him away a little. Naruto threw a barrage of punches before knocking him onto the surface.

Sasuke was lying on the surface of the lake, and had no idea what he should do now.

Naruto then jumped off from the wall down towards Sasuke who was still lying on the surface of the lake.

Suddenly, Sasuke made a several seals, and cried, "Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu!" A large flame of orbs expelled out of his mouth towards Naruto.

However, Naruto made quick series of seals. "Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu! (Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique)" Then, pounds of water from the lake rose next to Naruto, and then it collided with Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu. Since water can beat fire (depending on the power of the fire), the great waterfall dispelled large flame, and turned into a stream of water.

However, the large waterfall still descended onto Sasuke, causing the entire lake to shake! Then, Sasuke's body lifted back to the surface, only to see that Naruto landed onto him, sending him back down into the deep water.

Sasuke lost most of his breath, so he swam back to the surface hurriedly, but Naruto held him back inside the water by swimming through around him few times.

Sasuke could no longer breathe, and immediately jumped out of water, only to be kicked back down. But before he could reach the water, Naruto grabbed his legs and spun him over a few times before throwing him against a rocky wall, shattering it into debris.

Naruto grabbed the injured avenger's black shirt, and scoffed, "You call yourself an Uchiha? You just got your ass kicked by me. If you can't hit me, you're not even worthy opponent. You're too weak! Sasuke! Hey! Are you awakened yet?!"

Sasuke slowly opened his eyes, and glared at Naruto. He groaned, "Shut up… Why can't you understand me? Why can't… you go back with me…?"

Naruto gave Sasuke a hard jab to the face. "You don't understand a single damn about me! You don't know what it feels like to be detested by the villagers because of being the host of the Kyuubi! You have no idea how I suffered to live like that! You have no idea how I have to live on my own! You have no idea what it feels like to be kicked out of orphans! You have NO IDEA what it feels like for everything I had to go through! What could you understand about me?!"

"I do…" Sasuke muttered softly.

"What do you mean you do?"

"I do understand about you… I understand what it feels like to have no family, too! My brother…" Sasuke bared his teeth and growled angrily. "He… He killed my entire family… except me! He killed Dad and Mom. He even showed me how he killed all of them! Don't try to pretend that I'm not like you! Get that to your brain, and give up, you idiot!"

Sasuke grabbed his arms to tackle him down to the ground from the rock wall, as they fell onto it harder. However, brown or black balls fell from Naruto's pouch before they fell onto the ground. Apparently, the brown or black balls exploded!


Sasuke and Naruto both landed on top of their respective logs that floated on the lake, as they balanced their feet on their logs.

Sasuke sighed, "It's true I was never hated by these villagers, because I'm an Uchiha… Unlike you… I was loved by everyone. But that doesn't mean my life is easy now! On that day, my life's hell had begun…"

(Flashback Began)

Sasuke leisurely opened the door, and looked down. He widened his eyes, and was full of shock right now! His parents lied on the floor, dead! His father's corpse body was on top of his mother's corpse. Blood was spread everywhere. "Father! Mother!" He ran to them.

Just then, he looked up, and someone walking towards him from the shadows. He stumbled backward in fear. He noticed the eyes of the Sharingan and also himself to Sasuke. It was Itachi!

"Brother!" Sasuke cried, "Brother, Father and Mother were… Why? Why… Who did this?" Suddenly a shuriken was thrown past him, wounding his left shoulder. Blood did leak from the wound, but it was still hurt. He covered his left shoulder with his right hand in pain. "Brother, what are you…" He stared in shock at his older brother's eyes. "What are you doing, Brother?"

"Foolish little brother." Itachi said. He closed his eyes before revealing his new Sharingan to his little brother. "Mangekyou Sharingan!"

Suddenly, the scene changed. Sasuke's world twisted. He noticed he was outside. He looked around with confusion. He had no idea what was going on. He remembered that he was in his parent's house, but then one second later, he was outside.

The members of Uchiha Clan fell to their death one after another in front of Sasuke. He was too scared, and tried to move but he could not. 'My legs…'

Other members fell to their death. One of the Uchiha Clan member tried to run, but was in vain and got killed. He saw more members passing away one after another! The massacre would not be stopped and continued to slaughter every single of the Uchiha members!

