"Naruto, what are you doing? We have guests so Master Sasuke expects everything to be spotless." Sakura came over. "The house is spotless." I complained looking over at her from my secret hiding hole. Though it was only a secret from anybody who would tell Sasuke.

I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Naruto Uzamaki, a simple maid in the house of Lord Sasuke. Though to us he's Master. I spend my days cleaning after someone who barely knows I exist. I kid you not, I wear a maid uniform, the bastard doesn't know my gender though my hair is not that of a girl's. Luckily I have good friends who stick by me, Sakura, Tenten, Temari, Ino and Hinata. Seeing my list of girls most would say, 'You lucky bastard! Surrounded by hot girls in strapless skimpy maid uniforms.' It's not as easy as it seems. All of us are pretty much the lowest maids. The next class of maids/butlers would be the ones who serve instead of clean. They are nice to us but they are all worried about what the even higher ups would say. This would be the people who watch over the maids/butlers. The highest level would be the ones who directly serve Sasuke, his personal maids/butlers and drivers. A simple rank 4 maid, that's me. There's always a bit more than catches the eye to any household but ...aheh, I'll let you figure that one out on your own.

"It's true, there's nothing left to do. But hurry up Orochimaru has come already and we're going to be late." Ino ran in and grabbed my arm. "I'm coming!" I cried as Ino dragged me off. The three of us ran to the front entrance ducking through corridors, kitchens and hidden passageways.

"You three are late." Kurenai stopped us. She's only so bitter because she has to watch over us rank four maids. "I'm sorry madam we'll get there right away." Ino apologized. "You're lucky we're in a rush or you three would be in for a strapping." Kurenai glared then shooed us away.


Kurenai is the director over us rank fours. She's a rank 2 maid who is just bitter. Word is she's having a affair with another director but nobody knows wich one.

"The strap?! My bottom still hurts from when me and Hinata spilled the dirty water from the mop bucket!" Ino fretted. "I hope nobody else got stopped." Sakura said and I nodded. "I was with Hinata and Temari before I came to get you so Tenten is the only one left." Ino whispered as we got in line.

"Be quiet rank 4." Neji glared at us. Why do I have to stand next to Sasuke's personal damn butler, he thinks he's so high and mighty. "Welcome Orochimaru-sama!" We all bowed as he walked in. "Lets go to the study, feel free to ask any of them for anything." Sasuke walked to greet our guest. I saw another pair of shoes other than Sasuke and Orochimaru's and knew it was Kabuto.

Neji Hyuuga

Rank 1 butler. He's Sasuke's personal assistant and is very strict about rules he's a pretty cool guy though once you get to know him, according to others anyways.

Kabuto Yakushi. He's a glorified yes man, I don't think he does anything other than simply follow Orochimaru around and agree with everything he says. But I guess nobody else could agree with that sick man's idea's even for pay so I have to give him credit for that.

"Naruto, while we have nothing to do let's go eat something!" Ino grabbed his wrist. "But Tenten!" Hinata said. "What about me? I got here too early and was forced to stand by our asshole of a cook Chouji. He eats more than he cooks!" Tenten strolled over.


All motion stopped as we heard Sasuke. Sasuke stormed in the entrance hall where nobody had gotten a chance to leave yet. His face, it's the first time I've seen it. I'm always bowing when he's in the room. I wondered if he was ugly the way we had to bow when he entered. But with that face I wonder why he isn't married.

"You! Get me a cloth and get this stain off." Sasuke pointed at me and I ran to get a cloth and come back. The stain, it's near his... Why couldn't he of got a girl to do this, but I forget he thinks I'm one.

I dabbed his Armani suit, blushing at my hands proximity to his crotch. "Thank you girl!" Sasuke walked out in hurry. "Sasuke is always so hot." Ino gushed. "Quit dreaming! This may be the first time a rank four has even touched him." Temari smirked. "Lets go! Kurenai is here!" We all ran off, on our knees huffing by the time we'd arrived at the kitchen.

"If Choji comes we're dead!" Tenten grinned as she climbed on a table to reach where he kept his snacks. "Fat ass." Temari smirked. "Don't say stuff like that out loud! You'll get the strap if someone tells!" Sakura said. "We're all going to get it if Tenten won't hurry!" I laughed. "K-Karin!" Hinata said and we spun around.

