So I've been working on this story for a while and I think it's good enough for you all now. This will be an on-going story, but the first couple chapters will be smut heavy, but the rest will actually be plot and story, don't worry. So for all of you who read my stories and don't like smut...I didn't even know you existed, but please hold on until the story gets good.

She sighed as she shifted her weight, things weren't going as she imagined the party would go. Katara decided to come to the party dressed as a sexy Pirate, a weathered brown captain's hat on her head, a faded white shirt with a black and blue corset over it and black booty shorts with brown boots. A fake sword attached to her waist and a gold coin around her neck finished off the costume. Every conversation with a male in the last hour had consisted of them asking pirate puns about her 'booty' or chest. It wasn't like it was out of nowhere, she was dressed in a fashion that was basically asking to get stared at. Katara sipped on her already premade drink, she had made sure to know exactly what she put in her drink so she didn't end up one of those girls that her Father always talked about that got drugged at parties. She looked around for her friend Suki, but lost her through the crowds of testosterone. "Excuse me," Katara looked to her left to see a shirtless boy with a pair of board shorts and, what looked like a quiver with a spear inside tied around his torso. He had neat black hair with smoky gray eyes. "I don't mean to bother you, but I wasn't wondering if I could get to the drinks." She realized to her embarrassment that she was standing in the archway to the kitchen.

Her face light up, "Oh, I'm sorry."

He smiled at her, unconsciously making her want to smile too, "It's perfectly fine, it's not like you were meaning to block the way…unless you are hiding your treasure in there, then I will pretend we didn't have this conversation." Katara laughed at his lame joke. Even if it was bad, it was still better than the others she had heard that night.

"You know that was a really bad joke right?" She smiled.

"If it's good enough to make a girl as beautiful as you laugh, I don't think it's bad," He told her. He noticed that he drink was a little low, "How about I get you a refill and we can talk a little bit more?"

She couldn't help but think about the possibility of this guy drugging her drink, "I've got a better idea, how about I go with you, so I can keep an eye on you. I would hate to be counting my treasure later and realize I'm missing some gold." There was that smile again that broke across his face, the laugh that accompanied it brought a flutter to her stomach.

"Well how about I give you my name so you know who to ask for just in case," He held out his hand towards her, "My name is Aang."

"Katara," He gently grasped her hand and shook it.

They both walked into the kitchen and Aang snapped his fingers, "Ah, you must be from a Water Bending family."

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Well your physical characteristics were a strong indicator," Aang began, "But I think it was the fact your name had a strong 'K' sound in it."

She had to say she was impressed, this guy really knew a thing or two, "I never really thought about that."

He grabbed a plastic cup from the stack, "It's just part of the many things I study for fun…though it could also be the fact that I saw you pro-bending."

Katara laughed at his cunning smile, "You really had me going there. I didn't know anyone watched my battles."

"I don't really watch TV a lot, so when I do, I like to check in on a little bit of pro-bending. I'm surprised no one else has recognized you," Aang poured himself straight lemon-lime soda.

"Like I said, I'm surprised someone watches my battles," She grabbed a whiskey bottle and poured some into her nearly empty cup. "So Aang, why haven't I seen you around here before?"

Aang sipped some of his drink as she grabbed a big bottle of Root Beer to mix with her alcohol, "That's probably because I was home schooled for a while and don't get out much."

"Then that explains your costume," She joked, the alcohol was making her more truthful than she usually was. "What are you supposed to be?"

He looked down at his clothing, "I'm supposed to be a spear hunter. I know they didn't have shorts like this, but one wrong move with a loincloth and I'm showing people something I don't think they want to see. I don't need that many eyes on me."

Katara took another drink of her mixed liquor, "Would people be impressed?"

It seemed like it was her turn to make him blush, his whole face going red, "Uh, I don't think it would be appropriate if we talked about my privates."

"I thought since you brought it up, I thought I would contribute to the topic," She joked. "How about you tell me a little about yourself since you already know a little bit about me?"

"Well I guess that's a little fair. Obviously I enjoy pro-bending, I like the outdoors and sailing. Sometimes me and my friend take his Father's boat out and go sailing for a couple days," Aang told her. Katara was impressed, Aang seemed to be a great guy. He was a complete gentleman, his eyes didn't stray down to her chest while she was talking and he was completely hot.

She ran her finger along the rim of her cup, "Can you bend an element?"

"Uh yeah," He stalled for a moment, "I can bend Fire." Aang open up his palm and he created a bright flame in his palm. "Want to see something cool?" She nodded with a smile. He handed her his drink and he took a step away from the drinks, "I don't want to set any drinks on fire." Aang bent the original flame into a heart. He brought his other hand down, putting out the fire, but when he pulled them away, the flames appeared again, spelling her name. Aang put the fire out again, "My Master absolutely hates it when I do little tricks like that, but it makes people smile."