He clasped his head in agony. "Stop! Brother! Don't show me this!" He knew it was a Genjutsu and that it had already happened in the past. Itachi revealed himself in front of Sasuke. He realized it was Itachi! Itachi was the one who massacred the Uchiha Clan. "Why… Why did you do this, Brother? No… No…"

Now, more members of the clan were enraged and charged Itachi in order to avenge their fallen comrades, only to get killed.

Then Sasuke looked around and saw an old man sheltering an old woman. He glared at Itachi. "Mister, Auntie…"

Just then, the old man and old woman collapsed and passed away.

In a blink of an eye, Sasuke was now in his parent's room again, but it was still a Genjutsu. Itachi drew his swords and raised it. He sniffed, "Father, Mother…" His parents were on their knees. "Don't, Brother! Don't do that to Father and Mother…"

Itachi swung his katana, and killed them.

Back to the present, Sasuke fell to his knees, and screamed, "AHHHHHH!" He was lying on the ground, and threw out saliva. He could not believe that his brother actually killed his own family! He looked up at his dead parents, and altered his pupils towards his older brother. His eyes suddenly seethed with rage and hatred towards his older brother.

His older brother must pay for what he'd done! He massacred his own clan! Why did he have to butcher them all? For what?! He did not have to kill them! What did their parents do to him?! "Why… Why did you…"

"To see what I was capable of," replied Itachi.

Sasuke bared his teeth, and snarled, "What you were capable of? That was it? You killed everyone for that reason?"

Itachi slowly closed his eyes. "It is important."

Sasuke slowly got on his knees, and glared at Itachi. "What the hell…" Suddenly, he charged his own brother with brewing anger in his eyes. "Don't screw around!" He tried to attack Itachi, only to get punched in the gut. He fell to the floor in pain. He slowly lifted his head up and frowned at his dead father and dead mother. He was going to miss them. He was crying for their death.

Why did they have to die? His own brother killed them just to see what he was capable of. It was certainly, the height of stupidity. No, those weren't the words to describe the gruesome act Itachi had done.

Sasuke began to grieve over his parents' death. Itachi stepped next to Sasuke. He looked up at his older brother. 'I'm scared… I'm scared!' He quickly ran away from him for his life, and left the room.

He ran around other building, and continued to flee in fear. He was crying while running away. "Don't kill me!" When he opened his eyes, Itachi stood in front of him, and immediately stopped running. "Don't kill me…"

"You are not even worth killing." Itachi grumbled calmly, "Foolish little brother… If you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me… And survive in an unsightly way. Run. Run and cling to your life."

(Flashback Ended)

Sasuke continued, "Then the next day, I was in the hospital. At first, I thought I was dreaming, but it was a reality. Itachi really did this, and left the village to become a nuke-nin! That's when a hell of my life began!"

Naruto didn't respond, his expression grim.

"Even though there were people who hated you, there were other people who cared about you and felt empathy for you. You have friends now. You have Sakura whom you loved so much. You have me. You have Kakashi. The Hokage. We're on your side!"

"It's not enough. Even if you guys are with me, it's not enough for me. I still get pelleted with stones. The storekeeper still kicks me out every time I go in or even. Tell me… How can I live with this if I cannot get food other than Ramen Ichiraku? And how can I live with this if I cannot get clothes, ninja tools and other basic needs to fill my requirements?

Silence filled the air.

"Sasuke… I'm sorry… No matter how many times you try to get me back to Konoha, I absolutely won't go back there again. I've already decided to eradicate Konoha."

"You loser! Don't be such a wimp! Someday you will be treated like everybody else and liked by everyone. Normally, I don't care, but you… Naruto… You're my friend… You did say that I'm your first true friend, didn't you?"

Naruto frowned…

"Maybe you did not realize this, but you're the one who changed me! You made me realize what I'm supposed to do. You made me realize that I needed help. You made me realized that revenge doesn't resolve anything. I thought…that I need to give up on my ambitions. Because I know Itachi needed to be killed on the spot. Next time, I see him, I have to kill him, but not for revenge…

"I don't want you to be the next Itachi. It's not too late to change. Sakura loves you dearly, and everyone is waiting for you. Naruto, don't be such a dobe. I'll bring you back no matter what."

Naruto bit his lips, and clenched his fists. "Why, Sasuke? Why do you go that far for someone like me?"

Sasuke scowled, "What are you, an idiot? I come here to save your stupid ass, and bring your ass back to Konoha. Besides, I'm your friend…"

Naruto widened his eyes. He remembered a time when he saw Sasuke. It was near a lake in Konoha. Sasuke was sitting on the dock and Naruto walking through the path, and they glanced at each other.

