Description: Continuation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.

Buffy and the Scooby Gang are heading to England to start over, only they don't suspect that another battle awaits. Will they survive? How will it all end?

(in this fic I will tie all loose ends the show left behind and definitely end it)

AN: There is a video (spoiler alert! Best to see it after reading about 10 chapters), in my profile.

Season 8

Chapter 1 England

Into every generation a slayer is born, one girl alone will…

I say f*** it and…

…I changed the rules

Watching Sunnydale being destroyed was a shock for all the members of Scooby Gang. They all knew that they succeeded, they all knew they should've been happy the Hellmouth was gone, but… they just couldn't. That was their home. Willow and Xander had grown up in there. Buffy had found true family there, her first love, first heartbreak, first great success in slaying. Sunnydale was all Dawn, Buffy's sister, knew. Destroying Hellmouth had been Giles's aim and now it was gone.

What next?

Maybe the worst part was that they weren't completely free. It didn't end here. It never did. Barely had the Sunnydale disappeared when Giles told them there was another Hellmouth in Cleveland.

Would their lives always be like that? Another day. Another fight? Until they would die or get old? The first option more probable.

Now they were all sitting in an old motel in a small town near to where Sunnydale used to be, trying to figure out what to do next until Giles suggested something.

"England?" Buffy had to make sure she heard it right.

"Yes, England. Buffy… I know you hoped for some leisure time to relax and cope with all of those things that happened to us but…" he spread his arms like he wasn't sure what to say, "we'll have a lot of work to do. In fact… ehm… I've already bought a… certain mansion to… ehm… for our main quarter and we could command…"

"Command with what?" Buffy asked, even more surprised.

"The Army of Slayers," he answered.

"The Army?" This time it was Faith who spoke.

"We have to find them all, make them realize what they really are and what they're capable of. Willow can sense them now so I think it's the most reasonable thing to do."

"Yesss…" Willow closed her eyes, her face dreamy as she inhaled the air deeply. "This is so… ow! The closest slayer is only a few miles away!"

"Besides," Giles continued, "there is no imminent danger in England right now. Actually, no one has seen a vampire for a few months and we can all have some rest in there."

"And what about us?" Xander asked, standing up and looking at Giles.

Buffy and everybody else was impressed how strong he actually was inside. He hadn't broken yet and, after all, the woman he'd loved had just died.

"About who?" Giles took off his glasses and started cleaning them up in his old habit. "What do you mean?"

"I don't have any superpowers just like Dawn," Xander pointed Buffy's little sister.

She looked at him and… Buffy felt something disturbing, because Dawn for sure still had this teenager crush on Xander. Maybe it would be better if she kept her little sister away from him. It could be months or even years before Xander would stop mourning over Anya's death. And even then Buffy doubted he would be interested in Dawnie.

"Dawn is my sister and she goes when I go," Buffy said like there was no use of even talking about it. "We need Willow and Giles and we need you, too, Xander…"

He looked down and Buffy suddenly felt sorry for him. He was so sad that she wanted to hug him to give him some comfort. He'd lost his eye, he'd lost his girl…

So Buffy just did it. They all needed each other right now more than ever.

She reached to him and put her arms around him.

"Xander, what would we've done without you?" she asked him and then let him go.

She felt very safe beside him. He was the only man, except Giles, whom she could trust one hundred percent and he was a human. Not a vampire.

"We need you as much as we need everybody here," she reassured him while looking in the only eye he had left and held his hand. "You know, you still have those military skills and if we want to build an army of slayers… of course we have to ask them first…" she turned to Giles, "we'll really, really need you, you're irreplaceable, Xander."

"So… I'm the only one who has no purpose? I'm just your little sister?!" Dawn got angry.

"I'm sorry, young lady but…" Buffy came closer to her," I have no job for you, because you already have one! Have you actually graduated from high school?"

Dawn was furious.

"And what about me?" suddenly Andrew asked.

"For you… there'll always be some dirty work," Xander joked with a smile and patted his back.

Buffy went outside to the porch and found Xander there.

He was standing by the banister, looking at the stars in the sky.

"Do you think that ex-demons can count for some redemption? You know, in some… happy dimension?" he asked like he sensed that Buffy was there.

"Of course. She died saving somebody else's life. That is the greatest sacrifice one can make. I'm sure that she and… Spike…" his name came with difficulty. "I'm sure they're happy wherever they are."

"You know… thank you for everything," he changed the theme quickly, startling her a little bit.

"No, thank you," she said.

"For what?" he turned around and looked her in the eye.

"For surviving. I couldn't bear if I lost you, too."

They looked each other in the eyes and they still couldn't understand the mysterious link between them.

Then Buffy turned around and walked away.