This is how I think the scene at the Beach should've went. I know Raven was just doing what she thought was right for her, but in my one-shot she does what's really right for her.

This wasn't the answer.

As Raven watched her brother try to talk Erik out of firing the missiles back on the boats they had came from. From the time she was 11 and was caught trying to steal food from the place she now called home to right this moment, Charlies had always taught her that people fear what they don't understand. Like how the humans were afraid of mutants and mutants were afraid of the humans fear.

Charles had taught her that everyone deserved a second chance no matter what their mistake. He had given her a second chance and a family and he had repeatedly given her second chances.

"There are thousands of men on those ships." Charles said still trying to stop Erik. "Good, innocent men who're just following orders!" She didn't hear Erik's reply, but as soon as her stopped talking the missiles shot towards the boats. "Erik release them!" Charles commanded, but Erik didn't let up.

Raven knew she wanted the humans to pay for everything they had done, making her scared to be herself, making her scared of slipping up and making her hid her true self, making her hide what Charles always proclaimed 'her best look'. She wanted them to pay and make them feel how she felt, but she didn't want them to die for their mistakes. Raven wanted to stop him, but she couldn't let go from gripping Hank's arm.

'Charles stop him!'

Charles was one step ahead of her, he wouldn't let all those innocent people die. He let out a cry and tackled Erik to the ground causing him to lose his concentration. The missiles spiraled downward, some exploding before the hit the water and others exploding elsewhere.
Charles was trying to get the helmet off of Erik's head, which he did not appreciate.

"I don't want to hurt you Charles." Erik grunted. "Now get off of me!" He said hitting his friend in the face with his elbow. Charles fell to his back with a pained grunt. Raven finally let go of Hank and they all ran forward to help Charles. "Stand back!" He yelled using the using the metal on their suits and the iron in their bodies to throw Hank, Alex and Sean back, but not Raven.

Erik struggled with Charles but still managed to get another hold on the missiles that had not exploded. Charles yelled for him to stopped and tried to throw off Erik's concentration again, but only succeeded in making him angry. Two hits were placed upon Charles's face before Erik got off of him and forced his whole concentration on the missiles.

Raven was afraid that all the men on those ships were about to die when Moira suddenly entered the picture and shot bullets at Erik. He lost his concentration yet again and turn towards the woman, she kept shooting at him and he deflected every bullet, but one ricocheted off his hand and into Charles's back.

Erik ran back to him to help, but Raven could only stare in horror as her brother fell to the ground. It was one of the first times she saw him in pain, Raven had never so much seen a tear or look of pain upon her brothers face. He had always tried to look strong for her so she never was afraid and knew he could always protect her and she had never understood why he needed to be strong for her, until now.

"I'm so sorry." She heard Charles say once he was on his back. Raven couldn't help as her lips twitched upward, why did he have to be like this? Why was he always sorry for things that weren't his fault? She remembered how she one told him about how her father used to beat her every night when he asked why she ran away from home, after hearing her stories he would always say 'I'm sorry' as if he was the one who had put the scars on her back.

"I said stand back!" He yelled as everyone went towards Charles. Raven watched as he blamed Moira for what he had done to Charles and he started to choke her with her own dog tags. Raven wanted to scream at him to stop, but she could not find her voice. Why was killing someone always the answer for him? Moira had done nothing but try to save thousands of innocent lives which she did.

Raven couldn't hear what Charles said to Erik, but whatever it was caused him to stop and Moira fell to the ground gasping for air. Charles and Erik exchanged words, Raven had no idea what they were saying to each other and was sure they preferred it that way. He beckoned Moira forward and she immediately ran to his side as Erik left it, giving her apologies.

Erik moved away from Moira and his friend to speak to Raven and the others. "Their society won't accept us." He stated pointing to his fallen friend. "So we form our own. The humans have played their hand so now we get ready to play ours." He looked at each of them before his eye lingered on Raven. "Who's with me?" He looked at the people who had been fighting against them once before looking straight at Raven and holding out his hand. "No more hiding." He promised.

She wondered how he could promise that. Raven knew that when their came a time where she wouldn't need to hide she wanted to be with Charles, the one person who had ever given anything about her. What she felt with Erik was attraction, the same thing she felt with Hank and neither was worth losing a brother over.

She walked forward ignoring the looks she got from everyone and went to her brothers side where he immediately took her hand. "You-You should go with him." Charles said through deep breaths. He was trying not to show her his pain again, he was trying to support her. "It's want you want." He said as if he spoke the truth, but he didn't. She wanted to stay with both of them, all of them. She just wanted things to go back to the way the were when they were all training at the mansion.

"You promised me you would never read my mind." She reminded him as she pushed back his hair.

"I know." He said. "I've promised many things, I'm afraid. I'm sorry." Weather it was for reading her mind or his unfulfilled promises she didn't know, but she did know she didn't want them or need them. He brought her gloved hand up and placed a kiss on the back of it, she leaned down and gave him and small kiss on his forehead.

"I'm not going anywhere." She told him standing up as Erik looked at her. "I can't go with you."

"Yes you can." He insisted. "You've spent your whole life trying to blend in, you don't have to do that for me like you do Charles. I know he means well, but you shouldn't have to hide."

"I'm not hiding." She said. "Since I met him Charles has always referred to my blue skin as my beautiful skin and my best look. I remember when we were 18 and went to our senior prom. I was bummed because I had to concentrate all night on my skin and didn't really have any fun, so he took me into the bunker and he danced with me while I was blue." Beside the day she came into the Xavier home, that was the best day of her life.

"That is hiding." Erik said. "Hiding is everyday that you don't show your real self to everyone."

"That's what you may think." Raven told him as she morphed back to the blonde haired, blue eyed girl she was before Erik was in her life. "But Charles doesn't make me wear this skin because he wants to hide me, he does it to protect me."

"You don't need protecting."

"You may not think so, but I do. Charles was the only one who ever gave a damn about me and for the past 11 years all he's done is protect me. He was right when he said the world wasn't ready to know about us and what we can do, you just saw a major example out at sea."

"They can't control us!" Erik growled.

"You're not even listening to me." Raven confirmed. "All you care about is how their trying to control us or how Charles is trying to control me, but the truth is the world isn't ready to know about me and I'm not ready for them to.

Since he met me, Charles has promised me that one day I will be able to walk outside without my skin and when that day come I am going to be standing right next to him." She took a deep breath and looked him straight in the eye. "Charles has been taking care of me my whole life, now it's time for me to care of him."

"What are you saying?" Erik asked. Raven bit her bottom lip before answering.

"I'm saying I'm staying with my family and if you want me you have to stay too." Erik sighed and looked down. Raven already knew the answer to her unasked question, but she needed to hear it from him.

"I can't do that Mystique." He said as Shaw's group of mutants cam over to them. He took one of Angel's hands and she had her other hand in Azazel's. Just as they were about to teleport out Raven stopped them.

"Raven!" She called and he looked at her with questioning eyes. "My name is Raven Xavier."

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