"Don't be selfish, Naruto! That's one of reason why I'm going to stop you!" said Sasuke.

Naruto grabbed his hitai-ate from his pocket and scoffed, "Well, you're too late." He wrapped his hitai-ate around his forehead, and tightened it. "You're too late now. I can't go back."

Without any words, Sasuke split the log that he stood on, and landed on the water. He picked up the pieces of woods, and threw it onto the log Naruto was standing on, breaking it into pieces.

Naruto was forced to fall and landed on the water. He smirked at Sasuke. "So have you finally decided to break every of my bones, haven't you? I guess I have to force myself to get out. I will kill you even if I have to! But what about your brother? You said your ambition was to kill a certain person, right? Is that what you say when Team 7 was formed? That certain person is your older brother, right? You were going to kill him, isn't that right?" Sasuke glared at him. "Pathetic. You shouldn't have given up. I could've brought you to Orochimaru's place and train with me under him. It would be easier if we can team up and destroy Konoha, including your older brother.

Now Naruto was getting on his nerves. Was Naruto trying to press him further about his older brother that he tried to give up on his revenge?! He glared at Naruto. His Sharingan eyes were spinning, and revealed new tomoe in his Sharingain.

"Now you're acting all high and mighty." Sasuke growled. "Come Naruto." He raised his hands, and dropped into battle stance. "Come at me, and let's see who will have the last laugh."

Naruto shut his eyes down, and scoffed, "Last laugh, huh?" Then he opened his eyes, and smirked at Sasuke. "Last laugh, eh? Do you know why I put on the hitai-ate protector now?"

"Hn…" Sasuke did not say anything, and kept gesturing Naruto to come at him.

"I told you that you wouldn't be able to scratch my hitai ate.

Sasuke widened his eyes. Now he remembered what he said to Naruto back then at the hospital.

(Flashback Began)

"Before that, put on your hitai-ate. I'll wait," said Naruto.

Sasuke scoffed, "I won't need it."

Naruto shrugged, "Whatever… I don't care if you're going to put it on or not."

Sasuke pointed at his own forehead, and chuckled, "That's true. You won't even be able to scratch my forehead!"

Naruto scoffed, "I can do that with ease. The thing is, you can't scratch my forehead."

(Flashback Ended)

Sasuke chuckled, "I'll admit. You're strong." Naruto raised his eyebrows in confusion. He guessed it would be best time to press Naruto to his rage more. After all, Naruto mocked Sasuke all along. "That is because, like me, you know the pain of being alone. And that pain is what makes people stronger. But you're always an idiot. Always was, always been, and always will be! If you think by leaving Konoha will make you stronger even more, you're truly a baka. Despite all that, I will admit that you're strong. I don't know what sort of training you've been through, but starting now, I'll fight you evenly. However, you can't put even a single scratch on my forehead." He pointed at his hitai-ate, and smirked mockingly. "With that, I'll bring you back to Konoha. That hasn't changed."

Naruto displayed his confident smirk. "Enough talk. From here on out, we will battle. I'm already sick of your determination. You're getting on my nerves. All I want to do is leave Konoha. What more do you want?! Sasuke…!"

Sasuke chuckled, "You're right. We shall battle, that's all that remains. Now, I want you to come at me. Come!"

Naruto charged towards him, as the path of water erupted up. Then, Sasuke kicked up the piece of logs, and grabbed it before hurling it towards the blonde ninja. Naruto evaded it with ease, and threw a straight punch, only to be caught by Sasuke. The raven-haired gripped his opponent's fist.

'I can see…' thought Sasuke. He overthrew the blonde ninja over his shoulder, as Naruto back-flipped on the lake.

Naruto immediately went back to Sasuke, and tried to attack him with all of his best, but Sasuke kept blocking all the upcoming attacks. Enraged, Naruto clenched his fist, and threw a punch, but instead, he fell past Sasuke, and rolled over on the water.

Naruto glared up at Sasuke, who was smirking down at him. Filled with the rage, he quickly got up on his feet, and ran to punch him. Sasuke jumped to dodge, and landed on the wall. The blonde ninja ran up along the wall towards the young avenger at a high speed, preparing to attack him.

'I can see his movements. Just moments ago I wasn't able to trace it.' Sasuke thought, eyeing Naruto in high speed carefully. Naruto was no longer a blur to him, as he was clearly visible to him. 'I can see them!'