"I don't think a Fire Bender has ever impressed me before," She handed him back his drink, "But that's because my Father told me I should stay away from Fire Benders."

"And why is that?"

Her hand rested on his chest, "Because you're my complete opposite." Katara's hand traveled down to his stomach, "My really hot and muscular opposite."

His hand went over hers, "Well you know what they say…opposites attract." Katara immediately leaned up on her toes and kissed him, his arm went around her lower back, pulling her closer to his body. It was as if he set her body aflame as they kissed, maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was because she thought Aang was a great guy, but her body told her exactly what she wanted. Katara broke the kiss with lust filled eyes.

"Do you want to get out of here?" She asked with need in her voice. Katara knew it was slutty, she's known this guy for less than 30 minutes, but she's done way worse. He nodded and they shared another kiss before they made their way through the party goers and out the door. "I share a place with my friend Suki near here, hopefully we can hold off until then," She said with a smile, while what she said seemed to be a little lost on him. The heels of her boots clicked against the dark sidewalk as she led him around another corner and finally up a path to an apartment building. Katara pressed the button for the elevator and the doors opened almost immediately. Pulling him in, she pressed the button for their floor and captured his lips again. He was pressed up against the back of the elevator as the door shut, Aang's free hand rested on her hip. She growled with sexual frustration, Katara moved his hand down to her butt and made him grasp it. A moan escaped between their lips when he squeezed her plump cheek. Her lips went down to his neck and scraped across his skin before placing a soft kiss. The doors opened with a ring and Katara pulled him out to her apartment. "Hopefully Suki got here before me," She turned the knob and silently thanked Suki for leaving the door unlocked for her. "Come on in," Katara led the way into the dark apartment. She shut the door behind him as he looked over the apartment, it was a lot smaller than he thought it would be. Passing by her roommate's door, she held a finger to her lips as she saw the sock on the door knob. Katara opened her own door and stepped out of her boots and put them to the side, her own way of telling Suki that she had company. Pulling Aang into the room, Katara shut the door and smiled, "Now I finally have you alone." He put his drink on the nightstand as she quickly chugged down the rest of her drink, enjoying the feeling of the alcohol flooding her system. She pushed him onto the bed and tossed her hat to the other side of the room. Aang watched as she went over to desk and plugged in her iPod, she shuffled through the songs until she got to one she liked and played it. She swayed to the beat for a moment before walking over to him and mounted him, "Is this song okay?"

"Um…yeah," He stammered a little, Aang was a little unsure of what to do with the beauty on top of him. She rolled her head back and sighed as she undid her corset, pulling it off her body. Katara took the spear and it's holder off of him. Aang, being a little naïve, still had no idea what Katara was really wanting, sat still watching her strip off clothing, her undershirt finally came off and she sat there in a bra and her small shorts.

"Touch me," She whispered lustfully in his ear. His hands moved on their own, they moved down her back to her butt and she moved up to allow him better access, her breasts being pressed into his face. "Do you have protection?" Aang finally caught on to what exactly she was wanting, while he wasn't sure the exactly protocol with being taken home from a party, he knew exactly what the plan was now. He shook his head, "Well don't worry, I have some. Let's just see what we're working with."

She attempted to get off of him, but he held her there. "I need to tell you something," He spoke up, "I've never done this before."

"You're a virgin?" Katara asked, Aang nodded. "Okay, I'll be sure to be sure to teach you. Just relax and let me take care of this part." She got down to her knees and wrapped her fingers in his board shorts, Katara pulled them down as Aang rose his hips up. Letting his shorts join the other articles of clothing, she grasped his length, "Wow, now I know that the loincloth wouldn't have covered anything." Katara stroked him to full length and pressed her lips softly to his tip, making him clench the sheets of her bed in his hands. Wrapping her lips around the head, she let her tongue swirl around the sensitive head. She took more of him into her mouth before she realized she was most of the way down and he was hitting the back of her throat. Resisting the urge to gag, she squeezed her eyes shut and continued until he slipped down her throat. He let himself fall back to the bed with a curse as he was in heaven now, she pulled him out of her throat and gave it another kiss. A smile came across her face as she thought of something that he would enjoy even more. She placed his tip between her covered breasts and let a small drop of saliva from her mouth to give it a quick coating to make everything move more smoothly. Katara moved her chest quickly, giving his tip a quick lick before it dipped down between her breasts again. She watched with a smile as he was losing his mind, pawing at the sheets, trying his best to not cum too early. "Go ahead and let loose, I want it all." Katara sped up the process and Aang couldn't hold on anymore, he erupted, most of it going into her mouth while the rest dropped to her bust. She was surprised at how much came out, but was able to swallow it all, a nice pineapple taste to it. Katara wiped off the rest, placing what she could salvage into her mouth. She stood up and smiled at his sprawled out form, "Don't tell me that you're done because I'm still not finished with you."

