After witnessing Konoha's dark hatred, Itachi loses all faith in his village. He doesn't spy on his family for the Hokage, nor does he eliminate them. Now, alongside his fellow Uchiha, he concots a plan to plunge Konoha into civil war. The first step? To capture Uzumaki Naruto.

"Is it final then? Are we going to attack Konoha tomorrow?"

A round of murmurs whispering their agreements went throughout the room.

"That's stupid."

Everyone turned to see who had spoken against their well devised plan.

"Itachi, do you have something to add?" his father asked, irritated at his son.

"Father, may I speak freely?"

His father nodded.

"This plan is suicidal, all it will cause is the destruction of the Uchiha."

The entire room erupted in anger.

"How dare you?!"

"We're trying to save the Uchiha here, not destroy it!"

"If you are truly trying to do as you say, then I have a better plan."

This caused the room to quieten. Itachi...had a plan? For all their previous call meetings, Itachi hadn't contributed a single opinion. Yet, here he was with a whole plan?

His father was intrigued. His son was a prodigy, and a full-fledged genius - even smarter than himself, he admitted begrudgingly. If he had a plan set up, who was he to argue. Raising his hand, he quieted the other Uchiha before he spoke.

"What do you have in mind then, Itachi?"

Itachi smirked. Perfect.

An idea I had spinning inside my mind. What would happen if Konoha was plunged into civil war, with Itachi alongside his family? If you want to take a crack at this story, go ahead, but please give credit where its due. I would love to read any attempts at this kind of story. I will be attempting this story as well.