He was able to dodge and block Naruto's Taijutsu. He was so happy that he was able to track every single of Naruto's movement at high speed. Naruto jumped up, trying to flip kick. But instead, Sasuke kicked Naruto square in the jaws, knocking him down along the wall.

Instead of falling along the wall, he managed to land on the wall, and glared up at Sasuke. 'W-What's this? Sasuke's movements are completely different from a second ago! But that doesn't matter. No matter what, I can't afford to lose! I'm not going back to Konoha for sure! Damn it!'

Naruto charged up towards Sasuke on the wall. Now his cursed seal began to glow red. Suddenly, he instantly disappeared and moved in a blur toward Sasuke.

Sasuke widened his eyes. 'No way! How can he go faster? I'm supposed to be able to see the image of his next move from the sight sets of tension all over his body. Shit! I can barely see him!' Then, Naruto finally appeared in front of him, and threw a punch. 'There!'

Sasuke ducked his head as soon as Naruto almost reached his fist onto his face. That was close! Naruto barely hit him, if it's not for his newly adapted Sharingan. Now then, the survivor member of Uchiha crouched down to give a low kick around Naruto's legs. But… Naruto disappeared in a flash.

'Shit! Where is he?!' astounded Sasuke. He glanced around, and searched for Naruto. 'Dammit! Where did he go?!' Suddenly, he just realized that Naruto was behind him.

As soon as he glanced around, Naruto kicked the raven-haired ninja square in the jaws, knocking him up into the air by a few feet. Next, Naruto jumped above him, and gave Sasuke a barrage of kick to his guts followed by an axe kick, making Sasuke plummet into the lake. The water splashed, and erupted up before coming back down.

Sasuke stayed under the lake, sinking. 'Not even my Sharingan can track his movement. It's because of his newly acquired power? Is that power he's using makes him go faster? Does Cursed Seal make him even stronger? I can't read his movements perfectly. What should I do? How can I stop him? Should I use the Cursed Seal? Although, it's risky…'

He still considered whether or not to use the Cursed Seal against Naruto. He had to make a decision quickly; otherwise Naruto would use this chance to leave the battlefield. He shut his eyes down, and still considered his decision.

(With Kakashi and Pakkun- Elsewhere)

Kakashi ran through the forest to catch up with Pakkun which the dog spotted him earlier.

Pakkun noticed Kakashi. "Oh, so you're here,"

"There's no mistake in this direction, right?" asked Kakashi.

"Yeah. We should hurry. I have a bad feeling about this."

(Naruto vs Sasuke- Valley of the End)

Naruto stood on the lake, and folded his arms, smirking. "Well, well? I'm still waiting for you, unless you've finally decided to give up."

Suddenly, Sasuke canon blasted himself out of the water above him, and made a quick series of hand seals. "Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu! (Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique)" He released a volley of small fireballs from his mouth towards Naruto.

Naruto evaded all of Sasuke's barrage of small fireballs at him, causing the water to erupt every time a fireball shot down towards the water. He snorted, thinking that Sasuke's attempt was useless.

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu! (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)"

However, not until he spotted a large fireball coming towards him from his other side, much to his astonishment. He jumped to dodge just in the nick of time, barely touching his track pants.

Naruto rolled over onto the water, and flipped up to his feet. He glared up, and realized that Sasuke was not in his sight. He could not believe it! How could Sasuke be able to fight evenly with him?

Suddenly, Sasuke jumped out of water under Naruto, and kicked him square in the jaws, sending him upward to the sky. Then, he jumped behind Naruto in mid-air. Naruto glanced over his shoulder at Sasuke. He knew what kind of that move would be. He had seen that before.

Sasuke smirked. Yup, he was going to use the move, but he was going to use a move that Naruto would not expect him to do.

The young avenger kicked to the left rib of Naruto. He could heard that Naruto howled in pain. Then, Sasuke backhand punched him right in the face, turning him upside down towards the ground. Finally, while they're still falling, Sasuke used this chance to grab Naruto, so he could keep the blonde ninja's head going down to the ground.

Sasuke slammed Naruto's head-first onto the ground near the lake, nearly pulverizing him. Naruto fell into the lake, and floated along the lake.