Aang sat up the best he could, "I'm not done…I just need a little time to relax after that…that was just…amazing."

"Good, now it's my turn," Katara got onto her bed, her back against her headboard and her legs spread for him. "I would love to see how a Fire Bender is with his tongue." Being this far with a girl was a dream, but through his studies and, of course, the occasional internet search, he made sure to make note of things. Aang leaned over and kissed her, her hand instinctively grabbed onto his hair, moaning against his lips. He reached behind her and used his bending to burn the snap in the back, and it came apart. Katara stopped the kiss and smiled, "That's a neat trick."

"I hope you didn't like this bra that much," Aang pulled it off of her the rest of the way and admired her perfect breasts. He leaned in and kissed her neck, working his way down. She sighed softly, enjoying his kisses when he reached her breasts. Her bottom lip became victim to her teeth as he attached his mouth to her hard nipple, he nibbled lightly and she rolled her head back. Giving the other nipple the same treatment, he kissed his way down her body. Passing the blue belly ring that he was just now noticing on her, Aang reached her small shorts. Aang pulled at them before she raised her hips and he pulled them off, a hunger to ravish her came over him when he smelled her arousal once they came off. Through the darkness, he could see the small amount of hair that rested above her slit that was slick with her essence. He rested on his stomach, ignoring the pain of the bed pushing against his re-hardening erection, his lips trailed down her inner thigh. Her breath hitched in her throat when his lips touched the apex of her thighs. Katara's fingers wrapped up in his dark locks as his tongue traced her outer lips, placing a soft kiss on them before spreading them with his tongue.

"I thought you said you were a virgin," She gasped, her face becoming flushed as he continued to bring her pleasure to new levels.

He looked up to her from between her legs, "I am, I just know a couple things." Katara tried her best to hold back her moan as his lips wrapped around her swollen nub. Aang slid his finger into her hot entrance, her walls immediately wrapped around it as he hooked it inside of her, rubbing what was now obvious to Aang as a sensitive spot.

Katara couldn't help but moan loudly, "You're too good at this." Her back arched when his tongue started moving against her clit, she could tell he was using a common trick, but it still got the job done, especially with how aroused he made her. His ego was boosted as she thrashed around, "Oh, do that again, right there." Aang repeated the action and her back nearly broke as she arched it. "I'm so close, keep going, faster, faster," She begged, not caring how loud she was anymore, only caring about the pleasure. He cycled between flicking and sucking on her clit before she finally reached her orgasm. Watching her body go stiff for a moment and then relaxing on the bed, Aang lapped up what remained before getting up on his knees between her legs, his rock hard erection now standing proudly. "I need you inside of me now," She pulled his neck to meet him with a kiss, enjoying the taste of herself on his lips. Katara broke it with a moment before opening up her nightstand, reaching inside and pulled out her vibrator, "Oops," She quickly put it back in, "You weren't supposed to see that." Katara dug deeper and grabbed a couple condoms. "Okay, let's see." She held up a condom and then look at his size, "That's definitely not going to work." Katara tossed it back in the drawer and held up another one, examining him again. "Still too big for it."

"I thought condoms can stretch easily and not break," Aang interrupted her trial and error process.

"Trust me, you're going to thank me that I didn't get you a condom that will be tight around you," She told him opening up the last condom. Katara wrapped it onto his length and moved herself down in the bed more. "Are you ready big boy?" He nodded and she placed him at her entrance, helping him in. Katara squeezed her eyes shut as he stretched her, not really thinking about the size difference of him compared to her last lover. She spread her legs further to allow him to slide in easier. Aang was finally fully inside her, he gripped the sheets again when she squeezed around him. He pulled out of her and slowly thrusted back in, her face showed every ounce of pleasure that she felt. Katara let him continue, doing perfectly fine on his own. She opened her eyes to see the unsure look on his face as he looked down between them. "You're doing fine," She assured him. "It feels so fucking good." Their eyes met and shortly after, their lips. Katara's pant echoed between their bodies, the music that she had left on seemed to drown out of their ear. Each mewl of pleasure and cry to the Spirits burned into Aang's mind, he never wanted to forget the beauty of the Water Bender. His hot body pressed against her as he thrusted deeper into her, her toes began to curl as she felt another orgasm come. "Aang, Aang, Aang!" Katara clung onto him and bit her teeth into his shoulder, another orgasm hitting her like a wave. He slowed his thrusts to a stop as he waited for her to recover. While she tried to catch her breath, he kissed her sweat covered body, her collar bone being his main target. Katara ran a hand over her face as she let out a pleasure filled sigh, "Why are you so amazing at this?" Aang gave her a simple shrug. "How about we try a different position." He pulled out of her, his throbbing need seemed to be larger than she remembered. Katara turned herself on her hands and knees, she rubbed her butt against his erection, making him groan. Reaching back behind her, she positioned him back to her wet entrance. She tasted blood as she bit her lip again when Aang slid back in, his cock reaching deeper than before. He went faster than before, the bed moving loudly with them, her hands grasped the headboard, attempting in some way to quiet their noises. She was surprised when his hand came around and rubbed her clit hard.

