Chapter 3

Note: Rewrote this chapter as I was displeased with the last version. Also, I took out the pairing until I can figure out how to write romance.

Uchiha Kasumi watched the drab world in muted discomfort as she listened to the elders. Apparently, she was going to be killed for a fellow clan member to help his training in a couple of days. She didn't know how to feel. On one hand, she still had some friends and her cousins that would miss her. On the other hand, she had lost a lot - how she used to live, her personality, her parents.

She mused that had they mentioned this a year ago, she would've outright refused. Now, here she was contemplating on whether she should accept it, or not.

That was around the time everything fell apart for her.

She had originated from a wealthy Uchiha family who had a business selling weapons and other accessories to ninja. Before the Kyuubi attack, they had prospered splendidly. From her birth, she had gotten everything and anything she had wanted. But then, the Kyuubi attack ruined everything.

Her mother and father had survived, at least that was a positive. But the worst came after the attack. After the attack, her father thought that the aftermath may bring in more business to his store which was for ninja since a lot of the other competition was killed in the attack. However, the exact opposite happened.

From what she'd heard, the elders of the village believed that the Uchiha were the ones who set the Kyuubi free. They believed the Uchiha controlled it to attack Konoha, which, in her opinion, sounded like absolute bull-crap. Why would a clan that had helped create the village betray it? It sounded stupid - it was more like they were using the Uchiha as a scapegoat to pin the blame. Wasn't the Kyuubi brat enough? He was the embodiment of the beast itself!

As a result of those rumors, the Uchiha clan became under suspicion from the village. No Uchiha was left untouched. Her father's business was no exception. The business wasn't ransacked or anything extreme like that. The ninja of the village began to take their business elsewhere, and with less money coming in to the shop, her father soon fell into a lot of debt.

Her parents weren't ninja either so they didn't have a second source of income they could fall back on. Two years ago, they had to move back into the clan compound for support from the clan because they couldn't support themselves anymore. Her family had a hard time adjusting though - they couldn't handle the fact that they had to let go of their luxurious lifestyle to go back to living in a crowded compound again.

Some days, after school, Kasumi would catch her parents taking substances that would help them avoid their reality, although she didn't know where they got the money to afford drugs like that. Whenever she saw that, she would stay away from her home for a couple of days.

As her parents began to do more shady things, she started to avoid home more and more. That was until a year ago, when they had suddenly committed a double suicide. Losing her lifestyle was hard on her - but she recovered from that, now losing her parents too? It was a little much. Now, she was hanging on the thread of mental instability.

Now, Kasumi was given this opportunity to be free of this torturous existence. For the past year, her friends and close family had tried to keep her from going off the deep end. From committing suicide. They had even discovered her occasionally trying to cut herself. They thought that she had the strength to keep living despite all that had happened. However, Kasumi wasn't as strong as they thought she was. She didn't have the will to keep going. That was what eventually led her to nodding her head and saying yes.

Naruto ran out of the school, excited. Today was the start of their summer vacation, and he wanted to waste no time beginning his pranking spree.

"Oy! Naruto!"

The blonde haired child stopped, and then turned around, curious to see who had called him.


As the Uchiha caught up, Naruto saw that his friend was in a really good mood considering what happened earlier.

"Naruto, want to come over to my house today? I have a surprise for you!"

This piqued Naruto's curiousity. A surprise? But then again, that was inside the Uchiha compound, and from his experience, the Uchiha never really liked him.

But Naruto knew Sasuke and his brother were different. So with a grin, he accepted. "Sure! What's the surprise?"

Sasuke gave Naruto a deadpan look. "Then it wouldn't be a surprise..."

Naruto just gave a sheepish smile in return. "Oops."

With that, Naruto followed Sasuke to his home. During the walk Naruto asked Sasuke about the lesson they learned at the academy.

As Sasuke explained what Iruka-sensei taught them, he contemplated the blond. Despite having done nothing, Naruto had gotten himself kicked out of the class. It made him wonder why the adults seemed to have this brimming hatred for his friend.

Soon enough, they reached the Uchiha compound. Naruto, a little hesitant to enter, stopped. Sasuke, noticing this, asked him, "What's wrong?"