Sasuke fell to his knees on the ground, and coughed harshly. He had worked hard to bring Naruto back. He was going to be very exhausted when he would come back to home with his friend. He refused to let Naruto to be a nuke-nin! He secretly thanked that he had the Cursed Seal. Otherwise, he would not be able to pile-drive Naruto. Right now, he had the curse marks all across his face. He began to smirk. He smirked because he thought he finally put a stop Naruto.

Naruto was temporarily paralyzed thanks to Sasuke's pile-driver technique. He stared at the bright sky. He was thoroughly pissed off that he lost the battle! He was pissed off that he was forced to go back to Konoha. He would be more pissed off if he had to deal with stupid villagers again! Now knowing he was paralyzed, even for temporary, he could no longer fight anymore. He could not move at his will.


(Naruto's Mindscape)

Suddenly, he was in his mindscape right now. He was still floating on the water, but next to him was a large cage.

A voice growled, "You're weak, brat. Be grateful… to me. And to the so-called Yondaime Hokage who sealed me into someone like you. Do not forget our deal, brat!" Eyes from the shadows glowed red.

'Deal…?' wondered Naruto. Oh, yeah… Now he remembered his deal with the Kyuubi.

(Flashback Began- A day before Chuunin Exam)

In Naruto's mindscape, he stared up at the Kyuubi. "You fox freak! I want to talk to you!"

The Kyuubi growled, "What do you want, brat?! You dare to disturb my nap?"

"Don't speak to me that way!" Naruto hissed. "Tobi dropped a piece of paper. It's something interesting. So I'm curious… What do you know about Orochimaru?"

The Kyuubi snorted, "Orochimaru? The slithering snake? I would love to kill the snake. I loathe snake. I know you are not here to know about him. Speak before I rip you to pieces, brat!"

"Very well. Now I know you don't like to be in associate with snakes. However, I want to make a deal with you."

"Deal?! Hmph! I don't need a deal!"

"No, you're wrong. If that's what you think I'm asking, you're wrong. I'm talking about Orochimaru's Curse mark. This paper says it all. The Curse Mark grants vast amount of power to the user. So if Orochimaru marked me, what will you do?"

The Kyuubi scoffed, "Listen here, brat! You cannot get one! That's because no Curse Seals are stronger than my power. You can only get power from me. No one else."

"That's why I am here to make a deal with you. All you need is to listen. You have big ears, so you should listen better."

"Such insolent rudeness, brat! If I'm not in cage, you would be dead right now! Now speak up!"

"Good boy…" Naruto continued to treat the Kyuubi like his pet, even though he knew he could not handle the Kyuubi. "I was told by Tobi that Orochimaru will be here. I think we both know that he's here to destroy this village. I assume he will be there at Chuunin Exam. Tobi also told me that he wanted Sasuke's Sharingan. So it means he will be after Sasuke and give him a gift. But I need your help…

"I need your help. If he happens to come across us, I need your power, so I can prove to him that I'm stronger. He won't mark anyone who is truly weaker…" The Kyuubi was going to say something, but he raised his hand, gesturing him to be quiet. "I know you're going to refuse, but let me finish it. The deal is if I let him mark me, you cannot get rid of it. I need it so I can use both Curse Mark and your power. Well, not immediately after I received. I need to have Orochimaru train me, so I can deal with the Curse Mark better. Once I become stronger, I will kill Orochimaru and Uchiha Madara for you. That is, if you let Orochimaru mark me. Once I deal with them both, you can get rid of it. I will be stronger than ever even without Cursed Seal afterward anyways. Then I can destroy this rotten village. So… Will you accept our deal?"

"Hmph! I knew you're clever brat, despite you pretending to be clueless idiotic ninja. I think I like you. Well, you better not break the deal, or I will drive the Curse Mark away. So remember it."

Naruto smirked, "Deal!"

(Flashback Ended)

'That's right… It's our deal that we made the day before the Chuunin Exam,' remembered Naruto. Suddenly, the Kyuubi's cloak enveloped Naruto. His features became much more feral.

Sasuke frowned, 'What's…that?' He was shocked to see the red aura around his body. 'Is this...'

Then, Naruto slowly got up, and gave a smug look. Sasuke raised his eyebrows in confusion. Suddenly, Naruto channeled all his might; sending Sasuke skyrocketing towards a wall, creating a crater on the wall.

Sasuke immediately got off from the crater wall, and fell to the ground. He leisurely got up on his feet, and stared in shock at strangely transformed Naruto. 'What's up with his transformation? That has to be the Kyuubi's chakra… but it's not just the Kyuubi's chakra. His other power is also manifesting with his Kyuubi's chakra. He looks different.