"Hide!" I said as we scrambled into empty cabinets. "So Sasuke. If you sold one you would receive thousands!" Orochimaru said. "I'm not into Sex Trafficking. It isn't my business it's yours." Sasuke said.

It's worse than we thought. If Sasuke catches us... But I'm more worried about Orochimaru. I've seen him raping butlers, only the young ones though.

Sakura held on to my arm, rubbing what boobs she had against it. Temari's chest engulfed my arm as she nervously clung to it. I wonder if other ranks have sex among their members, probably though. This is a pretty messed up house. It's mostly because Sasuke demands night service from his maids. Though I'm sure they'd give it to him even if it wasn't a demand.

"Gone." Tenten called and we closed the cabinets and went to our room as fast as we could. We got the shock of our mild mannered lives when Sasuke was in there, on my bed. "You're a male. When you touched me you seemed hesitant. A girl wouldn't hesitate." Sasuke spoke.

Cocky bastard. "So can I stop wearing a dress?" I asked. "No. I hate men." Sasuke glared and stood up. "Bas-" Sakura hit me before I could continue. "What is your name?" He asked. "Naruto Uzumaki." That bastard is the king among all bastards. All hail the mighty King Bastard.

"You look like a pretty girl." Sasuke smirked. This man. "You do too." I said recklessly. Something about this guy just got under my skin. "You're straight?" He asked. "Yes." I hate this guy. "Wouldn't of guessed. Virgin?" He asked. "No." I blushed. Why am I blushing? Damn this bastard.

"Night." Sasuke ruffled my hair as he left. "Maybe you'll get promoted to rank 3!" Sakura cheered. "I'd rather stay Rank 4 and never see that bastard again." I flopped on my bed, it was warm so it's obvious he'd gone straight there after he left.

"I forgot something." Sasuke came back. "Top or bottom?" Sasuke asked. "Top." I quickly answered. "You're among the men I hate most. Seme." Sasuke walked out. It was silent for five minutes, the tic of the clock the only sound. "Seme?" I asked. "It's the dominant partner in a gay relationship." Temari laughed.

"I'm not gay." I clenched my fist. "We know." Sakura started to pull my clothes off. Sakura is a complete sex addict. I do like her so it's not a problem but, the rest of them are too. It's actually sort of hard always dealing with their sex needs every single damn day. Who am I kidding it's fucking awesome. Any straight guys dream.

As the girls fought over turns on me, I couldn't get exited. Something about Sasuke was getting under my skin. Bottom... I'm always on the bottom. I wonder if Sasuke is on top? Or maybe he's so cocky he just wants to watch girls moan and scream on him without doing any work.

"Get your asses up the study needs cleaning and after that dinner." Kurenai barged in. Luckily the girls hadn't removed their clothes and its normal for guys to like being naked so Kurenai couldn't find a excuse to strap us. We went to the study quickly. "Naruto catch it." Tenten tossed me the sponge and it splattered on Temari's face. "I'll kill you" Temari picked up the mop. "Then let us duel." Tenten laughed in a horrible English accent. "Begin!" Sakura said and Tenten swung at Temari but she ducked, based on the sound and Tenten's face, none of us were to keen on turning around.

"Tell me it's not Sasuke Karin or Kurenai." I breathed. "Worse." Sakura trembled. "Am I that bad?" I heard Orochimaru's raspy voice and turned around. "So you're a male?" Orochimaru grinned. "Yes." I replied. "Then punishment is in order." Orochimaru grabbed me by the arm. "Orochimaru are you picking on the poor rank four?" Sasuke came behind him. "I was hit with a mop." Orochimaru didn't bother to turn around.

"He's just a simple rank four. He may not even be able to spell the word." Sasuke smirked. "This is a warning then. boy." Orochimaru and Sasuke left though on the way out Sasuke stopped. "he's the type of man I hate most." Sasuke's hair disappeared from the doorframe.

"M. O. P. Bastard." I muttered. He did save me though. "Dreamy!" Ino blushed. "He's so cool! Orochimaru is scary though." Sakura let out a breath. It was visible everyone thought they were going to be punished. It made sense, since that is the usual protocol. Usually we'd be in for a severe strapping.

"At least Naruto accomplished something today." Temari smirked. What's she... "A whole day without getting the strap." Tenten winked. "G-good Job Naruto." Hinata blushed. "You guys know you suck right. I don't get it everyday." Naruto pouted. "Yes you do." The girls said in unison.

