Marvel United

The heroes then charged at the Madrox army helping get them off the Asgardian warriors. Hulk was able to knock several out of the same time though Hank was not close behind with the record.

Steve and Natasha were working together to knock the Madrox's out with hand to hand combat, Peter was slinging web at them and dodging them with his Spider Sense, Clint was firing arrows at the Madrox's, Bobby was freezing the Madrox's, Kitty was phasing through the Madrox's and knocking them out, Thor and Storm were teaming up to take the Madrox's out with lightning and Bobby was freezing the Madrox's that came his way.

Tony and Rhodes were in the air firing repulsor blasts at the Madrox's blast. Hulk manage to help get up Thor's friend Volstagg who said "I am not sure where you came from ogre, but you have my gratitude!"

Another of Thor's friends Hogunn when he got up and saw Bobby using his powers he said in confusion "is that mortal half-frost giant!"

When the Madrox's in the area were down Thor faced his friends Sif and the Warriors Three. "Thor, Loki has managed to invade Asgard..." Sif started.

"I know, he has been on Midgard gathering an army of super powered mortals he calls the Dark Avengers and they have the majority of the Norn Stones." Thor said cutting her off. The Asgardians looked horrified by what Thor said.

"The Norn Stones? No telling what damage Loki could do with them!" Volstagg exclaimed terrified.

"Don't worry me the Avengers, X Men and the Man of Spiders will help stop Loki, you go around the area and help the citizens you can find." Thor said and his Asgardian friends nodded before they left.

Soon they saw the entrance of the palace guard by Viper and Blonsky. "Blonksy is mine!" Hulk said as he charged at Blonsky.

Peter then web slinged to Viper and then knocked her out with one punch. "That's it?" Peter complained looking disappointed "That's all it takes to beat her?"

"She's a chemicist and although she's a mutant she wasn't much of a fighter." Tony said having researched Viper before "and you have enhanced spider sense."

"But still, a little anti climatic!" Peter whined still disappointed at the lack of fight Viper put in.

"Kid if you want a real battle let's help Banner!" Logan said and Peter nodded. Hulk and Blonsky were trading punches. Blonsky managed to slam Hulk to the ground.

It seemed Viper wasn't totally down as she got up and started attacking Kitty before Peter punched her again and used his web to tie her saying "stay away from my girlfriend!"

"Girlfriend?" said Kitty and Logan at once: Kitty said it with a smile on her face and Logan with anger on his. Peter just looked sheepish.

"You can't win Banner!" Blonsky said as he continued to punch Hulk "I am stronger and better than you are!"

Then Hank launched himself at Blonsky's beck as Logan charged and had his claws go through Blonksy's thick skin.

He manage dot get them off as Peter managed to blind Blonsky by shooting web in his face and then Rhodes and Tony began firing Repulsor Blasts at him.

This was the distraction Hulk needed to get up and charged at Blonsky. Blonsky got the web off his face and now Hulk and him were in a test of strength battle. Blonsky had a smug smirk as he was overpowering Hulk which vanished as it became a tie and it became Hulk overpowering him.

Hulk managed to send Blonsky to the ground and began punching at Blonsky's face. Hulk then stopped and said "Blonsky is done!"

"Let's go stop my brother!" Thor said as the heroes charged into the palace. Loki was still on the throne clutching Gungnir as the Norn Stones floating above his head were feeding him the Odinforce.

He then saw the heroes entering with Thor saying "Loki the Dark Avengers have been defeated and you are next!"

"I will destroy you all!" Loki roared as he was floating in the air.

The armoured heroes were throwing repulsor blasts at Loki while Peter was throwing web at him along with the arrows Clint was shooting at Loki but they were doing nothing.

"That is all you can do?" Loki chortled as used a blast to shoot at Thor sending him to the ground. He then floated down to the ground. "I have been waiting for this my entire life Thor Odinson!" Loki gloated as he prepared Gungnir to kill his adopted brother.

While the heroes were throwing their blasts, arrows at Loki with no effect (although hulk was getting ready to jump at Loki) and web Steve noticed Mjolnir was lying on the ground and he began running to it.

Whoever shall hold this hammer...

Steve then held onto the handle...

If he'd be worthy...

Steve then felt the power of the gods enter his arm as he began to lift the hammer..,...

Shall possess the power of Thor!