Indeed, Naruto's skin turned into dark brown skin tone. His blonde hair grew longer and stopped at bottom of his back. His teeth turned into fangs. His nails turned sharper. His pupil was red along with a vertical slit. The real fur of the nine tails sprouted out of from his back, as they waggled around.

'This amount of power…it's stupendous! Is he a monster?'

(With Kakashi and Pakkun- Elsewhere)

Kakashi and Pakkun hurried on their way to the Valley of the End. 'Make it in time…' thought Kakashi.

(Naruto vs Sasuke- Valley of the End)

Naruto jumped back to the ground behind him, so he would not have to worry that he would waste his chakra by just standing on the water. He would like to save his energy for the final attack.

Sasuke gritted his teeth. "Just who are you?!"

Naruto grinned sadistically. "I am Uzumaki Naruto, now nuke-nin of Konohagakure. And my dream- no, my ambition is to destroy Konoha. And that will become a reality.

Sasuke was taken back, and could not believe what he was seeing right now. He never thought that Naruto would turn out to be such a monster.

Naruto stared at his hands, and was surprised at how strong he had become. "Hehe… I was right all along. If I combine the Kyuubi's chakra with Orochimaru's Curse Mark, I would become stronger. Now it is the end once I dye myself in this power. It's such a pity that you didn't get one like this. You probably wanted the battle to end right now, right? I don't feel like I'm going to lose."

Sasuke snarled, "Shut up!" He ran towards Naruto, and threw a punch, but only to be knocked away onto the large statue's foot. He groaned, and got up. He widened his eyes in shock. Apparently, it was one of Naruto's tails that did that to him. "Naruto…You…"

Naruto chuckled a little, but replaced with groan heavily. Now he remembered what Sakon said to him.

(Flashback Began)

"If you stay in the released state for too long, the seal will eventually consume your body. Once it completely takes over your body, you will lose yourself. Forever,' said Sakon.

(Flashback Ended)

'This body… Dammit! I don't have time to fool around,' thought Naruto.

Sasuke got a bruise on his face. It was even worse than all of bruise he had before in every battle in the past. He had to tolerate the pain in his face. He got up on his feet and glared at Naruto. 'Damn! His tails hit harder than his fists!'

Naruto snickered. "Hey, what's wrong Sasuke? Can't take care of yourself?" Sasuke scowled. Naruto looked up at two statues and smiled, "Did you know? This place is called the Valley of the End. It's the perfect stage. Right, Sasuke?"

Sasuke grunted, "Hn…" Of course, he knew about this place. He knew the battle between Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama in this very place. He learned about them in the class. He wondered how Naruto knew about that. If he recalled correctly, Naruto skipped most of history class, and was dead-last in the class. Was he pretending to be dead-last after all?

"Nothing to say, oh well. Oh, yeah. I almost forget. I did say there's no more talking. Then, it's time we settled this fight. AND ALL THE FIGHTS WE'VE HAD UP TILL NOW."

Then, Naruto raised his hand to his side, and opened his palm, while Sasuke quickly made series of seals.

A blue spiral sphere appeared above Naruto's right hand. "Rasengan!"

Sasuke hunched forward a bit and gripped his wrist with his right hand. He cupped it palm, an orb of pure electricity formed in his hand that sounded like a chirping of a thousand birds. He drew the jutsu to his side. "Chidori!"

Naruto formed a Rasengan, which had a corrupt feel, rather than a spinning blue ball of Chakra, it had a purple shade and slightly larger.

The two friends shot off towards each other, holding their respective jutsus. They reeled their arms back as they came closer. At last, they slammed their respective jutsus together.

"Chidori/Rasengan" Both boys roared at the same time as they collided. Naruto's chakra was so potent; it created a purple dome around them.

Sasuke struggled to beat Naruto in strength of their jutsu, but it did not success. However, at least, his Chidori managed to slash Naruto's hitai-ate. Naruto yelled and pushed Sasuke away, so he could thrust his Rasengan into Sasuke's chest.

The large purple dome, where Naruto and Sasuke were in, now grew bigger and bigger as it became giant black sphere.