"What are you idiots doing." That voice, damn it's Karin. "Karin!" Hinata grabbed my dress and buried her face in my shoulder. "Stop slacking off. Suigetsu think we should strap them?" Karin chuckled. "Strapping a man is so ladylike I'm sure Sasuke would like it." Suigetsu grinned. "Shut UP Suigetsu." Karin whirled around and slapped him.

"Anyways, someone needs to teach these damn rank fours a lesson." Karin stepped towards us.


Karin is a rank 1 maid who is constantly in Sasuke's bed. Her duties are to simply fuck Sasuke and follow him around, anything he needs done at that moment Karin is to make sure is carried out. She's also a bitch. She terrorizes everybody just because she's the top dog around here. It's common knowledge Sasuke doesn't like her, he just likes sex.


Suigetsu is Karin's sidekick basically. He makes fun of her and gets hit by her often but I think they might be friends. Suigetsu has always liked Hinata, so Hinata usually doesn't get in trouble when he's around. His duties as a rank 2 butler are to keep a eye over Karin to make sure she doesn't go power crazy. Too late.


Quiet and mysterious. The dude is in love with Sasuke and he's a rank 2 butler. Nobody really knows what he was hired for. Word is he just appeared and vowed to protect Sasuke.

"Karin don't! Naruto didn't do anything!" Temari cried but I was yanked up. "Damn. You're always picking on me." I grinned recklessly and she dropped me. "Skirt up, underwear down boy." Karin kicked me. "Gladly." I shoved my boxers down and pulled my skirt up. Karin grabbed me by the arm and bent me over a nearby table. "Sasuke isn't here to save you now is he?" Karin hit me with the strap and I winced. "Jealous bitch." She hit me again. "KARIN-SAN!" Hinata cried. "Maybe your little puppy over here will take the strap for you?" Karin drew the strap up and I winced but it never came down.

"Karin this is crazy." Temari said. "Temari-san... fine you filth you're off now since I can't justify strapping you." Karin stalked out followed by her two ghosts.

I guess that's something I forgot to mention. The sick twisted constantly strained love web. I'll let you make the connections for yourself but... stay alert dattebayo! Our web is so tangled it's almost a definite that no two will ever fall in love. Our web of love, though, is not nearly as confusing as the web of hate. It's all very delicate, I'm sure if one person woke up tomorrow and decided they loved someone different all hell would break loose.

"I still haven't made it a day." I pouted, ignoring the pain. "Karin just hates you for no reason!" Sakura exclaimed, pondering upon the insanely obvious. "Luckily Temari is around." Tenten grinned. "Let's call it a night." Sakura slapped my bare ass. I put my clothes in order and we left to go to our room.

"Rank four rooms are the worst." The usual complaining began. "Rooms? Don't you mean room." Ino said. "Karin made us miss dinner." Temari rubbed her belly. "Snacks it is then?" Tenten tossed me a pack of powdered donuts and the rest of them each got something different. "Who knows? Maybe one of us will get promoted tommorow." Sakura snuggled Ino on her bed and I sighed.

"Neji used to be a rank four. I was there, Karin was a rank 3 back then." Temari reflected. "You've been here the longest." Tenten stated. "Yeah, Neji had a fit when Hinata joined. I think you were there by then." Temari laughed. "N-Neji has changed alot. B-but I- I think I have too!" Hinata declared.

"Being the newest sucks. I'll be the last one here." I complained. "I hear rank 1's have their own rooms." Tenten marveled. "Let's make a promise. Not to forget about each other if any of us move up." Sakura said. "Promise." We all echoed. But that was just it, the fact we echoed it. 'Promise' It's what we were raised knowing to answer. But one measly word couldn't possibly mean that much. But then again none of us have to many prospects of being moved up.

Hinata is to shy, Ino is too obsessed with Sasuke and Sakura is useless when it comes to cooking the most simple thing. Temari and I don't take anything from anyone and Tenten is just prone too freak out and throw knives at a 100% accuracy. She'd be a good body guard though. But the last thing anyone needs is Tenten with a assault rifle, she'd go crazy over a spider.

We should all just face the fact we were born to be 'RANK FOUR CLEAN THIS UP'. I'd rather be a rank four then serve Sasuke.