"Well, aside from you and your brother, I haven't really had the best experience with your family," Naruto replied sheepishly.

Sasuke looked confused. His family hated Naruto too? He contemplated the thought before saying, "No way. Don't worry, when we get inside, you'll see the truth."

Naruto, still a little hesitant, followed.

As they walked through the compound, Naruto saw many of Sasuke's family members greet him warmly. It made him feel out of place, and a little jealous. He wished he had a family like that.

Soon, they reached Sasuke's home.

"So, what's the surprise?" Naruto asked energetically.

"You'll see..." Sasuke said mysteriously as he took off his shoes and went inside, Naruto following closely.

"Aw, c'mon! Tell me already!"

"Nope!" Sasuke said with a grin.

When they reached the kitchen, Naruto noticed there were people inside. Sasuke's mother, and father. Sasuke's mother was busy preparing Sasuke's snack while his father was reading the news.

"Good afternoon, Mother, Father. I'm back from school."

His mother replied with a warm "Welcome back" while his father merely hmm'd in agreement while taking his eyes off of the news to glance at his son's friend.

It was silent for a moment where everyone was waiting for something before Sasuke nudged Naruto.

"Introduce yourself!" he whispered.

"Oh! Uhm, I'm Uzumaki Naruto."

Sasuke's mother gave a small smile. "Well, why don't you and Sasuke sit down while I get you boys a snack."

So the two sat at the small table in the room, facing Sasuke's father. Naruto sat there nervously, not knowing what to do because it was so quiet.

Then, Sasuke's father put down the newspaper in his hand, and asked Naruto, "How would like to be a part of the Uchiha family, Naruto?"

It took Naruto a full 5 seconds to understand what Sasuke's father just said, and then his eyes widened. Sasuke grinned.

He didn't know what to say. Naruto could feel his eyes getting wet at the mere thought of having a family.

"Wha...Really!?" he asked.

Sasuke's father nodded.

"...yes..." he whispered, crying now.

Sasuke started panicking when he saw the tears, but then his mother came up and gave them both a hug. Then, he saw the smile on Naruto's face and realized those were tears of joy.

After he had calmed down, Naruto asked. "Are we a family now?"

"Yes," Sasuke's father replied with a short glace towards Sasuke's mother, who looked a little uneasy.

"Wait! Does that mean I'm going to live here too? Because I left my stuff at my apartment."

"Oh don't worry about that, your new brother Itachi will get your things."

As soon as he said the words 'your new brother' Naruto smiled brightly. "Okay, tou-san!" he replied, unused to the word.

As Itachi walked from Naruto's apartment to the clan compound, he felt uneasy. Looking around, he could detect a lot more ANBU out on the streets of the village than normal. It made him a little restless.

The rest of the day was spent with Naruto trying to get used to the fact that he now had a family.

At one point, he realized something. "Hey! I should probably tell jiji about this! He'll probably look for me at my apartment, and then find out I'm not there!"

Sasuke's father shook his head. "I don't think that's a good idea. The Hokage's really busy. How about you surprise him in two weeks, when he'll be less busy?"

"Oh...Okay." he replied, a little sad that he couldn't tell his grandfather figure that he had a family.

Later that evening, as Mikoto led the two children to their room (Naruto was going to share with Sasuke), she uneasily glanced at her son's new 'brother' as they talked excitedly. Admittedly, she felt a little uncomfortable around the child. He was the person who held the beast that killed so many of her kin, including her father.

Opening the door to their room, she turned on the light and set up their futons. Afterwards, she told them to go brush their teeth and get ready for bed.

Afterwards, as they got set in to their futons, she gave Sasuke a goodnight kiss on his forehead before hesitantly giving one to Naruto. Then, she left the room to go towards her own room. Inside, she saw Fugaku already ready for bed.

"I don't like this."

He looked up from his night-time prayers and looked at her with a questioning look.

"I don't like how we're keeping that ... "thing" inside our home, and next to my precious Sasuke."

Fugaku sighed. "He's a child. He can't do anything."

"He killed my father."

Fugaku looked at her and bluntly said. "Mikoto, you're being irrational. Go to sleep."