(With Kakashi and Pakkun- Elsewhere)

Kakashi and Pakkun hopped on from branch to branch. Kakashi looked up and widened in shock. There were black clouds gathering in the sky. 'This Chakra is…' He muttered, "This is bad…"

(Naruto vs Sasuke- Valley of the End)

The giant black dome was still growing until it expanded to both statues, and lake. Some pieces of the statues were destroyed, and the water shook intensely. The waterfall flowed over the giant black dome. Then large water soared up into the sky. It was almost as if there were two waterfalls! The water flowed faster than before.

Now, light flared inside the water across an entire giant black sphere. Naruto and Sasuke stared sadly at each other. They remembered how they became good friends when they were kids. Now they were no longer friends. They were going to be enemy soon.

Later, an untransformed Naruto stood next to unconscious Sasuke, and simply stared down at his old friend. His slashed hitai-ate unwrapped itself, and dropped next to the unconscious Sasuke.

Naruto frowned, "Sasuke… I…" Then, a drop of rain fell on his face. He looked up and realized it was raining. A black cloud shadowed over them, hence it was raining now. "…I…"

(With Kakashi and Pakkun- Elsewhere)

Kakashi and Pakkun still hopped in the forest on way to Valley of the End. They noticed the rain.

'Rain…' Kakashi realized. He glanced down at his summoned dog. "Did you lose their scent?"

"I'm fine," replied Pakkun. "We're close. This way."

They finally got out of the forest, and jumped down along the tall wall. Kakashi looked at unconscious Sasuke on the floor. 'We're too late.'

Pakkun ran to Sasuke, and checked up on him. "Sasuke. Why did this have to happen?" Kakashi was in shock, and walked to them. Pakkun spotted a hitai-ate on the floor, and sniffed it. "It's Naruto's."

Kakashi frowned. He was really upset. He had failed Team 7. He failed the mission. He failed Naruto's father. He failed himself as a Sensei. He failed to see through Naruto. He failed everything. His life was always too hard!

Sighing, he put Naruto's hitai-ate on Sasuke's chest, and picked Sasuke up. "I'm sorry… for not getting here on time. Sasuke. You were… desperate, weren't you?"

However, he knew he did not fail one thing. He did not fail only one time. He did not fail to stop Sasuke. He changed Sasuke. But he should had known better. He should not focus too much on Sasuke instead of Naruto. If he focused on Naruto as well, Naruto would not have gone AWOL anyways.

He glanced over his shoulder sadly. 'Naruto.'

(With Naruto- Elsewhere)

Naruto was now injured because he used both Kyuubi's Chakra and released the Cursed Seal too much. It would take a lot of time for the Kyuubi to heal him. He slowly walked through the forest, and frowned. 'Sasuke… I… I'm sorry… I can't go back to Konoha… I'm sorry… I must complete my ambition…'

(With Kakashi- Elsewhere)

Kakashi stood on top of a mountain, and put Sasuke on his back as piggyback. He stared at Madara and Hashirama statues. "The Valley of the End… I never would've imagined Sasuke and Naruto would fight here.

Pakkun looked up at Kakashi. "It's ironic."

Kakashi frowned, "Yeah." Then he glanced down at the river. "When I watch this river flow, it's as if I'm seeing a battle that will carry on for eternity, never once stopping… Just like the fate of the two represented by these statues, they who created Konoha." He glanced over his shoulder at Sasuke on his back. "Sasuke and Naruto… As long as they live."

(With Naruto- Elsewhere)

Naruto would not return to Konoha no matter what! He despised Konoha so much because of these rotten villagers! He hated them so much! He wanted to destroy them so badly! 'I will not go back to Konoha! I will destroy Konoha and recreate a new Konoha!' He slowly wandered through the forest to find Orochimaru's hideout, and threw his tattered orange jumpsuit on the floor, leaving him in a black shirt.

(With Kakashi- Valley of the End)

Kakashi looked up at the bright blue sky. "The rain has stopped." Indeed, the rain had stopped. Now black cloud dissolved as they allowed the light to reveal themselves.

"That rain…" Pakkun sighed, "We can't follow his scent anymore."

"Besides, before we go after Naruto, we should tend to Sasuke first," said Kakashi.

"Yeah," agreed Pakkun. Now Kakashi and Pakkun left the Valley of the End on way back to Konoha.

However, they did not know that a weird looking plant which had two large venus fly-traps with black-white face emerged from the ground. "It's becoming quite interesting, hasn't it?" asked the white half.

"Yeah," agreed the black half. "Naruto's now our official spy. He will spy on Orochimaru, and inform us what exactly Orochimaru's schemes are.

To be continued…

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