This is a crossover between the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the X Men film series (loved the recent Wolverine film) and the Amazing Spider-Man. This takes place after X Men the Last Stand, the Avengers, before Iron Man 3 (I liked the film and I am one of the defenders of the big twist), and after TASM. I am also going for the Peter/Kitty pairing. Also this may mention something that happened in the second issue of the Thor Dark World prelude comic.

In deep space on the home world of the Chitauri Empire their lord and master Thanos the Mad Titan was talking to his servant the Other.

"Lord Thanos I have been studying the Earth planet Loki failed to conquer and gathered information on the planet's so called heroes." Said the Other bowing to Thanos.

"What have you got for me?" asked Thanos sitting on his throne.

The Other then showed a projection of Planet Earth which showed the Avengers each fighting their own enemies and finishing with them fighting the Chitauri.

"We have of course seen the power of the group that calls themselves the Avengers that defeated our Chitauri and our former ally Loki." Said the Other.

Then it shows the X Men fighting Magneto, stopping William Stryker and having to defeat Magneto's Brotherhood and the Phoenix.

"Then there's the team that calls themselves the X Men made up of Earth's misfits called Mutants that seem determined to defend a world that fears and hates them." Said the Other.

Then it shows Spider-Man fighting the Lizard.

"Finally there's this human that calls himself Spider-Man that took on a creature the humans called the Lizard." finished the Other.

"What do you plan to do about these heroes?" Thanos asked.

"I think Loki can have a chance to redeem himself." The Other smirked "despite not having the Tesseract we can change things about in the Earth and Asgard with our powers!"

Loki was in his cell in Asgard but then found himself in some sort of facility. He realised he had his sceptre back and was back in his Asgardian armour. He then heard the Other speak to him "we are giving you another chance Loki, don't let us down! We are giving you a team of our own to conquer this planet and the Nine Realms!"

"We found him wandering about the Nine Realms thanks to the Tesseract and he was a Super Soldier and leader during Earth's 2nd World War: Johann Schmidt!" said the Other as Schmidt appeared in his black HYDRA uniform.

"I think I will call him Red Skull!" Loki muttered in a chuckle.

"This is a mutant who can prove to be a one human army: James Madrox!" the Other said as Madrox appeared in five duplicates that then merged with eachother into one.

"This one is an abomination that loves to fight: Emil Blonsky!" the Other said as Blonsky appeared and looked around.

"Just like the hulkish brute that knocked me out!" Loki muttered.

"This one is a criminal mercenary from what the earth called Japan that is immune to toxins and cause them herself: Viper!" as Viper appeared in the facility.

"and finally we found him in an asylum and despite being cured we can restore his powers: Dr Curt Connors!" Connors then appeared in his asylum prisoner uniform but then screamed as he then turned into the Lizard.

"Don't disappoint us again: Loki Laufeyson!" the Other's voice finally said to him.

Loki frowned at the mention of his birth name which Odin had called him before he was put in his cell.

"Welcome!" Loki greeted to assembled villains "my...Dark Avengers!"


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