Mikoto growled before she left the room, but not before slamming the door in his face. She would be sleeping in the guest room tonight.

Fugaku sighed before calling out to the other person in the room. "Itachi, you can come out."

He walked out of the shadows of the room and stated sadly, "I never knew Mother felt like this..."

Fugaku could see this affected his son greatly, but didn't know what to say. So he moved on to the topic of what was supposed to happen today. "Did you get it?"

At that moment, Itachi hated his father a little. All that mattered was the objective...every single time...

"Yes," he replied coldly before leaving through the door.

Fugaku looked at the retreating form of his son with indifference. 'For the clan...for the clan... for the clan...' and he kept repeating that mantra until he drifted to sleep.

The next morning we find Itachi and his father inside the dining room, a tense atmosphere inside the room.

"I'm off then. I'll be back in the afternoon to check up on their progress."

"He will join you in two days."

Itachi didn't reply and left.

As soon as he left, the two brothers came inside and took a seat in front of their father.

Fugaku acknowledged them with a nod before he spoke.

"Sasuke, today you're going to work on the Uchiha fire ball jutsu."(1)

Confused, Naruto asked, "Fireball jutsu?"

"Yes, Naruto, it's the Uchiha clan's initiation into the clan."

"What's an initiation?"
Sasuke answered for his father, "It's something you have to do join the clan."

"Oh! Can I do it too, tou-san!?"

"Yes, you will be learning this as well. Sasuke will be teaching you. Can you do that Sasuke?"

"Yes father!" Sasuke felt proud that his father was relying on him for something.

After that, Sasuke's mother came in and started preparing breakfast. As soon as they finished eating, the two brothers went into the backyard to start training.

Someone laughed darkly as he watched the events occur. This was getting interesting!

At the backyard of Sasuke's home, Naruto looked up curiously from his training with Sasuke.

"Something wrong, Naruto-nii?" Sasuke replied, tired from his practice of the fire-ball jutsu. (2)

"I dunno. I felt like something was off, Sasuke-nii."

"Maybe the fact that you can't even get a single flame!" Sasuke teased.

Naruto growled. "It's not my fault that SOMEONE didn't teach me properly!"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

Naruto narrowed his eyes...

And then the two burst out laughing and collapsed on the ground.

That was the scene Itachi walked upon with a small smile.

"Otoutos!" he called, getting their attention.

"Itachi-nii!" they shouted with joy, running up to him.

"I came to check on your progress."

Sasuke grinned while Naruto pouted.

"I got my fire ball to become larger! It's almost as big as yours, aniki!" Sasuke boasted.

"And Naruto?"

Naruto mumbled something incoherent.


"I CAN'T MAKE A FLAME!" he shouted, embarrassed.

Itachi looked at him in wonder, before understanding the problem.

"Don't take it too seriously, Naruto. To create a flame, you need to have..." Now how to put this in the words of a child..."...'fire' chakra. Your chakra might be different so that's why you're having a tough time with this. Also, most Uchiha's don't do this until later in their lives."

Naruto looked at him in wonder. "How do I get fire chakra!?"

"You're born with it." Itachi replied bluntly.

"Oh," he looked down in disappointment.

Sasuke, seeing his new brother a little sad, decided to cheer him up. "It's ok Naruto-nii, you can learn something else. I'm sure father wouldn't mind, right Itachi-nii?"

"But..." then he started to mumble again.

"What?" Sasuke asked.

"I wanted to become part of the become an Uchiha..."he trailed off, a little sad.

The two brothers were speechless, before Itachi said, "Naruto, you're already a part of the family."

"Yeah, but..."

"Don't worry about it, okay? I'm sure we can come up with another test to make you a Uchiha." Itachi assured.

At this Naruto brightened. "Really?"

Sasuke replied enthusiastically. "Sure! We can ask father at dinner!"

(1): someone tell me where I can find jutsu names please! :D

(2) : I honestly don't know if brothers refer to siblings like this...

So this chapter was mostly character development and a way for me to set the events. I had to rewrite it because the last I didn't like it all.

Also, I finally tried to fix my chapter length problem. Next chapter things start to get a little more interesting.