Chapter one

Where am I? Looking around to the unknown surroundings I couldn't help but shudder in fear when my thoughts started slipping to the possibilities of where I may be. How long have I been out? The trees were so thick that if the sun was up, it wouldn't be able to shine through the millions of dark leaves, making it easy for me to frost the ground with the tip of my toe.

How did I get here? ...

(Flash Back)

"North?" I called, seeing Dinkle amongs a dozen of other elves munching out on North's platter of freshly made cookies again. Shrugging I walked over helping myself to a cookie, thinking of what I can do to pass time. I can go see Jamie, but it's going to be a little to warm seeing it was in the middle of summer where he is... Can't visit bunny because... What is that elf holding...? I squinted to see what he was pulling out from the bottom of North's desk.. "Shit, Dinkle no!" I jumped for the snow globe in his hand, but I was to late... Dinkle whispered something then dropped it to the floor. I could have stopped myself if it wasn't for a pair of elves making sure I wouldn't fly.

I swear this is their revenge for freezing them...

(End of Flash Back)

Feeling what ever left of blood from my face pale as I realized where I was. It was hopeless, ironic seeing that this is the home to the Guardian of Hope. Slowly I brought the tip of my staff to the ground I made a pool of ice to give me an inch of leverage. I began floating a feet, then another feet, slowly making my way higher off the gro-"Whatcha doin' snowflake?" Losing concentration I fell to the pool of ice. Looking where the sound came from I felt my whole body become rigid seeing it wouldn't be hard for him to grab me.

"Me! Oh! Look where I am, I must've got lost-""You shouldn' be 'ere, Jack" The way he said my name made me flinch at how serious he was.

"I know, North told me not to, but those damn elves were messing with the snow globes and... What are you doing?" I watched as he walked to the edge of the rink, in the short silence I could hear his claws clinking against the cool ice that began to slowly melt with every step he took. "Jack, I'm.. no.. I'm not sorry, you're a beautiful young and a good eligible doe, don't think Imma let this pass down." Before I could see it he threw his boomerang towards me, knocking my staff from my sweating hands. "Ja-" I quickly ran for my staff on the other side of the rink, not risking another minute to listen to what he has to say. Because I knew how it was going to end. Just as I wrapped my fingers around it bunny had already pounced on top of me. Panicking I calling upon the wind and blew him off a good few feet away giving me time to roll over and start running up running. The trees were to thick to fly quickly out of and Bunny would easily jump from branch to another. "Oh no you don't!" Seeing a tunnel ahead I watched in dismay as it quickly closed. Not thinking of it I ran for another open tunnel, running my hands along the wall leaving ice all around. Something hard hit my back, making me trip, but through the slight pain I continued until I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Missing an egg bomb inches above my head, I dived into a... Kitchen? Turning around I brought my staff down hard quickly forming a thick wall of ice between the way I came in and me. I looked around seeing a stove... Fridge... Counter, island, table chairs... And a pantry. No other exits. "Shit" I muttered taking a deep breath, feeling my eyes tear up in frustration. I will kill those elves.. "Snowflake? Why don' you come out?" Flinching at the sound of Bunny's voice I watched as he leaned against the clear wall of ice with his arms crossed over his wide chest. His dark, green eyes looked over my cowering body that instinctively retreated away from him. "I think I rather stay in-" "-wish I can say the same on my side" he chuckled darkly, making my cheeks frost over knowing its probably a purple hue. "Jacky, be a good doe and listen to your buck" he said sternly. "No" I said trying to keep my voice from trembling.

"Well, I guess I have to go and teach you a lesson." And I watched in horror as he lifted his arm and hit it hard against the ice, causing my only barrier to shatter.