Steve then felt the power of the God of Thunder in his arm as he held Thor's hammer. "Is that the same hammer S.H.I. . Couldn't even budge when they found it?" Clint asked surprised "how can Steve hold it!"

"Because he's Captain America!" Peter said smiling as Steve ran towards Loki and punched him on the jaw using Mjolnir.

The effect caused Loki to drop to the floor with the Norn Stones going to the floor. Thor managed to get up and picked up all the Norn Stones and joined them with the two he had.

"Your Hammer Thor." Steve said as he passed the Hammer to Thor who was wondering how his fellow Avenger could have held it.

"I have a plan, keep Loki busy!" Thor said as he ran to the room where his father slept. Loki picked up Gungnir again and shouted "I will complete the ritual after you are all dealt with, I have absorbed enough of the Odinforce to be able to destroy you all!"

Loki then managed to grow himself giant size and the heroes then began attacking him any way he could and avoid the blasts he was sending to them.

Thor came to his father's resting room where Frigga who had gotten up was trying to help her husband.

"Thor I think Loki has taken your father's power and I don't know what to do!" exclaimed Frigga.

"Mother you think you can use the Norn Stones to reverse whatever Loki has done and heal father?" asked Thor giving his mother the Norn Stones.

"I can try!" replied Frigga as she began a spell and the Norn Stones began circling Odin and then his eye opened up.

Loki was getting irritated by the heroes and decided it was now time to kill him when he felt himself shrinking and found the Madrox duplicates disappearing until only the real James Madrox remained. He also felt the enormous power of the Odinforce leave him.

He felt Gugnir force itself out of his hands and into the hands of the glaring Odin rejuvenated by the Norn Stones standing with Thor as he laid weak due to the loss of the Odinforce.

Loki decided things couldn't get much worse... Was quickly proven wrong when Hulk charged in and decided he wanted another battle with Loki.

Two days later Fury was talking to his superiors in the World Security Council. "The Norn Stones are safely in Asgard and Loki is behind bars to face Asgardian Justice." Fury said "Blonsky has been put in a special cell we designed for the Hulk, Madrox is in a special prison along with his old friends in the Brotherhood, Connors is back in Beloit and Schmidt along with Hammer and Sarkissian are in S.H.I.E.L.D. Custody."

"We know Colonel Rhodes is still working for the government but what about the Avengers?" asked one of the councilmen.

"Bart is giving time off in his home with his wife Barbara with their children, Rogers and Romanoff are spending time together, Thor is back in Asgard and Banner and Stark are working together but Stark is spending most of his time catching up with Pepper Potts who has been worried about him." Fury explained.

"What of the X Men?" asked a councilwoman.

"We have a special S.H.I.E.L.D. representative at the Xavier school and Logan has even agreed to do part time work as a S.H.I.E.L.D. black ops agent along in exchange for the Weapon X files we have on his past." Fury explained again.

"What of the Spider-Man?" asked a councilman and Fury smiled.

"Mr Parker has decided to take up Stark's offer of an internship and he has gone back to school." Said Fury "we will let him get through his schoolwork before we ask him to do officially join us."

"The world is slowly filling with these superheroes, are you sure S.H.I.E.L.D. can keep track of them?" asked a councilman.

"I am sure!" Fury said with a smile.

Peter returned home from school where he catched up with Gwen and everyone wanted to know what is was like being an intern at Iron Man's company.

He entered the kitchen and found to his shock Kitty who was talking to his Aunt May. "Katherine here has told me she has met you and she seems like a nice girl." Aunt May said giving Peter a hug.

"She is!" smiled Peter and Kitty smiled back unknown to them an alien caleld the Other was saying to his master Thanos "Loki has failed us again!".

General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross grumbled angrily as he left the senate meeting, they voted against his petition to have Banner rescinded of his government acquittal and put into his custody. These senators were gushing about the supposed Avenger and didn't seem to realise Banner should be locked up.

He came across a man in a suit. "Hello General Ross." The man said smiling "I am Aldrich Killian the CEO of Advanced Idea Mechanics and I have proposition for you..."

Sorry that this climax is not that epic but I have got a sequel planned which takes place after Iron Man 3. I am also working on a one-shot which takes place in the same universe called the Amazing Spider-Man: the Defenders. Glad to have this done and despite the lacklustre ending I hope you enjoyed it. Also if this had an end credits song i think it would be Jump from the Phineas and Ferb Mission Marvel special. Don't worry the sequel will not have that big a cast as this one.