She slammed her hand across her mouth as she moaned loudly, he pressed his body against hers, "How does that feel?"

Katara shushed him and hooked her arm around his neck, loving the position he was at now. "Don't talk, I'm getting close again." Aang felt himself getting close to his orgasm also. His other arm wrapped around her chest and went as fast as he could, wanting his end badly. An endless mantra of curses and his name flew out of her mouth between every thrust.

Aang finally felt himself go, "Oh Katara." His hips didn't stop moving until she cried his name out too, getting her 3rd and final release. They collapsed on her bed, Katara enjoyed the pressure of him on top of her, though he didn't weigh that much. Aang rolled off of her, much to her disappointment, but turned towards him to rest her head on his chest. "That was-"

"Amazing," Katara finished for him. "A guy has never made me cum like that…ever." She pulled off his condom, tossing it in her trash before cleaning what was left. He moaned in delight as she swallowed what was left of his seed. Katara rested her head back on his chest. "You don't mind if I keep you here for the night do you?"

"Not at all," Katara smiled and pressed a kiss on his chest before pulling the sheets up on them, she draped her left arm over his chest and wrapped her legs around his left leg. Aang kissed the top of her head before they both fell asleep.

The first thing she felt was the heat against her body, her eyes fluttered opened to see the bare chest of her one night stand. She pushed herself up, wiping the small amount of drool from her lip, thankful that she didn't drool on him. Katara smiled at his peaceful face, he really was handsome. She remembered their night and lifted the sheet that was covering his waist, Katara grinned like a kid. Even without being aroused, he was a pretty good size. The aching of her loins now made sense. She got out of the bed carefully as possible and grabbed a pair of panties from her drawer and a big t-shirt. Katara put the clothes on and tiptoed over to Aang's sleeping form and kissed his forehead, if she hopefully had it her way, she could wake up to this every morning. Quietly, she opened her door and closed it, walking out to the kitchen. She yawned and settled her bed head, hopefully Suki wasn't too mad for the noise the night before. The scent of bacon wafted into her nose and she smiled, breakfast was already ready. When she came out of the hall and into the living room, she saw a man in their kitchen facing away from her, looking at the stove. Katara assumed that he was Suki's company from the night before. As she got closer, she realized what was happening. A smile came across her face as she got closer, she was now able to peak over his shoulder to see Suki's head bobbing back and forth on his length. "How does it feel?" His eyes opened and turned to her as Suki looked up, both of them freaking out. He pulled up his shorts while Suki got up from the floor and wiped her mouth.

"Katara, you're up," She awkwardly smiled, "I didn't think you would be up for a while." Katara gave them both a smug smile, both Suki and Katara agreed on a rule about having sex in the kitchen, especially when both girls were in the apartment. "Um, Katara, this is Zuko, Zuko this is my roommate Katara…"

The man reminded her of Aang a little, but he had golden eyes and his muscles were more finely built than Aang's. He had a scar along his right pectoral, but other than that had perfect skin. "I guess it's great to finally meet the girl behind the voice." Suki couldn't help but snicker, though the comment was lost on Katara. "I don't know what you were saying last night, but it was pretty loud." Katara's face turned red. Zuko turned off the burners on the stove, "I've made enough for us and you and your…boyfriend?"

"It's not her boyfriend," Suki said with a smile, "Katara happened to do exactly what we did last night. But you see, Katara lets her guard down a bit after a couple drinks and gets very horny."

Zuko shot Suki a smile, "You weren't that different last night."

She took Zuko's hand, "Save some for Zuko and I, him and I are going to go back to my room to finish some business." Suki hurried with Zuko behind her, a giggle escaping her when he slapped her on her butt to make her go faster. Katara grabbed a bacon strip and chewed on it as she shook her head at her friend. This was sadly a common Saturday morning at Aqua-Teng apartment.

I changed a couple things in my usual formula in writing, like changing 'Suki Silver' to 'Suki Teng'. But anyways, I promise one more chapter of smut before everything gets better so stay tuned for some plot.